Blackstone Griddle Breakfast Meat Lovers Edition

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hello there I’m chef Johnny this is
Texas style cuisine today we’ve got out
the blackstone first time to video a
breakfast on it so stay tuned we’re
gonna do a meatlovers breakfast
first thing going on is gonna be some
sausage these on this nice hot griddle
got a half a dozen patties or I have
got five patties
while those are going to gonna drop on some bacon
that’s a nice hickory smoked bacon here
it’s just a thin sliced hardwood bacon
ah little further with the oil needs more space
for my meat
now got a pound a bacon cooking sausages
are going
kind of got this on a medium low where it’s at I took it up pretty hot turn the temperature down let it
drop a little bit so that we had a good
heat all the way across the griddle what
happens is if you just turn it on low or
medium or lower you kind of get the hot
middle and not the edges so I brought up
the heat so that edges would be hot then
dropped it back down and it helps a lot
that way of giving you a better heat
distribution across the entire griddle
bacon is looking pretty good here
flip these bacon over
and I’m doing the meat because they’re
gonna really take the longest eggs or
cook up pretty fast so now tell you what
I have this Hells Handle spatula on here
and this thing is it’s big it’s heavy
duty it’s it’s something else now you
may not want to pack around this big
heavy one so what I did a family got me
actually over for Christmas was my
mother-in-law gave me these there
I don’t know if its Zent or Zen-T whatever it is
she got me a set of those they’re a lot
lighter maybe a little easier to operate
especially if you want to hold this big
heavy-duty one but it works good nothing
wrong with it at all and if you want to
do a bacon press which I’ve got came
with my breakfast my wife gave me set it
on the griddle that have it hot that’ll
help it cook that much faster and of
course if you don’t want to use the
baking press you don’t have to but it
will press it down give you a nice bacon
on there a little flatter won’t curl up
quite as much
picking these slices up
they’re gonna make a nice crispy bacon
I’m going to check my sausage patties I bet
you they’re ready to flip oh yeah got a
nice little crust built up on them
they’re turning loose so that tells you
they’re cooked next thing I going to put on here
some hashbrowns put a little clarified
butter on it get my bowl of hashbrowns
here cook them and kind of two batches here
one thing to remember about
hashbrowns is is don’t mess with them
looks like I have enough for three
little batches of hash brown
and they’re cooking up in that bacon
grease though that ought to be real good
what you do is is kind of gather them
and let them sit
you just if
you try the tournament move them around
a lot you’re not gonna get that crust on
them that you like to have on a nice
crisp hashbrown so and these are just
frozen hash browns didn’t make them it’s
a quick breakfast here over the holidays
we’re gonna let those cook up check my
sausage patties I think they go a little
bit longer on that side butter
see if these yeah see where they kind of
crusted together each other
sticking all right there probably won’t
hurt them hurt to let them sit a little
bit longer would have been okay look at
these sausages they’re looking good now
I’ve got our hash browns going pretty
good I’m gonna put on some ham and this
is just some leftover spiral sliced ham
I love ham and eggs for breakfast so my
meat of choice is ham
take out other hash browns give me a little clarified
butter yeah see that one broke up a
little bit didn’t have it quiet enough
let it sit there crisp up on that side
clarified butter up there
there we go like that crust better on
that one hams ready doesn’t take a ham
long at all now if you’re doing a ham
steak or something of course you know
it’d take longer but this piece is a
spiral sliced or just just getting
warmed up scoop up these hashbrowns
the clarified butter
fry up some eggs
don’t take long to cook an egg
flip these over little over easy egg let
them go just a little bit longer
over easy eggs are off
two times
let that side cook can we do some scrambled
eggs first scrambled eggs I’ve done on
here so we’re going to see how they turn out
that sides a little hotter then this side
scrambled eggs are ready this breakfast is
coming together real well
now the last request today was pancakes you still got
my Blackstone pancake dispenser
another one of my Christmas gifts but we go a
little clarified butter on the griddle
see how this works here 1 2 3
let them heating up and you want when
you cook pancakes what you watch for is
the bubbles when you start getting solid
bubbles across you know it’s about time
to flip them over
right here is looking
pretty good I’m gonna see if we can flip
it using my oh yeah look at that
beautiful color on that one
nice wide spatula here is gonna come in
handy flipping these pancakes look at
this man I’ll tell you what I do like
this grill for making pancakes it makes
pretty ones there we go turn this side
off breakfast is ready
family ought to be happy all right we’ll
do a little flyover like Marion always
talks about we got hashbrowns we’ve got
bacon sausage ham pancakes over easy
eggs scrambled eggs there you go all on
this beautiful Blackstone griddle
another one of my gifts Blackstone
cutting board to sit up here one of our
Christmas still is Christmas right just a
couple of days after that’s on there
let’s see if we can make a big platter
of food
I think I would call that a big meat
breakfast we got plenty of meat and that
is a big big breakfast there you go
you got to see it breakfast on the on
the Blackstone griddle my first one I do love ham with my breakfast mmmm
a little pepper on my eggs have a little bit in
the Scrambler ones already it was salt
and peppered there they go that’s that
little salt on my hash browns and my eggs
that’s pretty good-looking breakfast let
me tell you there’s nothing wrong with
that at all take some of these well I
like to do is take my hash browns and
get them in those yellows those yolks of
the eggs
give that a try
I’ll tell you what I do think my
favorite meal of the day is breakfast
my kids make fun of me because I like to
slice my eggs with a knife but hey
that’s the way I’ve always done it that’s
pretty good
nice crispy bacon
spread my butter out a little bit here on my
pancakes with some nice Aunt Jemima syrup
I tell ya what folks this Blackstone will cook up a breakfast and it
would cook up a big breakfast if you had
an army here there was just three of us
here today and I tell you I’m more here
than three of us can eat so now you’ve
seen it
hey this is my meat lovers big breakfast
on the blackstone griddle came out
fantastic I tell you I’ve got this right
before Christmas and of course I got all
these attachments my mother-in-law gave
me up the Zen-t
where she gave me a cutting board the
kids gave and my wife gave me the
breakfast kit and of course I got to
cover for it also so we’ll be able to
cover up this 36 inch stainless steel
Blackstone griddle but it was a
a good Christmas around here you can see
my wife sneaking her hand in there to
the side to get some more syrup for her
pan cakes she did not want to get on
camera daily thank you all for stopping
by I always do appreciate it remember to
give me that thumbs up share this on
your social media tell your friends and
family about us let them know what’s
going on on Texas Style BBQ and
Cuisine and we go see you all down the road
how them boys put food away beats all I’ve ever seen


