Breakfast at Tiffany’s (7/9) Movie CLIP – Stealing for the Thrill (1961) HD

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Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.
I can’t see.


  1. My wife bought the DVD of this movie about a year ago. On a rainy day last week, I decided to give it a chance and watched it for the first time ever. I was pleasantly surprized on how much I like the movie! I must have watched it now at least a half a dozen times. I never would have believed I would have liked it this much. This is one of my favorite scenes! LOL

  2. 3 Things:
    1.) Audrey Hepburn did a Great job!
    2.) One of the Best/MemorabLe Movies Ever Made; &
    3.) it's a Fun Scene (aside from the drunk HoLLy)

  3. One of my favorite movies of all time. Nothing can compare. I just love anything and everything that has to do with Audrey. And George Peppard playing Paul just made this splendid! this scene is one of the best in the movie. i would've done anything just to meet her

  4. I love this movie but I can't appreciate this scene anymore because I work in retail. 🙁 and in real life these people piss me off.

  5. great scene… i wanna guy i can shoplift with lol, and i wish there were still cool 5 & dime stores.

  6. They know each other so well. They can anticipate each other's movements. That's important when you're conspiring to commit petty theft or falling in love.

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