Blind Breakfast Burrito Taste Test

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  1. Burgerking used to have something called "the enormous omelette sandwich" and it was so much, the sandwich alone could fill me up, but it was so good…

  2. I need to move to a big city so i can try some of these places besides mcdonnalds hardees sonic and taco bell.. after a few years of nothing new u kind of give up on fast food

  3. Chick-fil-a’s breakfast burrito is better than literally all these places. But then again…Chick-fil-a as a whole is better than literally all these places.

  4. I'm actually surprised Sonic got as many points as it did. As much as I love their drinks, their breakfast is positively abysmal. I think even Arbys for the brief time they made breakfast was still better than Sonic.

  5. The real winner and best value wasn't even tested… Steak N Shake sausage breakfast taco. Made fresh to order and comes with freshly made spicy salsa on the side for a little more than $1

  6. They're more lenient than all other game shows where you can't correct yourself after you accidentally said something else.

  7. I wasn’t actually watching just listening and I heard Rhett say “this one is griddled” and I instantly knew it was Taco Bell

  8. I absolutely love your blind taste tests, they are my favorite videos. Love your channel, Keep up the great work!👍🏻👍🏻

  9. this whole good mythical morning + more I was laying in bed next to my sleeping husband at 2:30 am trying not to wake him from laughing. either i’m slap happy or the way rhett + link ate the burrito from burger king was actually hilarious 😭

  10. Seriously? Burger King?? I like the burritos (breakfast tacos) from a local Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Jalisco, the best! Who the heck eats breakfast tacos from Burger King?

  11. So this episode made me smile a little bit. As I'm an assistant store manager at a Burger King. And tend to think that our breakfast burrito is the best. The great thing about it though there is5 variations of the same burrito. I suggest trying them all.

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