Autophagy Fasting: The Mystery Explained by Dr. Boz

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hi I’m dr. Bosworth and welcome back I have another video for you today and a blog post along with it that’s about something very strange called autophagy if you’ve never heard of that word that makes you normal but the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2016 went to exactly this topic and it couldn’t be more appropriate for the timing of this information I contend that every baby boomer needs to know this information so tune in and put on your science caps cuz this might be a little science II but I’ll walk you through it Auto fatigue it literally means to eat thy self Otto AG eat thyself sounds super weird right the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2016 went to Yoshinori Oh show me who’s the man who’s been looking into this strange word called Otto Fuji for his practically his whole lifetime we’ve always known that the body has a way of cleaning up debris inside ourselves inside our bodies and keeping that level of junk if you would low and that it worked better in some people and not so much in others but we didn’t know how it turned on or how it worked and how to turn it off this Nobel Prize in 2016 outlined how this works baby boomers pay attention this understanding of autophagy might be medicines saving grace for that generation of bad advice that we’ve given you your generation has endured more procedures more surgeries had more chronic diseases that escalate in your lifetime and has made you fatter than any generation ever documented before this might be the one thing in your lifetime that could reign in or hone in that we’ve given to your whole generation so this message is specifically targeted at baby boomers and why they should care brain biopsies tell the story the best we know that when brain cells and brain function is doing well we can look at tissue from that brain under a microscope and find very little debris very little junk also called plaques or neural fibril tangles that this level of think of it as a rusty leftover cell parts that are hanging out in your brain and the dump truck should come along pick it up and scoop it away but for some reason in your brain it hasn’t done a good job of that a little bit of junk hanging out no problem but as it builds up over the years it becomes a predictor for diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and memory loss just in general but before you ever have a day where you miss a memory where you glitch and can’t think of a word if we would back up in your brain about five years we could see that there were debris or these plaques building up to begin with by the time you come to an office visit and say doc there’s something wrong with my memory we’re usually 15 years into a whole pile of junky debris throughout your brain and autopsies have proven that when we look at the function of a brain and we study how badly it’s impacted one of the predictors for function is how many of these plaques or neural fibril tangles are hanging out in their brains you want those to go away that’s Auto fatigue at Apogee is the cellular process that says hey this cell isn’t working very well let’s clean it up and see if we can make it function better I want to compare that to another science e-word called apoptosis which is the programmed cell death every one of the cells in our body has a lifespan it’s supposed to live for so long but you can sell yourself short and have those cells not live as long or have them live even longer than expected based on this process that ignites programmed cell death if the cell is swollen and inflamed and living under chronic stress we know that the cell life is shorter that those cells don’t live as long and I’m talking about heart cells brain cells lung cells every cell in the body turns over at a certain servile but under times of chronic high stress and specifically chronic inflammation those cells don’t live as long apoptosis says hey this cell life is used up it’s over and throw the cell away compare that to otology which says hey this cell has a lot of junk in it we’re gonna clean up the different parts of that cell and recycle that nourishment for the rest of the body why should you care all this sounds way over most people’s heads and they don’t care but you should care if you’re a baby boomer and you’re overweight the answer for why people should care would be the flabby skin left over after weight loss it’s embarrassing the number of baby boomers that have said these words to me yeah doc I know I should lose weight but you know it would leave me with too many wrinkles yes they say that I have good news for you if you induce a toffee gene during your weight loss your body will recycle those deform cells that made those wrinkles in the first place yes a toffee is a process where it recycles and uses the unused or deformed cells in your body and recycles them for nourishment one more example let’s take the tale of two people losing a hundred pounds a hundred pounds is a lot of weight and when you do that you’ll find that most people in today’s low calorie otherwise known as torture diets Trickle food in at this low level nutrition as their body metabolism shuts down a little bit further every day every day every month and indeed they lost a hundred pounds but the difference between someone who’s lost a hundred pounds with a low-calorie diet as to someone who’s lost a hundred pounds while igniting their etaf adji is a skin curtain skin curtains are the word that we in medicine used for the leftover flabby skin in the arms or in the abdomen when people have lost massive amounts of weight the solution that medicine has come up with when that happens is of course a sir the surgeon goes in and he’ll will trim off the extra skin but under the skin there is way more to the story the blood vessels the connective tissue the place where all those fat cells were filled with stored fat still exist in these patients they weren’t recycled they weren’t gobbled up like they would be in Auto Fuji otology ignites the process where the body absorbs not just the skin cells but the blood vessels and the connective tissue and all of that other stuff found in side the human body when fat has been filling a space and now the fat is gone but that stuff is all left over in autophagy the system uses those cells as a form of nourishment and you can see the weight loss keeps the skin held tightly to their muscles Auto fatigue is a big topic of conversation around those people losing a lot of weight but it should be just as important for people who are trying to undo a chronically inflamed brain or heart or other system in your body that chronic inflammation has left the junk and the debris hanging out the body simply didn’t have the resources or the chemistry set present inside the body to go gobble up that extra debris in inside the cells so etapa G’s a good thing inducing it means that you need a certain chemistry set and what does that in a word fasting yes I know this word sounds like a curse word when I first introduced it to patients but fasting sets up a chemistry set that allows the body to find resources throughout the system it’s really important that you distinguish the difference between a low calorie diet which is a trickle of calories coming in in comparison to fasting which is zero calories coming in if I take a patient who’s on a standard American diet with 100 to 300 carbohydrates a day and I want them to induce autophagy I will need to keep no calories around for about 72 hours before their system induces autophagy if you’ve ever tried to do that from a high carbohydrate state you won’t like the person who’s forcing you to do it it’s not comfortable people have lots of hunger pains the transition from a high carb situation to zero calories is painful it’s causes hunger it’s very unsettling now compare that to someone who’s in ketosis who’s using fat as their fuel most of the time they have less than 20 carbohydrates that come in a day and when we stop their calories you can see etaf adji ignite within as little as 12 hours more often a Itachi status is guaranteed by 24 hours or 36 hours but you can see the process begin in as little as 12 hours that can happen every day in one of my ketosis patients suppertime being around five o’clock or six o’clock if they fast until morning which is eight hours when they’re sleeping with no calories in between you can see their bodies ignite a little bit of Auto fudgie every day this is amazing for what it does to the cleanup crew inside they’re 70 80 90 year-old bodies I have a couple of patients who come to my Aikido support group every week in their 80s they embarked on a 7 day fast specifically because they wanted to ignite what happens during Itachi now they’d been in ketosis for several months and they’ve done a 12-hour fast a 24-hour fast and even a 36-hour fast they did them without much trouble and were able to have a pretty positive experience when fasting after reading and learning about etapa Jie they wanted to do a 7 day fast I wouldn’t recommend this to most patients in their 80s but they had quick access to me and they were great about checking their biomarkers they checked their blood pressure they checked their blood sugar and they checked their blood ketones and they had quick access to me with that process they made it to day four five six and all the way through the seventh day without any calories I can guarantee that inside their eighty year old body they awoke cells that had been dormant for many years cleaning up the crew trying any little morsel of a debris that’s not being used they ignited their cleanup crew to do things their body shouldn’t have done at 80 years old in today’s world but going back a couple hundred years this wasn’t that uncommon to have times when food was scarce for seven days is not an unheard-of situation today’s access to food has made a toff adji almost a thing of the past and I would contend that until this Nobel Prize came out most of my colleagues didn’t even know about the word either I want to close by saying etapa G is the scientific word that says eat thyself it is ignited when your body has been in ketosis and you go with no calories for 12 hours or more you can induce autophagy from a carbohydrate loaded diet but it takes many more days and it’s very difficult using this newfound science gives us a great tool to guide patients in ways to help clean up the debris from their chronically inflamed brains bodies and tummies I hope this was helpful it was kind of science e but it’s a really cool understanding of what happens inside our bodies I’d love to hear if you have any comments below so send them to me and I’ll try to answer them if you’d like to learn more about this ketogenic diet and things like Auto Fuji you can check out the book I wrote anyway you can that’s on audible or on Amazon until next time I’m signing off dr. Baz [Music]


