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– Surprise, yeah Instant
Pot Eric, Instant Pot that should be like a
phrase, searchable phrase. You know I like this machine. And then, it’s Fall, well it’s
almost Christmas actually. I worked in the garage today. But, I did go to the
grocery store, the butcher at the store and I got some
really nice short ribs. And, I wanted to take these
and make ’em taste amazing because it’s really easy
to make these taste amazing with this amazing thing. So, my friends are coming
over, I’m gonna start the fire. They Labradors are asleep on their couch. It’s kind of quiet right now. The coolest thing about
this, well besides the fact I’m having dinner with
my friends and my wife is this thing does it all right quick. So, my challenge is to make it all happen the way it’s supposed to. Ready to go? Let’s go. Make, fix, grow, cook, GardenFork. All right, hit the
saute button real quick. (beeps) And then, it makes a
happy sound. Happy sound? (beeps) There you go.
(beeps) So, I got six of these that are humanely grass fed beef ones. And, I think that’s important. Yesterday, last night
I salted these and then I wrapped them up in
the butcher paper again and put ’em in the fridge. Now, we’re gonna heat up the
Instant Pot with some oil, drop these in and brown ’em, and then do the rest of it, okay? I have a pretty tiny
kitchen, so I usually put my Instant Pot on the stove here. Make sure that no one has
run that burner recently so it’s not gonna melt the
bottom of the Instant Pot. A little important, what do you call that? Fact? Safety tip, there we go. All right, heat this up,
drop some oil in, brown it. Drop some oil in, you
want enough oil to cover the bottom of that thing. You know, you read these
recipes that say like two teaspoons of oil on
the bottom of you pot and I’m like, “I think you need enough oil “to cover the bottom
of your pot ’cause pots “they have different
diameters, and you want enough “in there that your
meat’s not gonna stick.” So, enough oil to cover it
by like an eight of an inch. So, this is my method of browning. I drop these in, but they
aways wanna stick right away. So, just like that, they just stuck. So, I put these in and
I kind of move it around so I get some oil underneath it. And then, I put it in
there and I let them brown. (oil spatters) This might be a little bit of a tight fit, ’cause you don’t want
to crowd these too much. So, I just gotta move it back and forth, get some oil under it. So, you can see where
they say only put a couple just a little bit of oil in
just doesn’t cut it for me. What about you guys? Let me know in the
comments below, all right? But, you wanna brown each
side and I did the salting, you can also do salt
and pepper beforehand. There’s a bunch of ways to
make short ribs really amazing. This is a simple way and I like simple. Sometimes these get stuck
a little bit, but that is browned so I’m gonna turn that over. (oil splatters) I got some vegetable oil on the lens. All right, these are browned. (oil splatters) I don’t wanna put the camera too close ’cause I’ll have to clean it again. Nice, little stuck. All right, second batch. (oil splatters) If you’re concerned about
the amount of oil in here don’t be because at the
end you’ll see we’re gonna skim off a bunch of this oil. I got one of those, you
know those gravy things you pour it in, the fat separator is what it’s called, I have one. So that, is flavor, fat
means flavor and salt, too. I’m excited, it’s Saturday
night, glass of wine. Hello, can I help you? (mellow music) All right a little fogging of
the lens, sorry about that. This is two, I don’t know, medium kind of on the small side
onions just chopped up. Don’t these look great? I’m excited. This is where I keep my
garlic in the side porch. I grew this all last year. We have some videos
about how to grow garlic, actually a lot of videos. And, this dish calls for a lot of garlic, which is what I like. So, just chop this up. I think you should salt as you cook, not too much but you’ll
get the hang of it. (cork pops) I use the vegetable broth concentrate, so there’ll be one teaspoon of that or a half a cup of vegetable broth. Tablespoon of soy sauce,
I’m basing this on Amy and Jacky, their short ribs recipe. go look it up, very nice people. I do not have brown
sugar, why I don’t know. So, this is our broth we’re gonna pour in as per the instructions. Forgot a key ingredient, the carrots. So, let’s chop these
up and cook them, okay? What do we do with carrot tops? Sit down. (thuds) (metal rings) All right, I’m not gonna
cook these a whole lot because I just wanna
get going on this thing. Look pretty though, right? (sizzles) If feels like there’s
something wrong with the lens or maybe, oh maybe it’s my glasses, okay. One of the GardenFork
mottoes is if all else fails read directions. I’m famous for skipping
parts of the recipe. So, ideally you would put
the red wine in first, cook off a little bit
of the alcohol and then the rest of the broth ingredients. But, it is what it is, you know? (thuds) A couple bay leaves, (beeps)
turn that off. Put back in our short ribs. (sizzles) There isn’t a lot of liquid
left here, but you can put that back in, too. (lid clatters) Make sure that’s set to sealing. Manual, and then I’m gonna go for 45 minutes. (beeps) And then, it’ll make a happy noise. Happy noise.
(beeps) there we go.
(beeps) Third time’s the charm, ready? There we go. (mellow music) So, I moved it away from
the stove ’cause I have to cook, but after it does
its pressure cooking hit the off button let it do
a slow release for 15 minutes and then I’m doing quick
release here just to get the rest of the steam off. We’re gonna take the ribs
out, cook down the sauce and we’re good to go. All right, steam is released. (beeps) Happy sound, and then
you can put this thing right there on the side.
– Oh yeah. – [Eric] It stays like that. – [Woman] Conveniently located. – [Eric] So now we’re gonna take, oh wow the meat looks great. We’re gonna take all this out
and then cook down the sauce. All right, fat separator, pour the sauce back in. So, I put this back on saute. I brought this back up to a
simmer, cornstarch and water a little bit at a time. Steam up the camera ’cause
we’re famous for that here at GardenFork. Stir this in. That looks good, that looks good. (beeps) Turn that off, but these back in. All right, I’m gonna take a piece of this, it’s really fall off the bone. If I could get a piece. – [Woman] It’s steamy. (mellow music) – The house’ll smell great all night. And, the sauce thickened up. I’m always amazed when
cornstarch works, aren’t you? – [Woman] Yes. (mellow music) Is it what you expected? – Mm-hmm.
– Is it better? – It tastes like restaurant short ribs. (laughs) There’s some other
Instant Pot recipes here. And, GardenFork isn’t just
food, it’s very eclectic. It’s me making stuff, so go check it out. That was really good.


