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All the ingredients used to make besan cutlet recipe are easily available in every kitchen. And these very tasty and soft These are all the required ingredients for besan cutlet recipe Add 1 cup besan in a mixing bowl We have filtered gram flour 2 to 3 times to avoid and lumps formation Add 3 spoons rice flour Chafe and add 1/2 spoon celery seeds 1 spoon or as per taste salt 1/2 spoon garam masala 1/2 spoon turmeric powder 1/4 spoon red chili powder 1 chopped onion 8 to 10 chopped mint leaves Add 1/4 spoon of backing soda and mix well Adding onion brings a little crunch in besan cutlet If you like you can add capsicum or any other vegetable in this recipe We will add water in small portions at a time We will not add all water at once to avoid lumps formation Add water to make thin viscosity, cover and put away for a while So gram flour could absorb as much water as it could We cover and put away for 10 minutes and meanwhile we will prepare tadka Add 1 spoon cooking oil in a hot pan for tadka Add 1/2 spoon cumin seeds when oil heats up When cumin seeds appears to get a little red in color add 1/2 spoon or 4 to 5 cloves of garlic paste Add 1 chopped green chili Add 12 to 15 curry leaves and roast well Add and mix gram flour mixture we prepared earlier Gram flour has absorbed most of water, so we will add about 2 cups more water to it We will roast it now, for roasting keep the spoon moving all time We will roast gram flour at medium flame setting Don’t worry too much about quantity of water to be used, we are using water just to roast gram flour Gram flour is well roasted We made a thick paste of it And we can smell of beautiful roasted gram flour now Turn off the flame and let it cool off Grate 2 boiled potatoes in a mixing bowl You can mash them if you like to Add cooled off gram flour mixture to it Add some chopped onion and mix everything well together Grease a tray or any kind of plate you have We are greasing with clarified butter, you can use any cooking oil you have Add prepared gram flour mixture, spread evenly We have flattened this in half inch thickness, which will make besan cutlets of half inch thickness too Cut them in shape of cutlets We need to refrigerate this For which we are wrapping this with a cling wrap You can use any plstic bag if you don’t have cling wrap Cover it well and put away in fridge for about an hour It has settled good after putting away in fridge Remove its plastic Cut out besan cutlet pieces Now we will fry them Add refined oil in pan for frying Add and fry besan cutlet pieces when oil heats up Flip and fry from both sides until it appears to be golden reddish in color. After frying for about 4 to 5 minutes when they appear to be golden brown in color, they are ready Take out on absorbing paper so that all the extra oil could be absorbed We will fry the remaining besan cutlets same way Serve these besan cutlets with tomato ketchup These besan cutlets are very soft and delicious, you should definitely try this new recipe If you liked today’s video then please press like button below And do subscribe to my channel And do press the bell icon on the right so you don’t miss any of my new video Thank you


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  2. Aap aur ytbrs ki tarha apni banayi hui recipe ko healthy.healthy bol kar time waist nhi karte ho.kyunki mujhe lagta hai ki aap yeh ache se jaante ho ki jo recipe ghar par banayi gayi kya ho usse achi and healthy recipe koi ho hi nhi sakti ab main roz apki hi vidio dekhti rehti hu or yakin maniye jabse apke saare vidios dekhen hai tab se abhi tak maine bahar ka unhealthy food khana band hi kar diya. Ghar par hi kuch na kuch banati hi rehti hu.meri family bhi ab mujhse happy hai ki mujhe kuch banane kese aa gaya. Thank you meri life change karne ke liye. Maine apne saare frnds ko apka channel dekhne ke liye suggest kiya h or maine bhi or channel ko dekhna band kar diya sirf aap hi aap dikhte ho mere phone main thanks mam thank you very much i hope sabhi log sirf apka hi channel dekhe. Or bohot kuch sikhe.,

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