Boiled POTATOES in 15 minutes | BITE-SIZE Root Vegetable | DIY DEMONSTRATION

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Welcome everyone. Deronda here with foods 101. Today, I’m going to show you how to boil
Bite-size potatoes. I’m using a 24 ounce bag of your honey gold bite size potatoes.
Red potatoes or new potatoes will do. This is a pound and a half. You’re going to need butter.
You may use olive oil. A tablespoon of kosher salt and fresh
Parsley. Which is optional. Not necessary. I’m using this steam basket for an instant pot pressure cooker.
I’m going to use this to boil my potatoes in. Over here to the stovetop.
I’m boiling 8 cups of water in
a 5-quart saucepan. I’m adding that tablespoon of salt. Add your potatoes
right down into the boiling water. I’ve got my water over medium-high heat.
Bring your water back to the boil. Cover and cook for 15 minutes. I’m going to remove the lid.
With a paring knife. I’m going to check my potatoes for tenderness.
There’s still a little too firm for me.
So I’m going cover them and cook them for an additional 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, got my paring knife,
I’m gonna go ahead put it in the potato. See how easy that paring knife comes out of the potatoes, you know
they’re gonna be lovely and tender on the inside.
We’re gonna transport these over to a bowl. Here comes those potatoes. If you’re wondering where I got this steamer basket…
It’s from SagaHome. You can purchase this on Amazon. I love the silicone tips
here on the bottom of the steamer, and I love the silicone handle here that it has. To season the potatoes
I’ve ripped off the paper on one end of the butter stick. I’m just going to kiss it lightly with
this butter.
You can put as much or as little on as possible. If you want to use olive oil
you may.
If you don’t want to use any oil at all, you may do that too. This gives just the perfect amount of buttery
flavor on these honey Gold bite-sized
potatoes. Look here…fantastic. Adding a little kosher salt.
Not necessary if you’re watching your sodium. A little fresh cracked black pepper.
To finish it off. I like to sprinkle it with parsley. I’m just gonna be informal here.
I’m gonna cut into one of these potatoes and show you what it looks like on the inside.
Looky there…
How perfect is that?
Soft. A burst of texture when you bite into these boiled potato skin. These are win-win. Gotta try it.
You will not go wrong with these
boiled potatoes. A perfect side dish for any entree such as meatloaf or a roast. A
perfect potato dish all by itself. Leave me a comment.
Give me thumbs up. Hit that notification bell to be the first to get my new youtube food videos.
I’m Deronda with foods 101. I’ll catch you lovely people later…

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