Best Street Food – Vietnamese Pizza [No-Oven]

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OMG, I miss you guys so much, it’s been a year 🙂 In the first video of the new year, I’ll make a Vietnamese dish so I may make more Vietnamese dishes in the future (Vietnamese people believe that what you do in new year days will affect the whole year). I don’t know if anyone misses me, if you do, please let me know in the comment! After showing you guys how to make this I will tell a story about my cat 🙂 If you don’t wanna make fried shallots, you can buy them pre-made. Definitely don’t skip this magical stuff! Thinly slice shallots and fry until they are golden brown. Make sure you don’t use too much oil and too high temperature or the shallots will fly into your lovely face 🙂 That is true, I suffered it so I know. My new and modern Japanese gas stove has been ruined, I’m so freakin saddddd. Set the stove at medium heat until the shallots start to turn yellow and then reduce the heat to low because they are really easy to be burned at this stage Take the shallots out before it is good to eat because it will continue to cook after being taken out, put them on a tissue… because oil is too rich, and you’ll get fat from eating it – everyone knows this. But I like chubby people (I mean person). Strange taste. Then, chop some green onions (the white part’s taste is too strong for me so don’t use it). Do my knife skills look professional? On the whole, I don’t really know about kitchen techniques so DON’T judge me :)) The next step is to make the pizza, use a pan (non-stick pans work better, I believe) and set the heat to medium low. Take a rice paper and put it into the pan. If you live in Vietnam, use the thick kind of rice paper. add about 2 Tbsp of green onion and a half Tbsp of Vietnamese chilli satay paste (you can make this yourself. If you’re too lazy, use chilli sauce) See the figurine I was gifted? Nice, heh? It’s one of a kind:)) Then, crack an egg on top of the rice paper, then use a spoon and stir a little to blend the ingredients Keep using the spoon to evenly spread the mix on the surface of the rice paper. Don’t let it stuck in one place pipol! Just take it slow, the egg will cook quickly so don’t worry. If it’s too hard just call me over for help hehe. Vietnamese pizza is delicious but with my help, it might taste out of this world After you’re done spreading, the egg mixture is set and slightly cooked and no longer runny, put in a slice of the Laughing cow cheese. Vietnamese pizza can’t taste good without this kind of cheese Like seriously. The pizza is hot so the cheese melts easily, just gently spread the cheese and you’re good Remember to keep a medium-low heat throughout the process. If the heat’s too low, the pizza will get too soft and limp. If it’s too high, the pizza will get burned. Oh my, just the sizzling sound are enough to make me so damn hungry You can either slice the sausage or julienne it. It’s fine to do without sausage but if you do, I think around one-third of a sausage is enough Spread evenly as you did other ingredients Then scatter some dried baby shrimps. You can use other dried kinds of stuff to your liking such as dried chicken, dried beef, dried squid…But honestly, don’t put in too much or else it’ll get too much. Vietnamese pizza tastes best when thin enough Crispy fried shallots is heavenly so don’t forget it okkk Finally, the two signature sauces: Mayonnaise and Vietnamese chilli sauce. For a perfect dish. Vietnamese pizza must be among the most delicious Vietnamese street food, right? But it’s no match for how delicious I am hihihihihi Now put the stove on medium heat for a few minutes to get a crispy bottom. If the outer edge is still soft, move the pan so that the heat goes to the edge to make it cooked evenly okk Roll it or cut it. I’ll just gnaw it off Normally the heat concentrates in the middle so be careful not to let it burn too much. Mine is okay. Everything can pass if it’s delicious. Oooh look at it sizzling like crazy. Yummy as fffff, I’m still drooling while making the subtitles Crispy and hot yalll…If you can’t go to Da Lat or go out because of the virus, try making this real quick people Can ya hear that, grizzly crunchy on the outside. The inside is oh so rich, all the flavours reaching the deepest of your taste buds. Feel so highhhh I must say Seriously if you fail with this guide, my body is yours to take. Promise. Almost forgot, the other day the Cat left again so I used his favourite laser light to chase after him. Literally danced around the house until he saw the light and popped out of the neighbour’s garden and then ran home Nothing is happier than eating Vietnamese pizza in this cold weather My Facebook is Nguyễn Duy Hoàng Nino Hoàng, don’t forget to subscribe for notification on lastest videos. Please share my video. Thanks a lottt. Bye byeeee


  1. Thề chứ muốn có ông chồng như này vl~ Ngày nào cũng có đồ ngon ăn:3 À mà lấy ổng về luôn càng tốt:>>

  2. Ông này mà mở lớp dạy nấu ăn chắc đông phải biết! Gọi là ông không phải chê già vì có biết mặt mũi vuông tròn ra sao đâu!

  3. At first it means Nino is Vietnamese. Good at Vietnamese than me. Without knowing anyone like me? This baked rice paper, I once skipped class with my friends to eat!

  4. I just tried make this! Is really good. Sometime I thought you is Vietnamese cause you make a lot of dish from Vietnam. So…are u Vietnamese???

  5. Em ở Đà Lạt nek, những lúc đi học trên trường về là đi học thêm, mẹ cứ mua bánh tráng nướng ăn mãi mà chẳng ngán.
    Nhưng mà nguyên liệu nó ít lắm, ko đầy đủ như thế này.

  6. Ủa sao anh là ng Việt Nam mà làm video ko nói luôn đi. Sub làm gì cho mệt mà người đọc cũng mỏi mắt theo nữa. Cơ mà anh nói ch duyên quá trời nên em vẫn thích theo dõi anh 😍😍

  7. You need to make a separate video of your kitty, pretty please because I am obsessed with your cute cat. In fact we all are ☺☺

  8. Mình hỏi chút nhé làm vừa tôn công vừa tôn đồ thiệt ra mình thấy bo 7k mua cho mau à có chỗ thì 10k vừa ăn vừa cảm nhận mình giàu hơn tụi tự kỷ vào bếp làm rồi ăn một mình như ad

  9. ดูแล้วน่ากินมากๆ!!! ลองเอาไปทำตาม อร่อยยยยยยยมาก แอบใส่ปูอัดเพิ่มคือฟินจริงๆ 👍👍👍

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