  1. Story, Picture of Red Truck in window? Insta Pot on top shelf of cabinet, been there for some years, may get it down now, That looked so good I could almost taste it way down here at the end of the road in Texas.

  2. One pot dishes are the best! especially when you hate washing up 😛

    About your sticking issue. You wanna let them sit and then they should let go when they formed a good caramelization 🙂
    At least thats what i usually do when i use non-nonstick pans for steaks n stuff 😛

  3. I cook with my instant pot regularly and I will tell you, I rarely do my sauteeing in it bec it takes so long. I do the saute portion in a frying pan and after it's done browning, I will transfer it into the instant pot to cook. Afterward, I deglaze the pan with some stock, wine or water and add in whatever bits are stuck to your frying pan. I find it faster and better bec my frying pan is bigger than the base of my 8qt instant pot. Drives me nuts to have to brown in batches in the instant pot.

  4. Good timing. I just came in from shredding cardboard for garden mulch while listing to your chemicals podcast. Thank you, Eric, for bringing some rationality to the never ending drumbeat of fear mongering that runs amok online. And as for the oil, don't worry about it; there's a lot more fat that renders from those ribs.

  5. That T Wilson guy is such a nuisance. Sorry you have to deal with negative people like that. I enjoyed seeing the meal come together and it gave me inspiration to make short ribs myself. Hmmm…. Short ribs…. 😊

  6. Looks good! I’ve never made short ribs, going to have to give that a try. I agree with you on the amount of oil, but it seems like whenever I watch a video, they always say 2 TBS. but what they actually put in looks like a considerable amount more. As far as the sticking, the meat will usually release once it has browned, though I have had times where it didn’t but sometimes I think that I am too impatient. Thanks for another great video and recipe! Merry Christmas to you all.

