Breakfast Sandwich Maker Competition

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( rooster crows )
( lion roars )
Welcome to
“Good Mythical More.”
Gonna make some meat
breakfast sandwiches.
♪ Gifticality! ♪
We’re donating $1,000
to Action Against Hunger
to aide in
their mission to fight
and eventually end
world hunger.
Please join us in giving
Thank you for being
your mythical best.
We are now
going to compete
in utilizing
the vegan offage…
“Vegan offage.”
…of or exercise
from earlier.
That’s a good band name.
So these are the meats,
and the buttered,
and the…
and the eggy stuff
that we didn’t
eat as vegans.
So now as non-vegans,
we’re gonna each create
a breakfast sandwich,
taste them,
and see which one
is better.
So we’re gonna have
like sort of…
– We’re gonna draft.
– …like a draft
situation here.
And we have an amazing
apparatus here,
which I’m pretty excited
to try out.
This is a breakfast
sandwich maker.
This thing here,
you open this up…
Oh, my gosh,
it’s already hot.
Now, it’s got
a trap door in it.
( whoosh )
‘Cause down at
the very bottom…
Well, you’ll see how all
that works in– oh, gosh, Link.
– What in the world?
– What?
You know, there was a short
discussion before this started
on which side that machine
should be on.
Link volunteered,
that’s all I can say.
Well, I think
that’s so you can…
Before I said,
“Definitely not on Link’s side,”
he said, “I’ll do it!”
I was like, “Well,
we’ll give him a chance.”
– Well, you know what?
– We always like to
give him a chance,
extend an olive branch,
so to speak.
– I am demonstrating, Rhett.
– Okay.
All this
is intentional.
I’m demonstrating how easy it is
to dismantle and wash it.
– Link: So…
– Rhett: Okay.
– So, boom.
– Look at that.
He’s a professional.
His name might
as well be…
Hamilton Beach.
Not a sponsor.
Okay, so, Link,
because you did that,
I’m gonna draft
the first ingredient.
So, there’s two…
There’s two different things
going on here.
I actually think
we’re probably
both gonna choose
that meat and this sauce,
which I think is exactly
the same on both of these.
it’s different sandwi–
You mean this roast beef.
So I’m gonna grab…
So we got
some feta cheese,
we’ve got some
buttery spread,
there’s some
chicken here.
Here, let’s do this.
Chicken from Wendy’s…
that didn’t go on the sandwich,
I mean the salad.
Here, take this,
and this could be
where you store your ingre–
or you can do it right there
– in that thing.
– Oh, thank you,
you’re so generous.
And I’m gonna store
my ingredients in here.
And I’m gonna
start with this,
I’m drafting this roast beef
from this Philly sandwich
’cause it’s got
some cheese on it.
That’s my meat.
You know what?
I’ma take some chicken.
I’m taking all the chicken
so you can’t have any,
even though I’m not
gonna use all of it.
Yeah, once you select
an ingredient,
the other guy can’t
have any of it.
– So now I get the next choice.
– Oh, my gosh.
I could take
more roast beef.
That’s still there.
Does this count
as two ingredients?
This feta?
No, that’s
one ingredient.
Mm, I don’t want the feta
’cause I’ve already got
some cheese there,
so I’m doubling up
with this weird meat.
Good– “Weird meat.”
– This weird meat from Arby’s.
– Well, that’s good
because I needed
the feta.
You could’ve blocked me
from having cheese entirely.
by taking the feta.
I’m too good
of a friend.
But, um, so…
Do I like feta?
I think I do.
Feta’s not like…
Feta good.
“Feta good.”
But not gouda.
Or “gowda,” or whatever
people correct me on…
You still can
have this meat.
Oh, I didn’t see that.
You can still
have the meat.
Are you choosing it?
– No.
– Okay, I’m…
Hold on,
but you just took feta?
Yeah, I did.
So, if I take this meat,
you can only
have chicken.
I’ll take this meat.
Now, we need to
take breads too.
Now, I’m gonna take…
For the bread, we were
gonna get those buns, right?
And cut the buns?

Where are the buns
from before?
Yeah, ’cause to make the bread
work in this thing,
it has to be cut
perfectly in a circle.
Is there a template
for that?
Yeah, yeah, I have it.
I have it right here.
Well, let’s just use
this bread and do it.
Let’s choose the breads.
Did you guys want us
to use these breads?
Yeah, use any bread you want,

