Breakfast Radio: The Truth – Larry and Paul

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It’s Thursday! We’re back! It’s City FM! We’re bouncing! Get the eggs on! It’s Bonky, Wazzer and Sarah at Breakfast! And set your alarm cos in half an hour
you can win CASH! With Mike’s Tile Emporium
As we play… Win A Tonne With Your Mum!
That’s right! Just get your Mum to answer the phone when
we ring with Bonky Wazzer and Sarah are the bloody
best and you can win a hundred dollars! But it makes us sad… …if we hear your Dad. Isn’t that right Producer Cam? Isn’t that right Sarah? Er, actually it’s Claire, I’m the new co-presenter… AND NOW WE’RE BEZZIES SARAH WE’RE BEZZIES
NOW! BFFs! SELFIE TIME! It’s the Number One big hit music station for the city where you live and you love,
City FM with Ed Sheeran playing. Guys, it’s Claire! You know, I’m the new co-presenter the management said you needed a bit more balance… Shhh…

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