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Blue Agave Bed and Breakfast in Tucson, Arizona
Hey Guys, Mike with Mike’s Road Trip here
in Tucson, Arizona…where I’m staying at
a magnificent B&B called, the Blue Agave.
This B&B is situated on 15 acres and is nestled
at the base of the majestic Tucson Mountains,
which has one of the greatest density of Saguaro
cacti I’ve ever seen.
There are four rooms to choose from, each
a bit differently decorated, and each have
their own private patios to take in the sensational
views. This property has quite the “wow” factor,
so, come along with me, let me show you around…
The architecture of the Blue Agave was inspired
by famed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright…a
frequent design element he employed was a
breezeway like this one.
You’ll noticed each of the rooms taking decorative
cues from the bold and vibrant color palate
of the Southwest.
You’ll also notice an array of original artwork,
much of which was created by Dana Smith, owner
and innkeeper. Her husband Peter is well know
for his contributions to the Phoenix Mars
So there’s no shortage of things to talk about
around the breakfast table, which is a delicious
culinary journey influenced by the southwest.
One of the things that makes the Blue Agave
so special is how secluded it is, yet it’s
only 6-7 miles from downtown Tucson.
As dawn breaks on a new day, you’ll find a
number nearby things to see and do…
If you don’t want to venture out, you can
always hang out by the pool.
you’ll find many cozy places to relax and
take-in the beauty…and, Bird watchers will
certainly rejoice.
In the evening you might just find guests
hanging out on the patio, and, if you’re lucky,
some might even provide some impromptu entertainment.
Well that’s it from the Blue Agave Bed and
Breakfast here in Tucson, Arizona…
until next time, we’ll see ya on the road…

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