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Hello & Welcome to Milly White Cooks!
In today’s easy dessert recipe I’ll be
showing you how to make my fabulous Blackberry
Bakewell Sponge Puddings. With a jammy fruity
bottom topped with a rich, moist, golden almond
sponge, it’s just the ticket when you’re
looking for a heart-healthy dessert on a diet
or low cholesterol eating plan. This quick,
tasty recipe is from my Low Calorie & Low
Fat Desserts, Cakes & Bakes Cookbook, it makes
4 individual puddings and each one is only
220 Calories, with just 10g of Total Fat and
2.1g of Saturated Fat per portion. You can
find all the links to my cookbook in the detail
box below.
We’ll start by taking a quick look at the
ingredients list. You’ll need: 200g or 2
cups of blackberries, and for convenience,
I’m using frozen berries that I’ve defrosted.
This is 55g or ¼ cup of natural caster or
superfine sugar and 50g of plain flour or
1/3 cup all-purpose flour, or you could also
quite easily use a gluten-free flour blend
instead. Plus ¾ tsp of baking powder and
¼ tsp of baking soda also called bicarbonate
of soda. Here I have 21g or 3 tbsp of ground
almonds and 40g or 1/3 cup of light buttermilk
or sunflower spread. Then for the wet ingredients,
I need 1 tbsp of buttermilk. I’m going to
add a little vanilla extract, but this is
optional, and finally 1 free range egg which
is size medium in the UK or large in the US.
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First of all, preheat the oven to 160C fan,
350F or Gas Mark 4.
Divide the blackberries between 4 heat-proof
ramekins then sprinkle ¾ tsp of sugar over
the top of each dish. Did you know that gram
for gram, blackberries contain 30% more dietary
fibre, 30% less carbohydrate and 100% more
Vitamin C than blueberries? That’s great
news if you’re following a low cholesterol
heart-healthy diet. Now I’m making 4 puddings
using ramekins with a capacity of about 200ml
or 2/3 cup each. However, you could make 6
desserts with slightly smaller ramekins like
these, and if you did this then each pudding
would be only 146 Calories, with just 6g of
Total Fat and 1.4g of Saturated Fat per portion,
which is equivalent to 6 Smartpoints on weightwatchers.
This size would also be the perfect dessert
portion for children too.
Pop the spread and the remaining sugar into
a bowl. Now you can use your stand mixer fitted
with the paddle attachment or just a wooden
spoon but I’m going to use my handheld food
mixer fitted with beaters and I’m going
to beat these together until they are light
and fluffy, like this. Break the egg into
a small ramekin and I’m just going to give
it a little whisk to combine it, then I’ll
add about a third to the mixing bowl and beat
it into fat & sugar mixture. When thoroughly
combined, add another third of the egg and
beat again. Scrape down the sides of the bowl
and add the remaining egg and beat again.
If you add the egg slowly in stages then you’ll
end up with a smooth and creamy mixture just
like this.
Sieve in the flour, baking powder and soda
and whisk these in. Scrape the sides again
and add the buttermilk and the ground almonds.
Finally add ½ tsp of vanilla extract, if
using and make sure the mixture is thoroughly
combined but don’t over beat.
Set the ramekins onto a baking sheet and evenly
spoon the almond sponge mixture over the blackberries.
Use a knife to wiggle the mixture to the edges.
Then pop into the warmed oven and bake for
20-22 minutes until golden and lovely just
like these. There we go, they smell incredible.
I think that there’s nothing so comforting
and indulgent as steaming hot pudding after
a long country walk on a Sunday. The blackberries
have turned gorgeously jammy on the bottom
and they’re topped with this moist almondy
golden sponge. They’re lovely as they come
but you could also serve each one with a tablespoon
of cool, creamy fat-free fromage frais. Yumlicious!
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You can find this recipe in my Quick & Easy
Low Calorie & Low Fat Desserts, Cakes & Bakes
Diet Recipe Cookbook. Available as a paperback
or Kindle book from Amazon, or as an ebook
from iBooks, Nook or Kobo, you’ll find all
the links in the description box below!
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  1. Did you know that gram for gram, blackberries contain 30% more dietary fibre, 30% less carbohydrate and 100% more Vitamin C than blueberries? That’s great news if you’re following a #lowcholesterol #hearthealthy diet!

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