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Hi Jools here, today I’m going to make a really super, simple breakfast on the go. Because you can eat it anywhere, in the car, breakfast table or because I’ve got a few kids, I’ve got four, it’s quite nice to have a healthy breakfast for a start, and lots of different layers It’s got lovely oats which is really good fuel for the day. Blueberries, raspberries, nuts are really good, yoghurt, bit like a bircher of muesli So really it is quite a hearty breakfast, this will definitely fill you up. This is going to serve 6. 200g of porridge oats. handful of dried fruits I’m going to cut them a bit because they’re too chunky. simply throw those in add some seeds, I’ve actually got linseed but you could use sunflower seeds or any seeds you like. just about a tablespoon then you just add milk, I’m using almond milk you could use ordinary milk 500ml then for something a little bit sweet I’m going to add some apple trying to use it all up do you want to mix it? I’m going to put some clingfilm over it. this will go in the fridge overnight. You should in the morning end up with something that looks like this. The oats have soaked up all the milk, it’s going to be lovely and chewy and delicious. So this is how I serve it, how you’d serve it at a breakfast table. For the older girls they get the bus so I put their’s in here, or Jamie, or actually I’ll take mine to the gym. So if we start with the porridge overnight, just a small thin layer, not too much. then just some finely sliced banana on top then you add the yoghurt on top because that stops the bananas going brown. That’s a good tip for those taking it on the go. Then you add your fruit. I’ve just got blueberries and raspberries because that’s what I like. nuts if you fancy, you could even crush them. Then a little bit of honey, a drizzle on the top. Then they’re done, how good does that look? Buds check out this, do you want a go? That in first flatten it down. Right lay the bananas on can you spoon some yoghurt on top of that as well please. now can you add the fruit, whatever you’d like, blueberries, raspberries nuts would you like any nuts? don’t want any nuts don’t fancy nuts in yours? just one and two can you put the lid on? amazing you’ve done it, that’s your pudding on the go, you can have it in the car on the way home. do you want to try some? ok good? like it that’s all you need to say really isn’t it. really super healthy way to start the day and the older kids are chuffed because it looks like something Zoella would do on YouTube. So everyone is happy. Give it a go, right your comments down, let me know what you think. Carry on watching Family Food Tube for any other nice delcious recipes like this.

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