Breakfast with Dr B.

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Hi Westside Family Medicine. I’m coming to you from Windham Mountain on what may be the last winter weekend of the year for skiing. And that brings us to spring. And if you’re like me and you want your kids to be good at sports Then they should be playing spring sports now. Georgia is just about to start soccer season and you know There’s a movement in kids sports towards more and more pre professionalization, where kids Focus on one sport and specialize in one sport at an earlier an earlier age. I think that’s a bad idea. It’s not good for the kids emotional development or mental development or physical development and they should be playing lots of different kinds of sports and Not only will it help them to develop more healthfully, but it’ll also help them be better at each individual sport. So I hope you enjoy the spring and looking forward to seeing you next time Check us out online WFMNYC.COM Have a great day!


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