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Hi guys! Were going to make the most amazing breakfast tortillas, they are so quick, so delicious Its an amazing, breakfast, brunch or lunch Lovely eggs, little bombs of manchego cheese Soft tortillas, avocado, lime, coriander, chilli sauce, it’s going to be great Now this recipe comes from this book, Jamie’s America, it’s one of my favourites, I think the recipes are absolutely incredible And in this recipe of course, were in L.A, were in East L.A with the Mexican communities I spent a lot of time in East L.A on different jobs working in schools and different districts Met some amazing people. This tortilla is a homage to them, it’s so simple I love making this for like 2 to 4 people, I get a bunch of plates and I just put a couple of things in the middle of the table First up let’s just slice up some tomatoes Salt, pepper, coriander leaves and lime Few fresh chillis So that’s the tomato part Then were going to go on to the avocado part Now avocado can, depending on the variety, start oxidising and discolouring and a thing that will stop that is citrus especially lime, so just a little squeeze of lime juice, a light seasoning You can finely slice it if you want And then you can just push it down just to make it look nice I’m going to use some wheat tortillas here, re-heat these I got a little Plancha here Or in a dry pan, non-stick, i don’t want them crispy, I just want them crispy and warm, really important Pan onto a medium high heat Were going to use some eggs, were going to add spring onions or scallions, I saw variations of these eggs In the States and with the Mexican communities I really love this method Manchego cheese, so I’m just going to grate about a heaped table spoon That’s for seasoning, if you wanted to, you could just get your knife and do little nuggets of manchego and they won’t fully melt completely until you’ve finished so you get little bombs of cheese in your scrambled egg These are eggs from my chickens, you can see they’re all different sizes, that’s what happens when you’ve got chickens, because they’re different ages 6 eggs will probably be enough for 4 people actually Having a few ribbons of yolk and the white is quite nice So that kind of loose, whipping like that is absolutely cool I’m going to use just a tablespoon of oil, and just a little bit of butter In we go with the eggs Right, now I love to use a spatula for this, really important There’s this lovely little sheets in here So literally, I’m going to take it off the heat now because I’m reading the temperature and I don’t want to overcook it. So want sheets and under cooked If its cooked in the pan, it’ll be over cooked in your mouth and in the plate In with the spring onions So I’m just folding these sheets over, look at the texture That’s what we want, really loose eggs We haven’t kind of, cooked the protein so they’re ridiculously firm and it’s like, texturly incredible, with those little bombs of manchego and the seasoning and the flavour You will never regret cooking eggs like this, So lets plate one up I’ve just warmed up a tortilla on one side, it’s not crispy, it’s nice and bendy I’m then going to get some of these beautiful tomatoes, lime juice, coriander, seasoning Beautiful, beautiful colours Avocado And then we’ve got these amazing eggs And this is all about texture, layers, flavours Look at that The home made chilli sauce comes out This one is next level Click the link, up there, and I’ll show you how to make my one, it took me months to get it right And then what I might do is finish it, just with a little manchego over the top Long strokes. And look at those colours guys That just reminds me of my time in America with my mate Rigo in East L.A Absolutely gorgeous. I hope you like that If you do like it, if you want to do the chili sauce, click the link up there on the information box below Happy breakfast, happy brunch, happy lunch Happy days, see ya


  1. Tomatoes that aren't red, is there much difference in the flavour? I'm generally not a tomato fan, curious about that though.
    Tortillas are such a great blank canvas.

  2. Go vegan. Don't listen to this guy. He thinks he's got you all wrapped around his little finger. Go vegan I'm 15 and a vegan and a cyclist/runner

  3. It feels like ure making art in the kitchen. Just like a good musician u put some of ur inner part inside. ;)) if u know what i mean

  4. Mmmm looks divine! I have watched your TV shows for years Jamie but failed to realise that you had a youtube channel…oh well, better late than never. Subscribed!

  5. I wish i had the money to buy a proper fucking pan and knifes. I cook with a fork, a mora knife that i use for woodwork and a scrached dirt cheap aluminium pan. Proper gear matters.

  6. Like most normal people I stay in bed until I absolutely have to get up. 6am is the latest I can leave it, looks great and very tasty but no way im doing that at 5 in the morning

  7. Не зная английского языка,мне все равно понятна технология из видео.Спасибо!

  8. That's exactly how I like my eggs and I never over whip it
    Me and my husband always argue about how to cook eggs he loves to over cook eggs😁

  9. Looks delicious, easy and healthy to make in the busy morning. I would love to try some this for my breakfast ^^
    Thank you for sharing, have a nice day ^^

  10. This is great stuff. I've been doing something similar to this, except tomatillo salsa instead of tomatoes, and guacamole instead of sliced avocado. Hadn't thought of trying manchego. I'm going to try this soon, variety is the spice of life. Thanks.

  11. You're so amazing, Jamie!! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work in promoting food education in America as well as in Europe. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing!!

  12. Absolutely love the recipe!! Serious question, though: How are you actually supposed to eat it? Would you wrap that up or just eat it with a fork (in which case why the tortilla)?

  13. people should never use cilantro it tastes like metal. I work in a pub and I hate having to use that disgusting plant on our tacos :p

  14. So at what point did the cheese go into the eggs ? lol I have watched a few videos where Jamie was making eggs and talking about putting cheese in them but none show them going in haha

  15. I hate to be like that but the heat was too high on your eggs, friend. Cook um' low and slow. I'm still giving you a thumbs up though cause dammit this still looks good. TFS!!

  16. Watching different videos of Jamie's, I love that he has an eclectic set of dishes. Like home. I've had a matching set, but pretty much have two of this, another of that. Trying to match everything and make it pretty isn't always life. His looks like stuff he actually uses.

  17. I really hate this video, it looks so good and I am really hungry…

    I will definetly try this amazing breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner idea out, thank you so much for sharing this (althogh it looks way to good and easy to be true 😅)

  18. I love the laid-back way of cooking, almost doing netflix and chill with the ingredients. I'm a chef myself, unfortunately the industry doesn't allow this way of cooking. maybe i'll make my own business someday where i can enjoy myself as a chef as much as jamie does on a daily basis..

  19. Um… beautiful breakfast tacos you mean? When I saw the title i thought you were going to MAKE the tortillas you essentially made a breakfast sándwich but called it "beautiful breakfast bread" what..

  20. Love to watch Jamie cook, i adore him. Wish i could travel & see his garden for myself. I love it when he cooks outside & throws the onion skins over the fence.

  21. Great recipe and I really like Jamie's techniques and embellishments. With that said, that dish has nothing in common with Mexican cooking, or East LA.

  22. Mexicans are no longer welcomed here in America, u might as well remove that recipe from that book buddy, its the most unamerican thing ever. if u dont im gonna report u to daddy Trump.

  23. I've been making this breakfast every weekend, both days, for over a year. It's simply fantastic. I do a couple substitutions. I don't like raw tomatoes so I lightly sauté the cherry tomatoes before adding the eggs to the pan. I use bread when I don't have tortillas (which is usually) and I add sliced chillies with the spring onions to the eggs. The key to this dish is the hot sauce though. I once ran out and tried it without it, complete trash, don't do it. Best breakfast ever! 🌶🍳🙌

  24. This is the demon that changed my skl burger to unseasoned vegetable lasagne. And also what the hell is jerk rice. Show some respect. Not all Jamaican food is jerk. Bumbaklut.

  25. It’s absolutely delicious ♥️ my husband loves this beautiful breakfast!!! Very well done!!!!!

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