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Hey y’all! Here in the south, we say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day
so today I am going to show you how to put the best spin on the regular breakfast that you are probably making at home already
It’s going to taste extraordinary and will look very beautiful and yet very beautiful
lets do it!
Looking at these ingredients you are probably thinking, well I know what he’s going to do
but we are going to put a super cool twist to it
the ingredients we are going to need today: 2 slices of bread
as well as two, pook pouk poka eggs
two slices of cheese and some ham
I am going to use brown sugar ham
we are going to start by taking the bread and cutting a whole in it
of the size of the cheese slice approximately
it doesn’t have to be precise
just a square like that, maybe even rectangular
there we go, same with the other bread
and we are about to take this creation to the cook top
I am going to set the cook top to medium, medium-high
and drizzle some olive or grape oil on it, you can use the canola oil if you prefer
when the pan is nice and warm, we are going to throw the breads on top of it
with the even side in the middle
I am going to put couple more drizzles of grape oil on it
and I will crack my eggs in it
your wife is going to be super impressed with that
You can put a little bit of salt or paper in the egg if you’d like
and than you throw the ham on top of it
just like that to make sure it fits in nicely
you want to make sure the ham fits into the square in the bread
and we put the cheese on top of it
you want to make sure it comes off and it does
we will grab our other parts of bread and put it on top of it
squish it in just a notch
the smell form the ham, the egg and the cheese is beautiful
umm, we are about to flip it ove
umm, nice and golden!
you want to make sure the other side is nice and golden as well
so you put a little more olive oil
and give it a spin
making sure the middle part is getting golden on the oil as well
it’s time to take it out
this omelet or a sandwich, whatever it’s called
is super delicious, it’s beautiful
Your wife is going to be impressed
you can decorate it with some greens: onions, parsley, whatever..
and than just grab it like that and take a bite
but if you are a real mucho!
take one on top of the other
and then you take a bite
unless you are married, than you have to share with your wife
then what you do, you grab a couple of toothpicks
pink for her, blue for me
of course the better part goes for her
and then you cut it right in the middle
you start from the middle and go to the corners
this way it’s going to stay nice and fit
look at that!!
it’s beautiful
the egg yolk is nice and runny, the cheese is nice and melty
and that ham, the brown sugar ham
it’s just mhha!!
than, you take the sandwich, give the best part to your wife
and eat the rest
this is so, SO, GOOD!
I hope you guys enjoyed it. I encourage you to do it for your loved ones
and we’ll see you next time
Bloopers for Best Breakfast sandwich
it’s going to tast extraa
it’s gonna taste extoorrnary
gonna taste exx
It’s going to taste Extra Ordinary
I am waiting for you
Your wife is going to be super impressed with that
– with what, Dim?
I would do so much better, oh my goodness
-mucho! real mucho!
Speaks Russian: Come on, come on, come on
– You like it? – Yes!

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