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– Hi, Jason Ganahl, GQue BBQ.
I got a special one for you today.
This is my number one breakfast sandwich
and go-to item for an
early kick-off tailgate.
(festive music)
It’s a bacon-wrapped sausage
stuffed with potatoes, ham, and cheese
served on a biscuit with a
fried egg and green chile
so break out the Lipitor
and let’s get started.
(festive music)
To get this beast going,
you’ll need some cubed breakfast potatoes,
your favorite sausage, I like maple,
and some deli ham.
You’ll also need some eggs,
some biscuits,
and your favorites kind
of shredded cheese.
You’ll also need some of
your favorite BBQ rub.
Today I have Golden Toad’s,
check ’em out at
One package of thick-cut bacon,
your favorite green chile
that’s not pictured here,
and a little bit of butter.
Melt some butter in a pan,
add your breakfast potatoes.
I like to add a little
bit of salt and pepper.
While those are cooking,
take a one gallon plastic Ziploc bag
and place your one pound of
sausage in the Ziploc bag.
Press on all four corners
until you get the bag
completely full of sausage.
It should look like
this when done properly.
Back to the potatoes.
You want to cook the potatoes
so they have a nice, golden
brown along all sides.
These still need a couple minutes.
While my potatoes finish,
I’m gonna prepare my
sausage for the filling.
I do that by taking a pair of scissors
and cutting down the sides of
the one gallon plastic bag.
The sausage is now ready to be stuffed.
I start with a light
coating of the BBQ rub.
Then I add a little bit of
the golden brown potatoes.
Be careful here, a little goes a long way.
A common mistake a lot of people do
is they overstuff their sausage.
Then I add a couple
slices of the deli ham,
and then finally, I add a little bit
of the shredded cheese over the top of it.
Feel free to use whatever
shredded cheese you like.
I just happened to have some
colby jack laying around
so that’s what I’m using today.
Now we’re ready to roll up this fatty.
People in Boulder County
always get excited
when they ask me what I’m doing,
and I say I’m smoking a fatty today.
I roll this sausage fatty
by basically flipping it over twice.
Watch how I do this.
The first side’s already flipped,
then I take the opposite side
and flip it right over the
side that was already flipped
peeling it away from the bag.
Once done, I tuck in the sides
to make sure none of
the innards can fall out
during the cooking process.
Next, set your stuffed
sausage in the refrigerator
while you make the bacon weave.
If you don’t know how
to make the bacon weave,
click on the link right
here and I’ll show you.
Next, I place the stuffed sausage
onto the bacon weave and roll it up.
Watch how I do this.
It’s important to keep everything tight
as you roll it together.
All that’s left is to tuck in the ends
and to shape it with your hands,
and go ahead and season
that fatty one last time,
and it’s then ready for the smoke.
Here it is in all its glory.
This is what it should look like
before it goes in the smoke.
I’m gonna be smoking the fatty indirect
on the big green egg
with charcoal and a little bit of hickory.
You want to keep your temperatures
between 250 and 275 degrees.
You’re gonna cook until
the internal sausage
registers a temperature of 165.
The cook times will vary.
Start checking it around
the 90 minute mark.
Here’s what it’ll look like when done.
Now, if you’re gonna
do this for a tailgate,
what I recommend doing is
cook the fatty the day before,
and then sear off a
slide as you fry the egg
in your pit or on your grill.
Now let’s fry up an egg real quick
and slice into this bad
boy and see what we got.
Oh, it’s slicing great!
These are gonna make awesome sandwiches.
Take a look inside, that looks so good.
A trick to getting these perfect slices
is let the sausage come down a little bit.
Don’t try to cut it
right when it comes off.
Let’s take a look and
see what it looks like
once it’s built.
Oh man, look at that.
Now tell me you wouldn’t want to have that
instead of a bowl of Captain
Crunch in the morning.
Even Holly can’t resist its porky powers.
All right, here it is.
I have the ham, cheese, and
potatoes stuffed sausage
all wrapped in bacon.
I’ve got another piece
of cheese on top of it.
I’ve got a fried egg on top of it,
and I’ve got some of my
favorite hot green chile
to top the whole thing off
all sandwiched between a biscuit.
Here we go,
let’s give this bad boy a taste here.
First thing I like to do is break the yolk
so the yolk mixes in with the green chile.
You’ve got one heck of a bite here.
Oh my goodness.
All kinds of flavor going on right there.
I definitely pick up the charcoal
and the hickory off the bacon.
The cheese cuts the heat from
the green chile just enough.
That biscuit provides a nice,
nice balance to all those very strong
meat flavors going on in there.
There may be a better breakfast sandwich
than this out there,
I just have not tried it yet.
You guys have to make this
if you want to impress
your family and friends.
It is so good.
This also works really well
for a tailgate item
for an early kick-off.
If you have a favorite stuffing
for your sausage or your fatty,
please share it with me below.
I would love to try it.
If you like what I did here,
please give me a thumbs up and subscribe.
I’m gonna give you a new recipe
every single week.
Until then, Jason Ganahl, GQue BBQ.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
(festive music)

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