Breakfast in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Well good morning. Good morning. Good morning guys. Breakfast time in Bratislava. And it has been a little difficult finding
a place this morning. Yeah, yeah. It is just we went to one place and we thought
oh this would be a great place to film. We went inside and it was just way too loud. So yeah the music in these cafes is like boom
boom boom. One thing we don’t always show you guys is
that like there are times that a restaurant or a cafe or a bar might be a really good
place to have food or a drink but not necessarily a good place to film either because it is
too loud, the lighting is awful or just like we’re seated too close to other people so
we like feel uncomfortable. Haha. So those are the awkward. Those are the kind of three conditions that
cause us to kibosh a video. So alright but we found a place. We did find a place. We’re at Mondieu. Yeah, apparently this is one of the best places
to have breakfast here in Bratislava. And cakes. And cakes as well. Yeah, they have a great looking cake display. Um, yeah they basically have a very I would
say very diverse menu. Pancakes, French Toast, Omelets. So you were actually looking up what a traditional
Slovak breakfast is. What was that basically? So it involves sausage. Yeah, it involves sausage. And we haven’t seen a whole lot of sausage
on this menu. Well, there is one option. One option. But to be honest I’ve been eating like way
more meat than normal and I just like don’t feel I can stomach it this morning. So we’ve gone for something a little bit lighter. Um, yeah, we’ve placed our orders and the
food should be arriving soon. So we’ll show you what we’ve got in just a
few minutes. Alright, so the drinks are here and we both
got the cafe latte macchiato with chocolate. Look at this thing of beauty. Look at those layers in there. Oh my goodness. I know it is so big. And they’ve got these cute little sugar packs. It is so big. Look at this. Urgh. Actually I don’t even know if we need sugar
so I’m going to try it first. I have a feeling we won’t. Especially me. You may still want some of it. Oh! Oh my gosh that is so thick. It almost looks like a milkshake. Wow. It kind of is. Is it? It is like a warm latte milkshake. Like it is so frothy and rich. Like the glass is coated in melted milk chocolate
basically. Oh man. It is amazing. Wow. So no extra sugar needed? No extra sugar needed at all. Haha. This is an amazing coffee. Oh my gosh. I wish they had this at every single cafe
we’ve ever been to and are ever going to go to. Haha. High praise over here. Really this is the best. Like I’ve already had so much. No! So let’s see if Sam agrees with my high praise
for the caffè latte macchiato with chocolate. Woah. Let’s zoom in on that face. Woah. Get that reaction right there. Yeah, that is like way better than let’s say
like a hot chocolate or even like a mocha or something like that. It is some premium stuff. I would put that up there with like one of
those mixed alcohol coffee drinks. Haha. Like your Baileys coffee. Yeah, like a Baileys or Irish Coffee. I mean it doesn’t have alcohol but it just
has that rich. It is so rich. Like you can see look at the bubbles. Yeah. Look at that. But what I like most about it is that it is
also really warm and yeah we need that because it is a chilly fall day today. Yeah. The wind is howling and somebody refused to
wear a jacket because he thought I’m Canadian. I’m a polar bear. Yeah, I could probably have used a jacket
today even being Canadian. I mean normally I don’t get cold but it is
a little chilly so this drink is going to help warm me up for sure. Alright breakfast is here and it looks amazing. I ordered the scrambled eggs with parmesan
and baby spinach. And it is one of those meals that I’m just
going to have to eat super quickly before it gets cold because it is actually quite
quite chilly outside. Mmmm. Oh. Parmesan mixed in with scrambled eggs. Good idea? That was a very good idea indeed. Oh my gosh. I haven’t had scrambled eggs in a while so
this is pretty tasty. Mmm. And it comes with some brown bread, a little
salad on the side. I’m not sure if this is your typical Slovak
breakfast. It is more of a contemporary twist but it
is still very very tasty. Alright in he goes. Okay cool. Breakfast time. I’m going to get some of the scrambled egg,
a bit of spinach. And I’m also going to try the bread. Wow. Mmmm. What do you think? That is really good. You’re right the cheese adds a really nice
kick. Yeah. I also think the spinach has been sauteed
in something really nice. Probably some kind of an oil. Because it tastes delicious. And I’ll try the bread. Yeah, it is nice having bread to go along
with this. I have a really peculiar um taste when I’m
eating like eggs. Like scrambled eggs or omelette. I like to have jam on it. So I would have liked to spread some jam on
there. Oh my gosh that is really weird. Sam puts jam on his toast and on top of the
jam he puts the eggs. He mixes sweet and savory. It is so good. I think it is disgusting. So good. If you haven’t tried it don’t knock it. Haha. Anyways, that is one of my weird food preferences
for eggs. Eggs with jam people. Eggs with jam. And now Sam is going to introduce us to his
dish. Oh, when I saw this on the menu it just looked
so colorful and good. My napkin is blowing off. So I am getting. I’m basically getting two pieces of toast. Yep. One of them has like I guess it would be an
original hummus. Yeah. And this over here is uh beetroot hummus with
pomegranate sprinkled on top. So this is definitely not your average Slovak
breakfast at all. Yeah but I’m going to try some and I want
to make sure I get some of the pomegranate seeds. Alright. Oh my gosh that is good. Yeah? Woah. I had no idea how thickly spread on. That is a very thick layer. Nice thick layer of hummus going on. Yeah, you do taste the hummus. You do taste the chickpeas but it is there
is a very high concentration of beetroot in there. So yeah, it doesn’t taste like a average hummus. And I’m going to try the original one here. Alright. Mmmm. Which do you prefer? Mmmm. Well they are both really good but I think
I like the one with beetroot. It is just a little bit different and yeah
this fantastic. Like again I just can’t believe how thickly
they are spreading it on. This is so generous. Mmm. Great breakfast guys. Alright going in for the hummus. Let’s see what this is all about. Hummus. Mmm. Isn’t that nice. Haha. That has some olive oil drizzled over it. Yep. Mmmm. I can’t wait for you to try the one with beetroot. Haha. I like this one a lot already. I know. They’re both really good. They’re both really good. Let’s see the pink hummus. Mmmm. It makes it a little bit sweeter. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. I didn’t think of that. It is true. It is a little bit sweeter. It is good. I like beetroot but I still prefer my classic
hummus but this was a really good choice. My hair is flying into your food. Ew! I apologize. Haha. Um, but yeah this has been a really really
tasty breakfast so far. And since this place specializes in chocolates,
cakes and baked goods Sam could not resist getting a slice of cheesecake. The fruit cheesecake just looked too good
and it is like time for a bit of confession time. It is actually 12:05 right now. This is about as late of a breakfast as you
can possibly have. Because at what time did little prince wake
up? I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning last
night. So anyways, he woke-up at like 9:30. Eating chocolate and wine so never a good
idea. Not a great idea. I had trouble going to sleep. Anyways let’s try this. Cheesecake. Mmmm. Wow. He’s rolling it around in his tongue. Yeah. That was a good decision to get this. Yeah? Yeah. It is the kind of cheesecake that tastes so
good that you just want to like having it rolling around in your mouth for as long as
possible. Don’t even chew it just let it. Let it melt. Let it disintegrate and melt slowly over time. This is good. Great way to finish off the breakfast. Alright Mister price point. Alright price point time. So it came to 18 Euros total. And I thought that was a really good deal
because we ended up basically getting three food items, two breakfast mains plus cheesecake
and we got like the two most premium types of coffees on the menu. Really fancy. Oh yeah. They were the most expensive on the menu and
it was well worth it. So yeah, this was just a wonderful place to
go. I’d highly recommend coming here. You could come for breakfast, you could also
come in the middle of the afternoon for a really nice snack as well. And you know what we’re going to do next? What are we going to do? We’re going to go back to the apartment and
put on warmer clothes. I need to put on my jacket and you said you
were going to get a sweater so yeah. A sweater and a winter hat. I think fall has officially arrived here in
Bratislava. Yeah, we’ll say fare thee well. Yeah, tata guys. See you in the next video. Ciao.


