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Hey YouTube friends! So you guys seem to really
like my Freezer Breakfast Burritos episode
from the Kickstart Series and that recipe
also happens to be one of twenty-five in the
free recipe book portion of my newest eBook
‘Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide’. I will put
a link below if you’re interested but it’s
pretty much everything you need to know about
meal prep. So I thought today I would do another
recipe from that book of a similar fashion
– My Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches. It is perfect
for those on-the-go mornings which, let’s
be real is always. Thumbs up if you’re soaked
about this recipe.
First we will make our egg patties for the
sandwiches. Start by spraying down six ramekins
on your baking sheet. I used seven to eight
ounces but just make sure they are oven safe.
And you can either use egg, egg-whites or
a combination of both. Here I have started
with an egg and then just added a little bit
of extra egg-white to get about one quarter
to a third cup of egg mixture in each ramekin
total. So if you decide to use egg-whites
make sure that you get about that amount.
Also a side note: I have noticed in the past
when I make these with egg-whites or egg substitute
that these sandwiches tend to defrost a little
bit better. So remember these are freezer
breakfast sandwiches so you have to defrost
them and cook them in the microwave in the
morning and when I use the full egg sometimes
the rest of the sandwich cooks and the full
egg stays – frozen. And you have to cook it
separately so if you want this to be easier
I would recommend going with the egg substitute
or egg-whites.
Since I am using some real eggs here and I
want them to be like a scrambled patty I’m
just going to whisk those up. Transfer the
entire baking sheet into an oven pre-heated
to 375o Fahrenheit for about 15 to 20 minutes.
It’s going to depend on whether you’re using
eggs or egg-whites or a combination so just
watch them. You want to make sure they’re
cooked thoroughly. Allow to cool a little
bit before removing them from the ramekin
and you will find perfect little egg patties.
Now it’s time to assemble a sandwich. Start
with an English muffin – Ezekiel, gluten free,
whole wheat, anything you prefer will work.
And then you are going to layer on your egg
patty, some deli meat – I used lean chicken
breast here but anything will work. And a
little bit of cheese – I prefer the thinly
sliced cheddar cheese but if you prefer to
go with the low fat or a Swiss or whatever
cheese you want that is just fine. Then you
will just wrap it up in plastic wrap and repeat
with the rest of your sandwiches. I made six
because the English muffins come in a pack
of six so it just made sense.
Transfer to a large Ziploc bag or Tupperware
and then store in the freezer for later. When
it is time to reheat in the morning you just
want to remove the plastic, wrap it in a paper
towel and then heat it in the microwave for
about one minute and then flip it and do another
minute. And like I said the egg-whites tend
to defrost a little bit easier. And there
you have it! My delicious egg breakfast sandwiches!
Perfect for prepping breakfast for the week
or any meal really! Remember that this recipe
along with many others is available in my
brand new eBook “Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide”.
It’s chock full of tips and tricks to make
your meal prepping life a little bit easier.
And as a treat I have of course included the
recipe in the PDF which is available for download
in the description box below.
Remember to also check out
for loads of other free recipes. What is your
favorite meal prep breakfast? I want to know!
So comment below and let me know. And remember
it is all a matter of Mind Over Munch.
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Hey youtube…ahem.
So I thought today – Nope that’s wrong.
In plastic wrap – Nope – Breakfast egg sandwiches.
Egg breakfast sandwiches included…
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