Breakfast at Tiffany’s (6/9) Movie CLIP – Cracker Jack Prizes (1961) HD

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A sterling silver
telephone dialer. Yes, sir. That’s 6.75,
including federal tax. Well, the price
is right, But I must say, I’d rather
hoped for something Slightly more–
how shall I say it– Romantic
in feeling. What do you think? A sterling silver
telephone dialer. I certainly think
it’s handsome, But, well,
you do understand. Well, we tried,
but– We could have
something engraved, Couldn’t we? Yes, I suppose so. Yes, indeed. The only problem is, You’d have to buy
something first In order to have
some object Upon which
to place the engraving. You see the difficulty? Well, we could
have this engraved, Couldn’t we? I think it would be
very smart. This, I take it, Was not purchased
at tiffany’s? No. Actually,
it was purchased Concurrent with–
well, actually, It came inside of… Well, a box
of cracker jack. I see. Do they still
really have prizes In cracker jack boxes? Oh, yes. That’s nice to know. It gives one
a feeling of solidarity, Almost of continuity
with the past, That sort of thing. Would tiffany’s really
engrave it for us? They wouldn’t feel it
beneath them or anything? Well, it is rather
unusual, madam, But I think you’ll find
that tiffany’s Is very understanding. If you would
tell me the initials, I think we could have something
ready for you in the morning. Didn’t I tell you
this was a lovely place? What is this place,
anyway? You wanted to sit down.
It’s the public library. You’ve never been here? No.


  1. I agree with a lot of what you just said. However, not all women who do makeup and haul videos are "attention-seeking". A lot of them are doing it because they want to help other women. It's rather uplifting, really.

  2. As a current teenager,you shouldn't judge all women like that. There are plenty of classy and beautiful women nowadays, as well as plenty of gold diggers and fame whores back then. Believe me, if YouTube and Facebook existed in the 60's, teenage girls would be doing the same exact thing as teens do today.

  3. I would like to go to New York, visit Tiffany's & Co and ask for something of $10.00, just to see how they would yell and get upset with me in a true new yorker style and call security hahaha

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