Baked Camembert Recipe + How to Style a Grazing Platter

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This baked camembert is indulgent and delicious. Serve it along side a grazing platter the
next time you are entertaining. Thank you to Mood Store who have sent me the
beautiful platters and bowls I’ve used in this recipe, they have so many great homeware
and serve ware items you can check out on their website. Start with a round of camembert cheese, or
if you just have brie that will work also. The two cheeses are very similar. If you’ve ever wondered the difference brie
is a little creamier in texture and tastes whereas camembert has a stronger earthier
flavour. Unwrap the cheese and place it back into the
box it came in, it works perfect for baking in. If yours didn’t come in a box I would recommend
baking it in a small dish or ramekin that is similar size to the cheese, that will make
sure you don’t have cheese going everywhere. Part of what makes baked camembert so good
is it’s infused with different flavours, and my favourite is always roasted garlic. Cut the ends off a large clove of garlic and
do painful job of peeling it. One of my least favourite things to do in
the kitchen. Slice it into small strips with a sharp knife,
my clove was massive so I’m cutting the large pieces up a little smaller too. Set the garlic to the side and using the same
knife start to score the camembert cheese, going about 1 cm deep or a third of an inch. I’m following the pattern on the top of
my cheese, then turning it and cutting the other way so I have a collection of small
squares. Scoring the cheese helps let the heat and
flavour to get in. Pick up a piece of garlic and push it into
the cheese where the cuts meet, repeat until you have used most of the garlic. Next add your favourite herb. My recommendation would be rosemary or thyme
as those flavours would work best. I had thyme growing in my garden so thats
what I’ve chosen to use. Pick the leaves from the stalks and sprinkle
over the top. If you choose to use rosemary instead stick
small sprigs into the cheese. Finally drizzle the camembert with a little
olive oil, about half a tablespoon and place it into a baking dish. Bake in a 180 degree celsius or 350 Fahrenheit
oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese has puffed up a little and the garlic has
caramelised. While the cheese is baking put together a
grazing platter. There isn’t really a recipe for how to do
this, it’s more just trial and error until you have it looking the way you would like. First start with a beautiful platter like
the one I’m using from Mood Store. Add a few of your favourite items like cheeses
or dips and then simply fill in the empty spaces. Try for a variety of things, savoury and sweet
and you can’t really go wrong. I’m going for a few different types of cheeses,
blue and brie, a tomato and cashew dip, a few different types of crackers, grapes, pretzels,
chocolate, and everyones favourite chocolate covered strawberries. Add a few cheese knives and it’s ready to
serve. When your camembert has finished baking remove
it from the oven and place it onto a cheeseboard surrounded by small pieces of toasted bread,
then simply dig in. Let me know if you’re going to try this
recipe, I would love to see pictures of your recreations. Thank you for watching and I will see you
in my next video.


  1. Hi, Carina. Your baked Camembert looks beautiful. What's your best tip for cutting green beans? Have a good day, Carina. <3

  2. But I have a wife who would gobble the chocolate first off – thus disabling my plate of goodies for others. I love your baking ideas re Camembert.

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