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Hey guys
I’m Nichola
I’m Hugh
and today we are going to eat some Korean Chinese food
now every country has their own version of Chinese food right?
so this is the Korean style
So in Australia when you go to a Chinese restaurant there are a lot of different things
a lot of different dishes
but in Korea people tend to get the same ones
jajangmyeon, jjampong and tangsuyuk
Okay so we are going to show you these
we are going to go to a restaurant that is actually run by Chinese people
which is rare in Korea
because in Korea usually it’s just Koreans doing it
but this one has more of a Chinese influence
and it’s really good
Have you eaten anything today?
neither have I, it’s like 3pm in the afternoon
so hungry
I think I will eat everything
let’s order everything
The place we are going to is in Mangwon
which is near where we live
and often there is a line up, so let’s see
one jajangmeyon and
(Hippo) jjampong and
tansuyuk please
What is this?
This is
Zha cai
but it’s not in Korea, but it’s in China
it’s tasty
is this like kimchi?
so they said this is zha cai
I don’t know what it is
but it’s kinda a radish
so this is actually from China
yeah it’s from China
This is tangsuyuk
and this is sweet and sour pork
Okay this is jajangmyeon
and this is black bean sauce with noodles
okay this is jjambong
and it’s spicy seafood noodle
and this one is called Hama jjambong
Hama is hippo
Hippo jjambong, it’s big
because it’s big
so it’s like soup for hippos?
and then we ask her why you name like hippo
and then she said “because it’s funny”
funny name
Okay we’ve got all our food and we are gonna eat
What I really like about the food here is that it is lighter tasting
than a lot of other Korean Chinese food
but can be heavy and is more of a junkfood take away (take out) thing
this actually tastes a lot healthier and has a really nice taste
How are you going?
can you finish it?
of course
of course of course
So this place they start cooking after
someone ordered
so they said please understand if it takes time
because they are making it fresh and nice for you
because other places might just have it ready there and dish it out
and this guy was on TV
and he was really good at making tangsuyuk
so they do other menus as well
so this is today’s menu
they have tangsuyuk, different types of tangsuyuk
and fried rice and other stuff
the name of this place is Dong Il Ru
in Mangwon area
the Mangwon area
so it’s just a little place, they just got a few tables
but I definitely recommend you check it out
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and we will see you later. bye
bye bye

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