just cut it into a circle.
All right, so I’m taking
this bread for mine.
– This is my choice.
– Okay, so you…
I’m using pita bread.
So you need
to cut that
in the correct size.
Oh, gosh, I don’t know
if I can get two out of this.
All right,
choose your bread.
I didn’t calculate,
I thought that we were
getting the bread
from somewhere else.
– So, now…
– Mm-hmm.
This is– now I’m stuck
with this choice?
Which would make
a very small… bun.
– Oh, I’m…
– Or this.
Oh, you know what
I’m gonna do?
I’m going to take this,
and I’m going to unfold it,
and I’m going to cut it
into the right size.
I’ve got
a life preserver on,
I could do
anything I want!
You can’t do
anything you want,
but you can do
anything you want safely.
Look, I’m gonna create…
( grunts )
perfect circles
of excess… bread!
All right,
so there’s mine.
So I’ve got… hmm.
– What in the world?
– Buttery spread.
Arby make hard bread!
Now, I’m gonna take
this buttery spread,
I’ma do a little…
Arby’s been really…
Their bread
is so fibrous.
Put that
in your commercials.
“Arby’s, our bread
is fibrous.”
I’m buttering the bottom
of my breads here.
This is what’s gonna
go against the thing.
Now, it takes quite–
we need to go ahead
– and get to assembly here.
– Yeah.
– Time’s running out
on us, Rhett.
– I’m trying.
– So, for me…
– But the bread is so fibrous.
( grunts )
Hmm, that’s got
some sort of seasoning
that doesn’t seem
breakfast-y to me.
And there’s egg involved.
And I am going to also take
some just buttery spread
that just goes in there.
Now, for me,
I want to…
– Oh!
– You’re going scramble?
I’m gonna
scramble an egg.
I’m not gonna scramble,
I’m just gonna fry.
So you can’t dislike
my egg sandwich
because it’s gonna
have a runny egg
because I think that makes
a better breakfast sandwich.
So, I actually think
that we should get, like,
Josh to come in and judge
these at the end of this…
– Oh, snap.
– …because…
All of a sudden, we’re making
Josh taste my breakfast?
Well, because I know you don’t
like eggs that are runny,
but I know a qualified
culinary expert does.
I like a lot of pepper
in my eggs.
Little bit of salt.
So, I’m getting…
– I’m getting near the assembly.
– Okay.
I’m ready to
drop my bread in.
Give me one more sec,
and I’ll be ready to…
– Look at that.
– …drop my egg in.
Look what the bottom
of my bread looks like.
All right, so this is a
fascinating situation here.
Can you open her up?
Pull this back.
And now open up
that first layer too.
And then this
comes back.
That comes back.
And then I drop that in.
Oh, drop mine in
which is now…
– ( sizzling )
– Ooh, ooh, ooh.
And then I’ma
put my chicken…
chicken down in there,
now, that’s already cooking,
so I’m a little afraid
we need to hurry here.
– Time is of the essence.
– The meat.
And then
I’ve got… meat.
And then I’ve got… meat.
( grunts )
Oh, I got meat too.
Still got more meat.
– Got meat.
– This is a different meat,
– little bit of that.
– I got some more meat.
All the same meat.
There’s a little bit
more meat over here.
Very homogenous.
( grunts )
Then some more cheese.
Sorry, I had
a little meat in mine.
Then… I would
encourage– oh, and then…
Little bit of butter in there’s
not gonna hurt anybody.
Oh, gosh.
I’m just gonna
throw some butter
on top of my meat.
You know how it is.
Now, close that next
layer there, Link.
And we’ll add the eggs.
Need you to really go–
I need you to go hard on mine.
– You gotta…
– Well, that ain’t
gonna happen, man.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, nice, nice.
And I’ll hold it down
in a second,
I do have
a life preserver on.
– Now…
– And then…
…I’m going to… I’ll just
crack it right in there.
Crack yours
right in there.
I gotta do a little bit
more scrambling.
( grunts )
Okay, it’s a little
bit off… off…
Oh, gosh.
I gotta…
gotta move that
egg– yolk.
Oh, it’ll be a side yolk,
it’s okay.
“Yoko, oh, no,”
is what that’s called,
am I right?
And now I’m coming
back on top.
Just like that.
Now, why would I
put the bread
on top of a soggy…?
Just do it, man,
it’ll be great,
it’s like French toast.
– And then close it fast!
-I don’t wanna do it!
Close it fast.
Oh, gosh.
It’s gonna be great, man.
And now
put pressure on it,
just put
all your weight on it.
And then…
we gotta wait
like two minutes.
Hey, listen, buddy,
I don’t even know
what just happened,
but I feel really good
about both of ’em.
At this point, I feel like
it’s anybody’s game.
The way it looked
when it went in there,
it gave me confidence.
Now, mine’s got
a lot more meat than yours.
Yeah, you’re ratios
might really be off.
And not enough cheese.
I don’t think you can
have too much meat.
Josh, can you have
too much meat?
– Josh:Yes, you did.
– Oh, gosh.
But you aggressively
buttered the meat.

– I did.
Which is gonna help.
You buttered the meat?
I buttered that meat
like you wouldn’t believe.
I don’t trust a man that
doesn’t butter his meat.
As my daddy always said.

