Breakfast in Hyderabad Episode 1 Tiffin, features spot idly

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Hello Friends!
Welcome to the breakfast food journey in Hyderabad. I’m your host Harish Bali. Day 1 in Hyderabad, breakfast at Chutneys, Jubilee Hills. If you manage to wake up at 4 in the morning, then what time would you come for breakfast? 6 am? 7 am? Chutneys opens in the morning at 7 am & I think I would be their first customer of the day. Host: “Chutney?” Waiter: “Yes.” Six types of chutneys! I’ve ordered a different type of idli for breakfast. It is also on its way. Till then, let us taste these chutneys. There is a place called Guntur, 6 hours’ journey from Hyderabad, & it is famous for its red chilies. So, I was assuming that the idli would come topped with a lot of red chili but it has gunpowder on it. I’m sure it will be spicy enough. Usually they sell Guntur Idli & Babai Idli separately but I requested them for one piece of each together. The idli was spread with gunpowder and desi ghee. On this idli, they put a dollop of white butter and desi ghee. There is gunpowder on the side as well with desi ghee in the center and sambhar on the side. This idli is deliciously soft and fresh. It tastes as if it was steamed just 2 minutes ago. Idli with gunpowder and desi ghee is an ultimate combination. All three things are creating magic together. Hmmm! Too good! In fact, both these idlis are different in taste. I cannot eat both together. I am going to finish the Guntur idli first and then, I’m sure, I will enjoy this idli better later on. Since there is desi ghee, so obviously it will taste of desi ghee but white butter with desi ghee on top… ….of idli, is nothing less than a magical breakfast! Host: “Sir, I know that the restaurant name is Chutneys. Can you tell me about these chutneys please?” Man: “This is tomato-corn chutney Sir. This is ginger-green chili, ginger-dried red chili, this is coconut &… …milk chutney, this is Bengal gram, this is peanut chutney.” Host: “Okay, great! Sir, this idli is called Babai idli. What is the meaning of that?” Man: “Babai means uncle in Andhra language. It is also a famous hotel in Vijaywada, which sells idlis… …dipped in desi ghee. We serve that type of idli here, thus the name!” Host: “In Vijaywada, they serve idli dipped in desi ghee! Thank you!” It is a real hard work to serve 6 different types of chutneys, all fresh at the same time. I am having this a bit more than others because it is my all-time favorite chutney. I liked the first two chutneys that I tried but this coconut chutney rocks! In fact, it is a bit on the sweeter side – made with crushed coconut, milk and a bit of sweetness. Well, it is a matter of personal taste, but for me, I liked the 3 out of the 4 chutneys that I tasted. Those are coconut-milk, tomato-corn and ginger-green chili chutneys. Sambhar is good but the chili quotient is a bit on the higher side. It is also slightly sweet from the jaggery added to it, probably. Overall, the sambhar is okay. The only thing is that I do not see any logic in eating this idli mixed with the sambhar. This is because idlis in themselvesare sufficient with desi ghee, gun powder and butter on this one. So, I will have this sambhar separately. I am already enjoying the idlis too. Today’s Day 1 in Hyderabad was great! In fact, I am fully satisfied and I am excited to start my day from this place. Woman: “I’m having a plain dosa, which I requested, be made with less oil. So, its great, specially… …the sambhar. I love it.” After covering 6 kms in 40 minutes from Lakdi ka Pul area, we’ve reached Ghansi Bazaar, to eat idli. Here, I can see people enjoying dosa as well as idli both. For myself, I’ve ordered spot idli. This spot idli is made in an interesting manner. He has put raw onions, butter, tomatoes, gunpowder, idli batter one after the other over a hot griddle. After that, for cooking, it is covered with a steel plate and left to cook for 5-7 minutes. So, our spot idli is thus ready. This spot idli is a very interesting concept, which I saw happening in front of my eyes. They’ve given me coconut chutney with it. As I broke off a bite, I can feel the crispiness on the outside and a lot of coriander and tomatoes in it. On the inside, it is so soft, look! While coming here in the auto-rickshaw, I was going over the references about this place called Govind… …Ki Bandi & was excited about the taste of the dishes I would get to eat. Especially, because this is my first experience of Hyderabadi street food. But trust me, it is amazing in taste. It is crisp on the outside. It has tomatoes and most importantly, the gunpowder tastes amazing along… …with the butter. Let us have a bite with the chutney now. This is a hidden gem as