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– Hi guys and welcome back.
When most of us think of salad recipes
we instantly gravitate
to salads with spinach
and arugula and kale
and other leafy greens.
Well today I’m gonna introduce
you to a new salad recipe
that’s still green but
no leaves are involved
and it may just knock your socks off.
It’s a simple broccoli salad
and it’s creamy, crunchy, sweet
and I really think you’re gonna love it.
So, let me show you how to make it.
The only item that requires any cooking
in this broccoli salad is the bacon.
So we’ll get started by
placing eight slices of bacon
on a parchment-lined baking tray.
Whenever I cook a whole
package of bacon like this,
I always bake it in the oven
rather than use the stove top
as it’s much easier and cleaner.
And I have another video on my channel
that walks you through this step by step.
So we’ll cook the bacon
for about 15 minutes
or until it’s crispy
and while that’s cooking
we’ll get the rest of our salad together.
The bulk of our salad is raw broccoli
and I’m using a large head of broccoli
that equals about five cups
of small broccoli florets
once we chop them off.
Now you may not know this
but you can sprialize
the leftover broccoli stem
and make broccoli noodles.
I don’t show it in my spiralizer video
but it’s definitely possible
and definitely delicious.
So once you have all the florets,
just make sure they’re
in bite sized pieces
and then add them to a bowl.
(upbeat music)
Next, you’ll dice up a red onion
and you want about a third
of a cup of red onion.
Then add that to the bowl as well.
(upbeat music)
At this point our bacon should be done
so remove that from the oven
and transfer the bacon
to a paper towel to dry.
And remember that the bacon
will continue to crisp up
as it dries.
(upbeat music)
The last few ingredients
in our salad include,
a half a cup of sunflower seeds,
a half a cup of dried cranberries
and a quarter cup of goat cheese.
These ingredients are all really flexible
so if you’d like to swap
in a different seed,
nut or dried fruit go for it.
You can even make this
broccoli salad dairy free
and I have a few tips on how
to do that on the blog post.
At this point, the bacon should be cooled
and a little more crunchy so go ahead
and crumble that into the salad.
(upbeat music)
The dressing for this salad is super easy
and is just a combination
of mayonnaise and yogurt
but I always make my mayonnaise at home
because it’s so incredibly easy and fresh.
You guys have likely seen this
on my earlier how to make mayonnaise video
but all you have to do is add one egg,
a half a tablespoon of lemon juice,
a teaspoon of white wine vinegar,
a half a teaspoon of Dijon
mustard, a pinch of salt
and one cup of neutral flavored oil
and I’m using a light olive oil.
Then grab your stick blender
and hold it firmly on the
bottom while you turn it on.
The mayonnaise will start to emulsify
and reach the top and when it does,
you can then move the blender up and down
to make sure that
everything is fully blended.
We’ll combine a half a cup of mayonnaise
with a quarter cup of
yogurt and you guessed it,
I’m using my homemade yogurt
but you could of course use
store-bought yogurt as well.
Then stir that together.
Top it on the salad and
combine everything together
for a delicious broccoli salad.
(upbeat music)
I hope you guys enjoyed this video
and if you did make sure
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  1. Outstanding video clip! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we really like to come across this form of content. We create Travel & Food movies as well, all over the world, and therefore we are continually seeking for inspirations and so ideas. Thank You.

  2. Im so happy i found your channel❤️ i watched a few of your videos in a row and they are everything i need. My 3 year old daughter is diagnosed with early onset IBD a year ago and it made us go to a kind of similar journey as yours. Lots of research on food and microbiome. I also experienced burnout symptoms, the way you simplify healthy eating really comes in handy. I cant wait to see the rest of your content and new videos. Thank you from the Netherlands😘🇳🇱

  3. This salad looks great! How long would you say it lasts in the fridge? I'm interested in making this as a dish to keep on hand for snacks/side dishes throughout a week.

  4. Hi Lisa. I recently stumbled upon your channel these past few days and I have to say, WOW… you are truly an inspiration. I love watching your videos. You give me so many ideas and so much motivation to start my weight loss journey and become a better person. Thank you so much my dear. I look forward to all your future videos. You are amazing..

    Brady Mills
    NL, Canada🇨🇦

  5. We bring this every year for Thanksgiving and it gives everyone gas !!!!!! It's awful. They still request the dish .

  6. Please share a video on how you set up your patio herb garden. I have a teeny tiny balcony where I would love to have an herb garden. Love looking at the lush greenery and also cooking with it.

  7. You make recipes so easy and uncomplicated. Ur technique is clean, ur explanation so right on point. Thank you

  8. I'm hooked on your YouTube and website! I love watching multiple videos on Sunday as I prep for meals for the week. Today I tried this recipe and substituted ingredients I had on hand. I used pepitas in place of sunflowers, goat feta cheese, shallots in place of red onion and and red peppers for a sweetness since I didn't have dried fruit. I also lightly steamed the broccoli just until bright green and crunchy, as raw is a bit hard for me to digest well. It's delish! Thank you!

  9. I love brocolli salad☺☺ I recently made one inspired by this recipe❤loves it. Now I need to try this dressing. Love you channel ☺inspires me to do more #South African subbie

  10. This looks so good, but no issues with eating raw eggs? My mom would not even let us lick her beaters if raw eggs were used

  11. I tried this😁 am new to clean eating and I must admit it was hard to eat the brocoli I will steam it up the brocoli next time
    I also failed to get the right consistency for the mayonnaise It came out watery and not thick 😭😭

  12. Thank you so much for all of your recipies! I am so tired of youtube recipies that only look good but wont taste at all!
    I have 5 kids and you are a huge help in feeding my family healthy! We love your style – in every way!
    Hugs from Germany

  13. Love broccoli salad but I've never made it. Yours looks amazing! Thanks for showing me how to make mayonnaise; i didn't realize it was so easy!!