What is this
white thing?
Is that cheese
or spackle?
White cheese
or spackle?
It’s cheese.
That’s good.
Many a-time, I found myself
eating spackle
hoping it were cheese.
That’s a question
asked every day
on a construction site
in Kentucky.
“Is that white cheese
or spackle?
Somebody taste it.
I’m not picking on you,
I just named any state.
It’s the first state
that came to mind.
– Now, this is the part…
– I love Kentucky.
…of any other
well-meaning thing
in any form of entertainment
where you just cut it out.
We’re just gonna sit here
and live in it.
– Not “Good Mythical More,”
– No, man.
– “Good Mythical More…”
– This is “Good Mythical More.”
…we drag it out and
see what kind of capacity
you have for us.
You’ve made it this far,
you know what?
Your standards are low,
let’s hang it out.
You know,
one of these days,
we’ve talked about it
for a while,
there’s gonna be– we’re gonna
make this show for a long time
then there’s gonna be
a “Good Mythical More”
that just doesn’t end.
It’s just never
gonna end.
That’s how this show’s
gonna end, its gonna be like
the death
of the universe.
It’ll be called
“Good Mythical Enough Already!”
But it’s never
going to end.
You’re gonna watch us
die on camera.
I’ll die first
’cause I’m taller,
that’s the way it works
statistically speaking.
Link’s gonna die…
‘Cause he’s gonna die–
we die from the top down.
…in a vending
machine accident.
Then you’re gonna just watch
our bodies decay on camera,
and that’s gonna be
a really popular YouTube channel
for a while.
– ( beeping )
– Time’s up.
Let’s eat.
– I think that beeping means…
– Josh, come out here.
( chuckles ) All right.

Put the… put that,
um… put that
– You want something?
– …wooden thing here
so that we can…
“That wooden thing,” this man’s
been in the kitchen a few times.
Now, here’s what
I was told, is…
I’m gonna
pull these out.
I’m pulling out the middle part
so that it all drops together.
– Yeah.
– Three, two, one.
Pulling that out.
Ooh, got a little
egg residue.
Pulling this one out.
Yours is harder
to pull out.
– Yep.
– How do you think
that yolk’s cooked?
Do you think
you’re gonna get some run?
– It’s probably overdone.
– Josh: Mm.
– Rhett: But…
– Josh: Did you intend
to cook the egg…
– like that.
– No, I just…
Hold on, guys,
here’s the reveal.
…I trusted Hamilton.
We need to be quiet,
we need to look.
This is
the reveal moment.
It’s still overcooking
at this point.
Oh, gosh, oh, gosh,
oh, hold on.
Hold on, hold on.
Oh, wow.
Look at that, children.
Can you use your mitts
to get the sandwiches?
Do we have a “spatch”?
We do, but it’s got
a lot of stuff on it.
– Do you see, though?
– I’ma take mine off.
Oh, it’s running!
Oh, it’s gonna be so good
if we can just–
Get mine off, man!
– I don’t care about yours.
– Mine’s time sensitive!
( grunts )
– Okay, there we go.
– Great.
Mine kind of fell apart.
Give me a sec.
Yeah, no, please,
take your time.
You want me to touch
every part of it again?
There’s a lot of pepper
in that egg.
– I love pepper.
– That’s mostly pepper.
– I made it for me…
– All right, that’s fine.
…trusting that you
had similar tastes… to me.
I like the flatbread ’cause
it kinda looks like a pancake,
I know it’s not a pancake,
it makes me think of pancakes
– and that’s good.
– Now, don’t eat all of it.
I think the chicken and
the feta was a smart decision,
– but…
– Yep.
Oh, it might be hot.
– ( slurps ) What’s that sound?
– That’s really good!
He can take it, he’s…
The butter mixes
with the feta
– and that’s great.
– Yeah.
– Now, Josh, before you
bite my sandwich…
– Ain’t nothing better
– than butter mixed with feta.
– …now don’t forget
that we make a great team
and I do have
a life preserver on.
That is true.
Really just grasping
at this point.
Oh, my, that is really
lovely looking, man.
– Yeah, get that…
– Oh, wow.
– I’m trying to find where…
– …that yolk side.
Oh, there it is right there,
that’s yolk side.
– Josh: Is that yolk side?
– Rhett: Yeah.
– Oh, that’s nice.
– It’s a little overcooked,
fudgy, I can feel the butter
burning my hands,
– that’s great.
– Yep.
Oh, man.
Yeah, no, Rhett wins, Link.
( laughter )
– That’s not even close.
– That’s right!
I was complementing
that so much
’cause I had
really low expectations.
But that’s like a really
good-tasting thing.
– Oh, man.
– I don’t think this
tastes bad, though.
It’s not bad,
just try that.
Yeah, you wanna
try mine?
Get a bite on
the non-eggy yolk side.
I like how it’s crunchy.
– I’ll try yours.
– That is great.
I’ve talked so much smack
on that machine
over the last,
like, five days.
Yeah, you didn’t have
the right people
– operating it.
– Not at all.
Lot of butter.
– That meat was really buttered.
– Mm-hmm.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, it’s not butter,
they can’t call it butter.
– Called “buttery spread.”
– Oh.
– That meat is real spreaded.
– Really?
Yeah, mm-hmm.
– He spreaded it.
– Boy, that’s a lot of pepper.
– Mm-hmm.
– Really?
I like it like that.
It’s crunchy,
it’s crunchy from pepper,
it’s like sand in it.
I gotta get that taste
out of my mouth.
I put black pepper
on everything, I love it.

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