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– Before I dive into today’s video, I just have to say wow. We just hit 100,000
subscribers on this channel which has completely blown me away. And I’ll have a lot more
to say about that in next week’s video which
will be a 100,000 subscriber celebration video, and FAQ
video and a Vitamix giveaway. So stay tuned for that. But let’s chat about today’s recipe. Today we are whipping up my favorite dip of all time and that’s guacamole. Many people have said
that my guacamole recipe is the best guacamole
that they’ve ever had and who am I to disagree? So I’m happy to share that
recipe with you today. Now if you follow me on Instagram stories you’ve seen a little bit
of the behind the scenes and what I’ve called hashtag guacwatch which was a little
experiment on how to keep leftover guacamole and avocados green and prevent them from turning brown. And I am happy to share
those kitchen hacks and tips with you today as well. So let’s dive in. All right, so my first tip is
when you’re buying avocados make sure that the stem is still attached because if someone else has
already picked off the stem in the store, it’s more
likely that that avocado will have brown spots on the inside. So we’ll start with three avocados and use a large knife
to slice them in half and remove the pit. Then use a large spoon to scoop
out the flesh into a bowl. [Upbeat Guitar Music] Next we’ll add the juice of one fresh lime and then a fork to mash it all
together with the avocados. And I actually use a serving fork as it’s a bit bigger and easier to mash with. Now we’ll add a few other
ingredients to our mashed avocados and that includes half of a
small onion that we’ll dice up, along with two Roma tomatoes
and a jalapeno pepper. When it comes to the Roma tomatoes, you wanna remove the seeds
so that your guacamole doesn’t become watery and as you’ll see I just use my finger to
scrape out the seeds. [Upbeat Guitar Music] Lastly we’ll mince up two
garlic cloves and add those along with three to four
tablespoons of chopped cilantro and a half a teaspoon of salt. Then all that’s left to
do is stir it all together and of course take a test bite or two. [Upbeat Guitar Music] But I also promised to show
you my favorite avocado hack which prevents them from going
brown and it’s so simple. Just add a little bit of cold water to a storage container or plate
and place the avocado cut side down before
placing it in the fridge. 24 hours later your avocado
will still be vibrant green. Now here’s the cool part. This concept can also
be used for guacamole. So if you have leftover guacamole, which I know is unlikely
to happen but just in case, you can place that in a storage container and then pat it down with
a spoon so that you’ve got a nice solid seal on top. Then add enough cold water so that it completely covers the top
and place it in the fridge. When you’re ready to eat it the next day just pour the water off and give it a stir for perfectly green guacamole. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button below. We’ll see you again in the next video.


  1. Hi guys! Thanks so much for all of your support, love and kindness in helping to grow this channel. I appreciate it beyond words and can't wait for the giveaway next week. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this guacamole and Cinco de Mayo! xo – Lisa

  2. Love this recipe and th hack 🙌🙌 one question for you, how long can the guac stay good for when it is stored like that?

  3. The most original/authentic recipe I've seen on YouTube. Good job. I've seen other videos where people add other stuff that doesn't belong there.

  4. i usually never comment on videos but HELLO BLOWN AWAY BY THAT TIP – that's amazing!!! I could've saved so many avocados

  5. Lemon juice can help not turn to brown. And water is not advisable to put into it because it might get some bacteria contamination.

  6. That is incredible. I cant wait to try this water hack. Never heard of that before. Thanks for the recipe as well.

  7. Honestly it is the same recipe I have used for over 10 years except I like heat so I use more jalapenos and sometimes habaneros and I use the pulp. Nice water hack though. I need to remember that. Thank you!!

  8. Great guacamole ! Thank You 😁 But… Pretty Sure… It's easier and less messy, to use plastic wrap to keep the goods green… Just make sure it contacts the entire surface, so no air can reach the avocado…

  9. Gringo scooping out the seeds😂🤦🏼‍♂️ stop making us white people look so white. NEVER SCOOP OUT THE SEEDS

  10. I never tried this with Guacamole, but with Avocado just put it in a plastic container with a piece of onion. Stays perfect in the fridge until the next day. Maybe longer.

  11. I followed this recipe and made guacamole 2 days ago and it is SO GOOD
    Thank you for the tips on keeping it fresh too !

  12. 4/5 stars. The guac making I have to say was average, maybe slightly above average; however the tips and tricks that were strewn throughout the video are amazing. Great work, hope to see some more videos out of your little creative mind. Sincerely, The Guac Team.

  13. I also make good guacamole, same as yours with couple of shakes of cumin some green chilies chopped. Thanks for the cold water on the left overs, I will use that, if there is any leftover. I have placed the rest of the guacamole in some sarran wrap, make sure all of the air is squeeze out, that works pretty good too. Thanks for all the tips!!

  14. Love, Love watching your videos and congratulation! Just a question, what is your favorite salt to use and where to purchase that nice wood salt container.

  15. paused the video,
    went to the market bought the ingredients,
    made it, now unpused the video
    resume video with guac and chips

  16. im new at making guacamole from scratch .i made a batch last thursday and took it to my mosaic ladies that i teach on friday.They loved it and said it was the best they have ever tasted

  17. recipe sounds nice…
    HOLY….. talk about "link happy" in the SHOW MORE list.
    2:31 finger tips on left hand…… yowza!!!

  18. New to keto (I have NAFLD) and yours was the first avocado recipe I found and seems perfect and simple. A very smooth blend of recipe and technique and adaptable to my situation. Thank you for being so concise and providing ALL the needed information.

  19. Très bonne idée l'utilisation de la grande cuillère pour vider l'avocat. Excellent le coup de couteau pour enlever le noyau. Et excellent l'utilisation d'une GRANDE fourchette pour broyer l'avocat.
    Thank you very much ❤

  20. looks delicious!! I added hot chilli powder the last time I made it which worked well. I didn't de-seed my tomatoes though and I did it in the blender making it very smooth, I will do it your way next time, looks much better.

  21. I made 3 kg guacamole today for dinner … i thought well i might be saving it tomorrow… but walla thanks to you we licked all the way !!! I didn’t add cumin!

  22. Made the guacamole exactly following all the instructions – it is the best ever! I will never buy guacamole again!!

  23. Sooo happy for you that you have that many subscribers! Wow the water tip is great! I am going to try this recipe now. I know it will be delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  24. I made this today and omg it was so delicious! I used red onion, opted out of the cilantro and didn't have any peppers. This was the best like you said.

  25. Hot damn your avacados are insanely fresh. I mean i get them as fresh as i can but your supermarket must JUST be plucking them to get them THAT green and vibrant! Love it!

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