  1. Chef Johnny who wouldn't love a breakfast like that. You will love that Blackstone grill I can't imagine not having mine. Excellent video keep up the good work my friend

  2. That looked like what my parents would call, “Enough for a threshing crew” Chef Johnny. A big ol breakfast then a nice little nap in the sunshine.
    I can’t to crack open my 36” stainless Blackstone and give it a whirl, watchin u and Marion do a throwdown on the griddles will give me some guidance for sure. Jay

  3. Hey Chef great looking breakfast. We just got done cooking Breakfast on our Blackstone Thank for sharing

  4. Chef Johnny, I always enjoy you videos. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and your’s looks great. Thanks.

  5. Good stuff goin on that griddle! Wish it was warm enough to cook outside in Arkansas! 🙁 Happy New Year ya'll

  6. Awesome breakfast! Good tips for the Blackstone as well. I just got one for Christmas, and seasoned the griddle yesterday copying your video on seasoning it. Thanks for the great videos and tips Chef

  7. Atta boy chef, lotta fun cooking breakfast on the Blackstone, don’t forget percolated coffee and mimosas/bloody Mary’s…

  8. Just watched this video at 5:30PM
    And I’m seriously thinking about going outside and turning the heat on that old Blackstone and making breakfast for dinner. 😎
    Looked absolutely delicious

  9. Great looking breakfast Chef. I love ham with my breakfast also. I need to think a bit more about getting a blackstone even if I only use it for making breakfast like the saying goes ever cooker has its place

  10. I got a Blackstone griddle two years ago. There is nothing better for making breakfast for a bunch of friends when you're camping!

  11. I Love breakfast its is the best meal of the day. Always eat Breakfast like king, lunch like hard worker, and supper like pauper ! Thanks for this Chef Johnny.

  12. Chef Johnny that looks fantastic. I don't have a Blackstone but that's only because I make my own griddles, grills and smokers. Keep up the great work my friend, and yes breakfast is the best.

  13. chef do they have sprouts farmers market near you? it's kinda hipster store, but you HAVE to try their bacon. The stuff they pack there on site. It's hands down the best bacon on earth! plz try it!

  14. The sizzling always makes me hungry 🙂 This is quite a breakfast that is for sure ! Love the capacity to be able to cook all of that at once ! This looks absolutely delicious 🙂

  15. Now that's what I call a Texas size breakfast. I would tear it up. Some country ham to add along. The Blackstone is on my list. It's one thing I don't have in my arsenal.

  16. Nothing wrong with a meat lovers breakfast if you ask me lol. Love me the blackstone. Can’t go wrong.

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