  7. Eric, Love, love, love your videos! Would love for you to do one on which Instant Pot to purchase. Soooo many variables but before I buy I want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks!!!!

  8. Seasons Greetings from northeastern, MA! I generally use a Crock Pot to cook a lot of meals, but I am quickly liking the "Instant Pot" (especially for meats). Thanks for the upload!

  9. I'm used to cook middle-eastern dishes in the cauldron where you fry beef. The meat will stick for some time, but do not touch it. It will unstick ones it reaches a light crust. Some people try to get it unstuck and mess up, making things worse.

  10. Or put a metal cookie sheet under it. I'd brown in bacon fat, in a non stick pan if doing those large pieces.
    Do you have any videos on dog items? I guess we are keeping Sam, the Plott Hound, 1.5 yr altered male. No one wants him…

  11. I think I will try this with country style ribs, which go on sale frequently here. Similar size hunks of meat, so should work just as well. Side note: I think it's okay if the meat sticks initially, as it's part of the searing and the little stuck bits will be deglazed anyway. 🙂
    Hope you are having a fun holiday season! Thanks for the fun videos!

  12. If you put meat in a hot pan and then try to move it immediately, it will stick. It comes loose easier after the meat gets a crust.

  13. Regarding amount of oil, I totally agree with you, Eric. It’s been my experience too that you always need more oil for browning than prescribed in the recipe. I also like your idea of the fat separator for reintroducing liquid back into the pot. Thanks.

  14. Regarding the oil, salt,etc.etc. I think the recipe authors just don’t want to deal with the people from the food police. The way you make it looks great to me.

  15. I always let my instant pot read hot before adding oil. I put fat side down meat first and don’t touch 2-3 min before turning.

  16. Get a piece of wood to put on your burners so you can be sure when you put your instant pot on it or anything thing else for that matter things will be safe. I have a small kitchen too 🙂

  17. first time doing short ribs in the IP, I was skeptical because I have a tried and true oven method, but wanted try. they came out awesome!! I used my own recipe, but this one-pot method and loved the way they turned out!! Thank you!!

  18. i just got my instant pot yesterday and i was thinking the same thing about the oil.
    i baked a chocolate cake it it today.

  19. Thanks for inviting me into your home!

    I learned two new tips to daily use of using an IP: There's a fat separator and also the lid fits into the pot.

    Definitely like the notion of getting out fat and then cooking sauce down.

  20. Eric you have to have faith the meat will self release when it is supposed to. This will also render out some fat and you won't need quite so much oil! You just have to have e faith. I would throw a splash of balsamic vinegar in with those ribs too!

  21. I actually loved your humor in making this awesome meal! We need more comfort recipe videos “great job” I’m gonna try this!

  22. 10:10 If that restaurant is McDonalds and the entree is a McRib. Fyi, the reason your dog can't catch is because of the garlic left on the floor which acts as a hallucinogenic in canines and mammoths.

  23. Suggestion, Brown the ribs in a large frying pan instead of wresling with that tiny pressure pot, after browning in frying pan,then put in pressure pit… 👍✌️

  24. Why would you put your instant pot on a burner? No need to risk that. It needs a level surface that can’t possibly melt it.

  25. Don't forget your Kings Hawaiian sweet rolls with a quarter inch of butter on them to sop up all that gravy on your plate. Fantastic video, now I'm starved..

  26. TIP: Meat will stick in a hot pot if you move it immediately. The meat will AUTOMATICALLY release when it’s ready to turn.

  27. I'm making it right now. The weather is hot today in SF (89 F / 32 C) and I still want hot short ribs. Following you following Amy + Jacky's IP short ribs recipe is a breeze—which is what I am praying for right now.

  28. I feel like medium on the smaller side let me know exactly what sized onions to get. Good discription!

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