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– Hey guys, I’m trying to
film two videos at one time.
What I’m sharing in this
video with you right now
is how I do eggs, cheese,
and bacon bake in the oven.
This is more of a low carb
recipe, if you’re doing
Trim Healthy Mama or Atkins
or, it’s just a great recipe
all the way around no
matter how you’re eating.
First thing I’m doing is getting
my bacon going in the oven.
I’ll pop up a Anna notation
here if you wanna see
exactly how I do bacon in the oven,
and I’ll show you here too.
So I got two pounds of bacon,
and I’m gonna put basically
a pound on each one of my sheets.
So, I got both pans full of bacon.
Here’s a peek.
I’m gonna put these into the oven now.
So here they go, one
fabulous pan of bacon,
another fabulous pan of bacon.
So, what I’m gonna do now
is, I have a pack of about
four cups of mild cheddar.
I also have four dozen
eggs, I’m gonna put in about
three cups of milk, I’m
gonna go ahead and get this
whisking, and then once our
bacon is done, I’m gonna
be able to crumble that up,
I’m gonna whisk that in too,
and then I’m gonna but it
in all my baking dishes.
It’ll be a fantastic dinner.
So, about two cups, about half of this bag
of mild cheddar, and this
actually ended up being
about 3 1/2 cups of milk
because I just drained
the rest of my milk out there.
I’m adding that to our
large pile of eggs here.
So, I just did a bunch of
salt and pepper in there,
you can do whatever
amount your family likes.
I’m in a pet fest with Miss Chloe, yes.
Who’s a good girl?
(hand mixer whirring)
I decided since we’re a little
crunched for time right now
to employ the use of my handy dandy mixer.
(hand mixer whirring)
It’s okay, Chloe.
What is Mommy doing over here?
What is Mommy doing?
It’s so loud.
It’s so loud.
(hand mixer whirring)
It’s so much easier.
I need to remember to start
using my mixer more often.
So here’s our eggs all nicely
mixed, and now I’m gonna
pull bacon out of the oven.
Now, I almost forgot,
I like to put in a cup
of sour cream into this
recipe, and I’m out,
but I’m all about using whatever
you have in your kitchen,
so I do have some plain Greek
yogurt, and Greek yogurt
can be used in substitute for sour cream
in many, many things.
There’s basically no taste to
it, that’s my oven beeping,
so I’m gonna put a cup of Greek
yogurt into this recipe too.
So, here goes our Greek yogurt.
(lively guitar music)
I’ve got the two pounds of
bacon shredded up besides,
ha ha a few pieces that
we have used, that we’ve
chowed down on, I should say.
And now I’m just gonna pour
it in my big overflowing bowl.
I’m also gonna chop a few
green onions real quick
and add them in.
Then I’m gonna pour in these green onions.
And now, since we have
learned together about me
using my mixer in this
large bowl, I’m gonna mix
it on up again.
(hand mixer whirring)
This won’t take long.
Now I’m probably not gonna
be able to hold the camera
while I do this, but I’m
gonna pour our bacon, egg,
and cheese mixture into these pans.
So, here we go guys.
We have three glass casserole dishes full.
Now of course, we’re not
gonna eat all this for dinner
tonight, but whatever we have
left I’m sure we’re gonna
really enjoy for
breakfast tomorrow morning
So, what’s happening now
is I’ve got my oven on 325,
I’m gonna turn my light on
here so we can peek in there.
Hey, I see my bare,
dirty feet in the oven.
Okay, so now I’m gonna set
my timer, and I’m gonna
put it on about 40 minutes.
and we’ll check on that.
It might need a few more
minutes towards the end,
and at the end, whenever we take it out,
hey Miss Chloe, we take it out,
then we’ll top it with
the remaining cheese.
So, they are out.
Here’s two of ’em.
I put the one on the lower rack
up higher for a few more minutes,
but here’s how they
look when they’re done,
and now I’m gonna add just some more
sprinkling of cheese to the top.
And here’s a quick peek
at it with the cheese
sprinkled on top.
So, here it is guys.
You can see how lovely it
has turned out, and I am just
cutting squares and putting
a square on every plate.
And the kids are gonna have
it with a piece of toast.
And there we go, so nice and convenient.
Thanks for watching this quick and easy
bacon, egg, and cheese bake.
Don’t forget to check
out my family favorites
recipe binder to help you
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Those planners are free for subscribers.
So, I will see you next time, friends,
with another brand new video.


  1. Looks great! I have never made it with bacon, we usually use sausage! But we might need to try bacon next time!

  2. TFS,looks so good wish I was not allergic to Pork.. But I can use homemade Turkey sausage can't wait..Happy 4th be safe.

  3. Wow, that looks delicious! I was curious whether your family ever eats out and if so, how often? PS: Chloe dog is just adorable as can be!

  4. Great recipe! Quick tip: if you like your bacon crispy, use a cooling rack on your baking sheets. Put the bacon across the cooling rack, then bake. All the grease will collect in the baking sheet, but your bacon won't sit in the grease. Bacon turns out nice and crispy. Plus, you can them save the bacon grease to cook with later. Just store it in an airtight container in the fridge. Makes great pancakes, cornbread, fried chicken, etc.