  1. Hi guys, wow that hummus and pomegranate toast looks so interesting, I’m just picturing what that would taste like. Everything looks great.

  2. Can't wait to see you guys meat local bloggers and youtubers on your trips who are featured in your videos as they can show you around. Try find local food bloggers they will help you find the best food and local food and tell you which restraunts to go to. I've seen the idea from like food network and travel channel.

  3. Great video! You mentioned the reasons why you sometimes don't film. Has a restaurant ever told you that you can't film, and if so, do you stay and eat or go to another restaurant?

  4. So happy that you guys posted another video! I am one all of your travel and food videos and kind of re-watching some one them 🙂 you guys are the best!

  5. I love you make me smile always. May I ask if you both teach while travelling? If not, how can you afford it and all the eating out.Europe is not cheap. You two should have your own tv're both so articulate and very relatable. 😍❤️👏🏻👍🏼

  6. so, I watch this vid and then notice the other video shot in Spanish. I don't know what you're saying but I like the way you say it! 🙂 I bet the Spanish videos will take off and have many views.

  7. Sam and Audrey – at some point, please make that trip to Antartica! You are the only travel vloggers that can do full justice to an epic trip like Antartica.

  8. Greetings from Slovakia guys 🙂 …a typical Slovak breakfast would contain eggs but maybe if you would cut some sausage roast in on a pan and mix it together with the eggs that would be more authentic 🙂

  9. There is at 00:01 Slovenian flag! This is probably Slovenian embassy? Also big shout out to our Slovak bros watching this video! Slava bratje!

  10. Hi guys, I am Slovak and to tell you the truth, yes, this is definitely one of the best places in Bratislava. But it is quite a "posh" place. I would say it's more French (Mondieu) and Italian inspired. If it is of any interest to you, traditionally, a lot of people might eat scrambled eggs, but definitely not with parmesian, as we hadn't even had parmesian until after the fall of the Soviet Union. And as far as sausages, I think less and less people eat them today. Nowadays, people are trying to eat a lot healthier, preferring oats, cereal,, yoghurt, or bread, butter, ham and maybe eggs, or bread with jam/marmelade/butter and honey. I wish I was there with you though, I love how you enjoy the food 🙂

  11. We would like to see more of the places that you visit.  Nice to see you enjoying the food but videos get non-informative and boring if one just has to watch you eat and nothing else.   Nice job in the past guys but watch that you do not become boring.

  12. Lol, I like your Slovan hat, Sam.
    Anyway, thanks for the video guys. Although I'm Slovak, I'm not eating outside too often, so now I can recommend restaurants to my foreign friends more easily.

  13. The coolest thing about Bratislava, that's next to Vienna. But I like Vienna more 🙂 I am from Ukraine btw

  14. Nice breakfast, obviously not a traditional Slovak breakfast since there were no sausages or cold-cuts; Great video nonetheless.

  15. Actually, I have tried it, but only with Scrambled Eggs, I don't think, it will work for me, with, Eggs, over easy, because that is the only other way, I love, my eggs. It does work, I make a sandwich out of it, that away,..! It is good, my mother things it s weird, but, who asked, her,..?

  16. I keep meaning to make variations of hummus, never seem to get around to it. Sam, I'm a mom. Wear your jacket or at least tie it around your waist. 😊

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