  14. I'm not a big cranberry or sunflower seed fan so I would substitute chopped walnuts and just leave any kinds of seeds out. Maybe add celery as I love celery. But the recipe looks good and healthy and I'm definitely going to try it.

  15. ooh boy that a great preparation; ooh my God. I just don't like to eats raw broccoli and raw onions I prefer to steam them easily before eating them raw. Honestly beside that ,I really love that healthy food preparation. OOh my God it looks so yummy. Wow I like those kind of food.

  16. Just a little tip.. whenever i take this dish to church functions, etc.. I put my broccoli in the food processor and pulse it a few times.. It's more enjoyable if you are not trying to bite and chew down the big pieces of broccoli.. Older people love it because they usually have a lot of dental work, etc. 🙂

  17. How long does home made mayonnaise last? Love how simple your recipes are and you seem so down to earth as a person. You are very easy to follow and listen to. Love your channel!

  18. I did this recipe and it was delicious the only problem is that the raw broccoli it is indigestible ,i was so sick on my stomach , so i recomend to cook a little bit the broccoli. But the recipe was so good.

  19. Intake of raw eggs reduces the absorption of Biotin ( a component of vitamin B complex) due the higher presence of avidin found in raw egg. Its raw intake may lead to vit b deficiency.

  20. ive been staying off bacon and other delicious meats for health reasons. I bought some broccoli, zucchini and corn from the farmers market.. thought i'd make a simple salad . I stumbled across this recipe, Broccoli Salad, Sure! #FacePalm 1st ingredient this BROCCOLI SALAD: Bacon. I didn't see it in the title… 🙁 So much for staying off bacon…) But imma still try this one 🙂

  21. I'm a little surprised about the mayo recipe. Always, always saw that you gotta pour olive oil little by little. Will it trully come out like this? Scared to try and spoil the large amount of olive oil!

  22. With love from Russia
    so we cook keto salad in Russia
    Cooking a salad is very simple, but it tastes just amazing 😉
    📌First prepare a gas station. For this we need:
    Garlic clove
    🔸️ salt / pepper to taste
    Olive oil 4 tbsp
    Lemon juice
    Beat all the blender

    ТWill cook green string beans (5 minutes)

    АреCutting basil, tomato and boiled chicken breast in advance

    📌 Lay out in layers:
    Salt / pepper to taste
    String Beans
    Pour in dressing
    Pour in dressing
    Sprinkle with sauce

    😋Great appetite !!!

  23. I am always skeptical about homemade mayo… raw egg.?? how to protect yourself from bacterias of salmonella??? That's my throw back from making my own mayo.. What kills the bacterias in egg?

  24. Is that plain yogurt or vanilla plain yogurt isnt sweet my church has had this 40 yrs served every gathering but of coarse no 1 wants to give recipe..thank you

  25. I don't have time to do this dressing. What other dressing can I use that will actually taste good???????? Please respond

  26. I just found your channel yesterday and have been binge watching your videos since then. I can't wait to make this dish! 🙂

  27. Very nice! I love broccoli but I never know what to do with it, how to make it. Plus, I didn't know you could eat raw broccoli. Thanks!!!

  28. Yay 😁 so excited for this recipe! I have been eating a lot more broccoli lately and this video is timely because I was running out of ideas on how to not get more with it 😅. Thank you 🙏🏾

  29. Broccoli should never be eaten completely raw. You need to bleach it first. It’s quite dangerous to eat is raw.

  30. I’ve not just learned from your videos how to make the perfect boiled eggs but now the mayonnaise and the bacon, too!! Ah, and a super easy way to use broccoli without cooking it first! 👍

  31. If you are making this for a party please omit the yoghurt from the mayonnaise & serve the goats cheese seperately, or you will cause problems for the 11-15% of people in the U.K who have been diagnosed lactose intolerant & yes, even a tiny amount of dairy can cause severe problems. So unless you want your party spoilt by bad smells & people bent in pain & dashing to the loo, best to keep dairy seperate, so people can choose. Hiding it in mayonnaise, definitely not a good idea.
    Apart from that it sounds delicious. Thankyou.

  32. It’s a shame but the bacon made this salad unhealthy. Why bacon?
    I’ll make it without the bacon and the mayo, I’ll use kefir instead

  33. Never been a fan of raw broccoli and after trying this recipe – I'm still really really really not a fan. I like the other ingredients, but I'll make it with spinach.

  34. No thank you to the bacon!! Pigs do not sweat , therefore they retain all toxins. When you eat pig you are eating toxin laden meat. For your health it is best to choose an alternative to pig meat.

  35. Finally made this salad today and I loved it!! We eat broccoli often in our home. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I really enjoy your channel.

  36. My wife makes Broccoli Salad to but we are going to try yours this looks so yummy thanks for this video you are awesome….Keep up the great work you do..A+A+A+

  37. This looks amazing. I was wondering about the raw egg, does the lemon juice and vinegar take care of any problems, if present?

  38. I made this today. I stir fried the broccoli and used bbq chicken from last night that had bacon on it. Topped with homemade mayo from the Downshiftology recipe! It was delicious and looks very pretty!

  39. I would steam the broccoli for a tiny bit of time just to remove the rawness of it.
    If you want it raw, at least blanch it to brighten the color and flavor.

  40. You can use the shortcut of packaged bacon bits and pieces. It works if you really don't have time to cook bacon. I just do mayo and red wine vinegar to dress and sugar to taste. Whisk until sugar dissolves. Can use stevia.

  41. I've been making this salad for over 10 years, though I have modified it. No bacon (vegetarian). Golden raisins instead of cranberries. Cashews instead of sunflower seeds. No cheese.

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