  5. Once baked, I bet this could be frozen and later heated in the microwave. That would be an easy freezer meal breakfast.

  6. LOOKS yummy but everything you cook looks yummy!!!! THANK you for sharing!!!!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

  7. Absolutely love this meal! I make this for my husband and I as a staple during the week. Its a quick grab and go. We usually use sausage and I have found you can shove all the left over veggies in that you have and its delicious. Anything us momma's can do to get spinach into our loved ones is awesome! Love your channel!

  8. A crustless souffle!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I do a version of this as "muffins" (no paper cups) for breakfasts. Make a big batch, and let them cool completely, place them on a sheet pan, place in the freezer until frozen, chuck them in a freezer zip lock and then I have a quick easy breakfast on busy mornings that I can nuke in the microwave. Kids love them!!!

  9. I made something similar to this but I add in some grated carrot, Zuchini and pumpkin. If you have some free helping hands it's always nice to help the dish spread a bit further

  10. I love this easy meal! Great for using up veggies etc because it always comes out great. It's good with chopped green bell pepper. I often mix in about 1/2 cup of mild salsa too.

  11. We are going to a pot luck brunch on Monday, this seems like the perfect thing for me take! Thanks for another great video.

  12. I think you are beautiful inside and out! And I didn't even notice your hat until I read the comments! I love your channel it is such an encouragement, as a fellow homeschool mom of 2 boys. As mom's we are Lucky to get our teeth brushed most days. You take the time to share these videos with us and that is amazing I don't know how you do it!

  13. You are so cute! LOL I'm totally breaking out the mixer next time I do a ridiculous amount of eggs! We make something similar, but we rip up those ends of bread from the freezer and toss them in the bottom of the pans, and then pour the egg mixture on top. We're not low-carb or anything.

  14. can you write the recipe out for a normal serving please? The math hurts my head LOL. I love to put salsa in this ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. my mom makes this almost same exact thing for Christmas breakfast now! Hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, etc. Look forward to it every year!

  16. yes that's what my husband said but we were laughing as Paul said patty you would make that entire amour in other words he was making fun of me

  17. I make something similar all the time…I add cheese, milk, green and red peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, s&p, and parsley. We eat it with girts, turkey sausage, and toast.

  18. This looks yummy! I have never made anything like this before.I can't wait to try it!Thanks for sharing!

  19. That looks delicious!! I'm definitely going to be making this. Do you think it would freeze well as quick frozen breakfast that can be reheated?

  20. It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing this. We don't have a big family (just my daughter and I) but she is a full time student and I work a lot so I try to cook big batches and freeze. Egg casseroles, etc. are great for breakfasts! God bless you!

  21. If you don't want it to be totally carb-less, you can also put some bread in it.ย  I believe it is called a strata when it has bread in it too.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Can you mix everything up and freeze it raw? Well, except the bacon? it will be cooked… Then just put it in the oven from the freezer? I'm watching all your vids at once and have questions, if you wonder why I am posting so much….

  23. So this might be a silly question, but why in the world don't you use your big counter to do the work? Looks delish.

  24. I grew up in the south but moved far away for college and there is something so comforting about your voice! It calms me down and reminds me of my childhood

  25. How much cheese do you put in your eggs and how long do you bake your bacon cause I was thinking of doing mine like that to

  26. I binge watch all of your videos. They encourage me so much. I wish I would have seen these videos when I was a young mom. I didn't know ANYTHING back then. You rock, woman!!

  27. Stumbled upon your video, and this breakfast bake looks absolutely amaaaazing! Also saw your hat, I frequent Vero Beach, FL quite often! ๐Ÿ˜€ Hello from a fellow Floridian!

  28. I see your hat says Vero Beach Fl. Is that where you all are from? I live there, that is why I ask.

  29. I'm a new subscriber, I love how calm you and your children are, I'm so impressed that your children accept all your meals with no fretting, I enjoy watching you

  30. We love to add some room temperature cream cheese and some jarred chopped garlic. I just leave the cream cheese out overnight to soften, so it mixes in with the eggs better. the cream cheese can be in a ziploc bag and warmed in a bowl, cup whatever, if you forget to leave it out the night before.

  31. Erm where's the meat on the bacon? Is that a yank thing to just have strips of fat and call it bacon? I'll stick to my English bacon I think ๐Ÿ˜‚

  32. I make an egg bake like this. I buy the big bag of Hormel bacon bits from Sam's. We use them for several meals like salads, pizza topping, and yes, an egg bake for a quick fast breakfast meal! Love your videos! You have such a sweet spirit.

  33. Take one of those pyrex dishes and line the bottom with onion flavoredย tater tots and pour all other ingredients overย , top with heavy cheddar cheeseย ( can refrigerate overnight and bake the next morning ) Oh sooo good !!

  34. Very similar to a Quiche recipe, except the pastry. Great idea. Quick question Jamerill, how do you keep the mirror finish door on your oven clean and shiny, I have the devils only job keeping mine clean

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