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– Hello beautiful people. Today on Bachelor on
a Budget we are making delicious freezer ready burrito wraps that are packed with nutrition. Let’s get started. (energetic chimes) So as always, the recipe
is in the description that you can find below. Let’s kick this off
with about a tablespoon of a neutral vegetable oil. We’re going in with one
cup of Chorizo sausage. We’re gonna get that nice and crispy. If you’re a vegetarian, you can totally skip
the sausage, understand. A substitute for the
Chorizo is turkey sausage. OK, these bad boys are cooked. We’re gonna separate that meat, take that out of the pan, and leave all the leftover fat in there. Now we’re gonna use that
fat to cook the onions. One cup of onions. So I got a lot of potatoes
here that I wanna cook so I’m gonna add in
another tablespoon of oil. I’m using grape seed. And I got this on high heat. And I’ve cubed the
potatoes down to this size. And here we go. Now you should be able to leave that every few minutes, and then mix it around. We wanna get browning mode, we wanna make sure that those potatoes are cooked all the way through. OK, these potatoes are
almost cooked through, they’ve been cooking for about 10 minutes so it’s time to add couple cloves of garlic two cups of bell pepper, then a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, tablespoon of cumin, tablespoon of salt, and a tablespoon of paprika. You can adjust these
to suit your own tastes if you have favorite spices
for this kind of dish. It’s basically like my own Tex-Mex. Mix that all around. Then we wanna add in a can of black beans, that’s what, two cups? And a cup of frozen corn. Then we can get our sausage
mixture back in there. And you can just taste a bit, see if it needs any salt or anything. This is tasting perfect. So gonna take that off the heat, that’s all cooked through. Put that into a separate bowl. So now we need to cook the eggs. So another tablespoon of oil in there, got that on medium heat, and I have a dozen eggs here. OK, once that’s set, move it around. Normally I scramble eggs
totally differently, but we want a different texture, we want a bit more firmer texture here. And you can add your salt to taste, add some fresh black
pepper if you like that. So we can transfer this to a bowl. Now it’s time to start wrapping these up so let’s stick in our
whole wheat tortillas into the microwave for about 20 seconds, to make those pliable. So I’m gonna try and get about a cup into each one here. Bit of our eggs. And then I got some cheese
to top that off with. And then we can roll it. I’m gonna try the outside technique. Hold that back. Make sure these guys are tucked in, and these guys. And boom boom boom. Set that aside. OK, those are all wrapped. Now we are gonna put them away. So I’m using some Saran Wrap and just gonna take my rolled wrap there. Roll it, pinch the sides, tuck that in, there we go. Piece of tin foil. Take your burrito, wrap that up. And here we have ten beautiful burritos. So we can take those and
put them in a freezer bag and put those right into the freezer. But when you’re ready to eat them, now there’s a few ways
that you can heat them up. So you can remove the plastic wrap, and put over a damp paper towel, so you can put paper towel under a sink, and then wring it out. But basically you just cover it, and putting that in the microwave and that’ll keep from
the bread drying out. And from frozen it’ll
probably be two, three minutes depending on your microwave. But I can heat this up
now for about a minute. Alternatively you can heat it up in a pan, or put it in the oven. Whatever you prefer, whatever you got. For ease in demonstration, I’m gonna microwave mine. And I’ll only need a minute because it’s already still warm. OK, here we go. Look at that. All the reward right here. Mmm… Now that is a breakfast burrito. (gentle chimes) Thank you guys for watching. Leave a comment down below if you have a recipe suggestion or
if you have some way to improve this recipe. If this is your first time here, please hit that subscribe button, we’re gonna learn lots together. Thanks guys.

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