Best Breakfast– Diwali Special- How to make ” Poha Chivda ” 1.2 Million+ Views

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welcome to ghar ka khana 2 cup thin poha, 1/2 cup peanuts,dry coconut thin and long cut cashews, raisin musterd seeds,turmaric powder, salt white split chickpeas, 3 green chilli fine chopped,curry leaves,oil take a kadai add poha, roast poha for 2 to 3 mins 3 mins are complited now remove poha from kadai add 1/4 cup oil in a kadai allow to heat oil is hot add 1tsp musterd seeds now add peanuts, add white split chickpeas mix well and fry for few second add cut coconut, fry for few second add ceshws fry in medium flame stir countinue add curry leaves green chilli Raisin 1tsp turmaric powder 1tsp salt or salt to taste mix well add roasted poha mix with soft hand other wise poha will break mixed well our poha chivda is ready

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