Binging with Babish: Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi) from Ratatouille

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♪Hey baby I hear the blues are callin’,
tossed salads and scrambled eggs.♪
Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Binging with Babish.
I want to thank you all very much for participating in the Reddit AMA last week.
So, this week, I’m going to be recreating the top voted suggestion which was, Ratatouille.
Now, I’ve been told by some very emphatic commenters that this is not real ratatouille.
This is something called Confit Byaldi, which is sort of like a modern spin on ratatouille.
So we’re going to start off by blanching some tomatoes for about 30 seconds before dropping in an ice bath.
And then we’re going to peel them before roasting some peppers: yellow, orange, and red.
Or just red, who cares.
Char on all sides over an open flame until blackened.
Make sure to use metal tongs, not plastic ones like me.
I’m being stupid right now.
Cover the hot steaming pepper with some aluminum foil.
Let them steam in their own steaminess for a few minutes.
This will help soften the peppers and make them a little bit easier to peel, which we’re going to do right now.
Peel off all of the black stuff and you’re left with these beautiful roasted tri-colored peppers.
Which we’re going to combine in a high powered blender with 3 Roma tomatoes,
a few sprigs of parsley, 2 whole garlic cloves, a few sprigs of picked thyme leaves, a quarter of a white onion,
and a little bit of vegetable’s stock that we’re going to pour in as the blender is running.
A little bit of olive oil before I forget.
Now I don’t wanna discolor the mixture too much so I’m also going to use a bit of hot water
before pressing the vegetables down into the blender and creating sort of like a roasted red pepper soup.
The cool thing about high powered blenders is that it actually cooks the mixture if you let it run at high speed long enough.
Now it’s time to create those famous shingles of sliced vegetables.
We need to use a very very sharp knife on the tomatoes to create thin little slices,
and then use a mandolin to make life a little easier with one yellow and one green squash.
And then my mandolin kinda sucks so I’m going to slice my eggplant by hand.
Chop a little bit of fresh rosemary to sprinkle over top,
before spreading a thin even layer of our roasted red pepper sauce on the bottom of a rectangular or oval roaster.
Now we’re going to start shingling vegetables, alternating in a pattern across the bottom of the dish.
Now this is my first crack and I cut the vegetables a little bit too thick and stacked a little bit too far apart.
We’ll revisit that later, for now, drizzle a little bit if olive oil across the top of the vegetables, season with salt, freshly ground pepper, and our finely chopped fresh rosemary,
before topping with a sheet of parchment paper that we cut to the shape of our baking dish,
and placing in a 225 degree oven for about 90 minutes until it comes out looking like this.
Now this tasted really good, but for that Pixar-style plating we need thinner vegetables stacked closer together, cooked for less time, like so.
Into a ring mold we are going to stack some vegetables vertically then horizontally, like so.
Lift off a little bit slower than necessary for a dramatic effect,
swirl some olive oil and leftover red pepper sauce around the outside,
along with some fresh picked parsley leaves,
and let’s see if this is good enough to save a restaurant from an evil reviewer.
Ok guys, first things first.
Just bring one fried egg to the party.
Steaming hot!
I need to go to the bathroom.
Whoa, whoa, ok, what was in that ratatouille?
Just vegetables, I think. Ok.
Whoops and I forgot Rémy’s single chive garnish over top, my bad.
Hang on, let’s see if I can remember what happened to my hamster when I was 5…


  1. I always thought ratatouille was a vegetarian dish wtf is wrong with everyone, I watched the film,never thought it was pepperoni, phillistines!

  2. 1:38 to 1:39 the audio changes and it feels like when you take a swim and have water stuck in your Ears.
    then you get it out and you feel aliivvee

  3. The only person who doesn't take 5 million years talking about how and why they like it and there sad back story he just cuts to the chase and tells u what to do

  4. just found out about this channel cause of weird youtube algorythms I guess… Anyways, Watched 3 or 4 vids of you in a row and now I subscribed ^_^

  5. If any of y'all think you are stupid for thinking it is pepperoni read my story and feel better about yourself.

    I was a dumb kid. I thought it was pickles with ketchup and mustard.

  6. This actually inspired me to make ratatouille last weekend. I followed the recipe as instructed but I felt like the puree turned out a little thin. Simmered it down for a couple hours with a couple ounces of tomato paste and I thought it was much better. Probably not accurate to the dish but I recommend trying it. All in all though, well done babish. 👍

  7. I've made this for my grandmother about a month ago, and she loved it! With my work schedule, I only get one night a week to be able to have dinner with her. So being a chef, even if not professionally anymore, I cook dinner for her from scratch to make that night special. I'm always looking for new dishes to try out every week to give my grandmother a variety of choice, improve where my skills are strongest, and most importantly challenge myself to actually try to do things that are way outside of my culinary comfort zone {swinging-by-the-belt-loops cooking, experimenting, etc}! (I'm admittedly that one cook who's always going by the recipe in front of me, from the ingredients' exact measurements down to the last period. The idea of tweaking recipes here and there always bugged me. Unfortunately, that black-and-white way of doing things stunted my professional growth as a result. Never too late to change things, right?} @Binging with Babish, you're one of my go-to sources for new recipes and dinner ideas!

    I recently made the ratatouille again. Since I don't have a mandolin slicer that worked properly and I can't manually slice anything equally thin to save my life, I had to improvise. I changed the recipe just a teensy weensy bit, replacing the original 1/8" slices with a medium or large dice (size can vary by preference). The end result was a rustic-looking ratatouille with the same great taste.

  8. Why's everyone surprised it ain't pepperoni. Maybe it's just a american thing because i always knew it was tomato.

  9. Ratatoullie is a traditional peasant dish. In what world would a peasant be able to afford meat? Let alone thinly sliced pepperoni???

  10. The ONLY thing that would make this better is using a 90s camcorder to make your nephew's part feel authentic 🙂

  11. Hey Man just noticed today that I watch all your vids but was never subscribed I know it’s not much but one at a time one at a time

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