far as Hyderabad street food for breakfast is concerned. I am going to have one more idli after this. I am enjoying this idli on its own more than with the chutney. Host: “Govind Bhai, for how long have you been running this Bandi?” Govind: “40 years!” Host: “40 years?” Govind: “Hmmm!” Host: “So, this concept (of spot idli) I have never eaten before.” Govind: “We started this concept in 1990.” Host: “You’ve been making this spot idli since 1990?” Govind: “Yeah, yeah!” Host: “Amazing!” I just got a second spot idli for myself & this gentleman is also having spot idli. Host: “So Sir, how long have you been coming here to eat?” Man: “I’ve been coming here regularly for the last 20 years.” Host: “You’ve been a regular here for 20 years. So you must have tried everything here including… ….dosa, idli, etc.?” Man: “Yes, everything. Idli, dosa, spot upma, spot idli… They make spot upma just like the spot idli.” Host: “I really liked this spot idli.” Man: “It is very good!” Host: “I could not even imagine that idli could be cooked on a griddle like this.” Man: “yeah!” Today, my time management went for a toss! It is 11 am and we are leaving for breakfast now. I’ve identified another hidden gem near a place called “Ghode ki qabar.” Uhhh, auto! Hmm! Ghode ki Qabar? Auto driver: “Yes sir!” The traffic moves slowly, therefore, the driver says it will take us 20-25 minutes to reach there. This is called Mysore Bajji or Mysore Bonda. It is basically made with refined flour, curd and coconut. Here is the inside filling. This Bajji is deep fried. Its taste is a bit flat, if eaten without chutney. So, I am eating it with chutney now. Its right combination is with chutney only. In fact, I am enjoying it with both chutneys. This chutney is made with chana dal and mint leaves and this one is made with coconut. If this Bajji had chopped green chili in it, it would’ve tasted better. This gentleman is having idli here for breakfast. Host: “Sir, please tell us something about this idli.” Man: “I’ve been eating Laxman Bhai’s idli for about 10 years now. This green chutney is what I like the… …most about this place. This green chutney is made with mint leaves and green chili. And I eat the idli… ….with this chutney and gunpowder, so that it tastes good.” Stall owner: “It was my father who started this business and I am continuing it. I sell idli, dosa, vada… …Mysore bajji. My food is so tasty that people come from outside Hyderabad as well to eat here. I run… …this stall from 7.30 am to 8.30 pm.” It is 8 am and I have left for breakfast at Hanuman Tekdi. Today I want to eat something different. Host: “Sir, what is this Uthappa?” Owner: “Uthappa is made like dosa only, just thicker than dosa.” Host: “Okay!” Owner: “It is made with the dosa batter only.” Host: “Okay Sir, one Uthappa.” Owner: “Okay Sir.” They have this huge griddle, on which they can cook 16 dosas in one go! Uthappa is made with the dosa batter only, just thicker. They’ve put raw onions, beetroot, etc on top and while it is being cooked, they add butter on top. They change the side after 5-8 minutes of cooking on one side. Now it is almost ready. After it is ready, they put another dollop of white butter. Finally, Uthappa is ready. Although people have eating their breakfast while standing here, but I got this seating place on the… …side, which had a few stools, so I came here to eat my breakfast seated. This is the first time I am eating something like this made with this thick batter. This dish has the magic of 2-3 ingredients in it, as far as I’ve understood. One thing that is ultimate is the topping of veggies that were added to the Uthappa. After that, white butter, added twice while cooking. Third thing is the masala sprinkled on top of the ready Uthappa. These 3 things together are creating magic in my breakfast today. This style of serving food on a banana leaf is really interesting! This white chutney tastes completely different from what I’ve had so far. I can feel chana dal in it besides coconut as well as a lot more. This Uthappa makes for a good combination with this chutney, as well as this onion salad on the side. Don’t forget to ask for this salad especially, when you come here to eat. It is not usually served. This is good! The sambhar here is slightly sweet. My first experience of Uthappa was delicious. Woman: “I’ve been coming here for 10 years now. The dosa and chutney here is very good.” Host: “Sir, I liked the Uthappa as well as the chutney.” Man: “Thank you Sir!” Host: “Please tell me something about the white chutney.” Man: “We’ve been making this chutney since 1983 till today. We make it with peanuts, green chilies… …mint leaves, coriander leaves, etc.” Host: “It tastes delicious.” Man: “Thank you very much Sir!”


  1. I would recommend the original babai idly in Vijayawada anytime ! Its good and also try the SSS idly in Vijayawada if you ever vist the city.

  2. Any north indian who eats will like it , it not authentic Andhra it's kichdi .. sambar with sugar in it … God horrible

  3. thank you for the valuable information.
    Subbayya gari hotel is the famous vegetarian hotel. Now it is in KPHB, Hyderabad. Butta bhojanam,pakam garelu,nethi boorelu, karivepaku podi etc.. are our famous dishes.
    for more details:

  4. Idli is to be tasted with Sambar or chutney. not so tasty idli alone without anything to add to it. You are in chutneys but not tried idli with chutney together. You are eating them separately. Not at all correct. But glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Ye Spot Idly to mujhe bhi idea nahi…ek-do baar to visit kiya hai maine bhi ..

  6. Totally in wrong way…
    Babai idly guntur mirchi is not related to telangana state …And Hyderabad..And better to know before eat..Which hotels nd food made by local people.. to Have local taste…North indian walonka tiffin centres mein hyderabad ka taste kaisa milta bhai…

  7. u will get the same taste(rs=40)and guntur idly=50rs and the soft ness in too awsome , at scoops begumbazar .guys it is really to cost ,how many chutnies we can eats by the way its too fat,
    and the cost is 117 omg hehe its too much

  8. Onion tomato uttapa is my all time fevret , nice video , try Ghee rava masala dosa sir next time in South Indian restaurant

  9. Jay Hind Sir
    Sir aap itana fast food khate ho bahar ka aapko to patanjali ke products use krne chahiye Jo aapke sarir se tocsins bahar kr de or aap bimar na ho so pls sir use patanjali products

  10. Sir in the same place of govind dosa bandi, from afternoon chat ki bandi hota hae….. Amazing taste hota hae chat ka bhi….

  11. Hi sir…i was at charminar in september 2017…attended 2 weeks course in Gachibowli, hyderabad…enjoyed Irani tea and biscuit…Hyderabad briyani at Paradise….visited Osmania General Hospital, Golconda, Tombs of Nizam, famous museum, hyderabad University….had great time….

  12. Plzzz visit to nlr muralikrishna hotel vahan mini sambar idli nd masala dosa is unique superrrrr u must try it

  13. I am stunned to see him eating idli with fork😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  14. Chutneys Was best once upon a time .. Now after opening many branches it lost its sheen. Too pricey for the normal idly s n dosas

  15. We call these spot idlies as uthappams. Seriously this is the wrong way to name it. When the batter is concentrated its idli, but when it's spread thinly its masala dosa but it's spread thickly we call it Uthapppam.

  16. In every street of hyderabad you'll find famous tiffin centers and this are not comparable and every center has its uniqueness ull love the taste

  17. Thanks for all linksπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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