  1. Very interesting…People win Nobel Prices, come up with funny words like Autophogy, or whatever is it called, put themself on diets like Keto, meto, and have good looking Doctors tell they a story on youtube, about fasting, or whatever, but this has been written in the bible, and we all know, Bible is Old…Fast, how long to fast, how and what to eat, and all this info, is there for us to read, learn, and live, happy and healthy lives…

  2. I've been doing strict ketogenic Paleo for 8 years. Fasting is so easy when you don't eat carbs. I often forget to eat meals. The hardest thing about fasting when I was starting off was the fear that I would be miserable. But every time I've fasted, not only did I not feel miserable, I felt great! It actually improves my focus and energy at work.

  3. Very interesting and informative video. I am curious to know if autophagy can be induced faster by means of supplementing T4 or T3 +T4 just to the extent of hyperthyroidism but not quite to the level of thyrotoxicosis. I am sure plenty of people will want a quick and easy way for this and so please tell me what you think. I am aware of the overhyped detrimental effect of T3 &T4 on bone loss.

  4. Great video! I have copd, I want to clean my lungs and other organs. I've been on Chantix for 3 days, 16/8 fast for 2 days. Day 3 I want to go for 36hrs to clear my body of Chantix and other junk.❤

  5. this fasting method told by Islam 1400 years ago, the role has in Ramadan in every year and it's consulted that do more than one month in year, or on day in every week.

  6. Hi, I did a three day water only fast; it was much easier than I expected,Mandy I felt it was very beneficial
    Dr BOS thank for a great video

  7. I started the Keto diet at New Years, and since then have lost 52 pounds. I did a few short fasts and decided 15 days ago to start a prolonged fast, I will stay on it until my body tells me to stop…

  8. Bible already suggested that but modern medicine put it down by saying how "body goes to starvation mode" etc.

  9. Can you please shed some light on whether it is fine for diabetics to go on fasting in order to get to autophagy?

  10. 4 months ago I went to a one meal a day with Carbohydrate 20 > grams – lost 25 lbs so far. Never hungry. I have more energy no inflammation very little Musial stiffness. The thing is, I use to be in shape in my 20s and 30s but than gain a lot of weight in my 40s and 50s. I remember I use to eat only one meal in my younger age so I am back to eating one meal a day.

  11. if you are a scientist why dont you say then that this weird word…. AUTOPHAGY… IS A GREEK word??? ( this is the original word in GREEK…. ΑΥΤΟΦΑΓΙΑ..!! )… also AUTOPSY ( ΑΥΤΟΨΙΑ), APOPTOSIS ( ΑΠΟΠΤΩΣΙΣ ) NEURO ( ΝΕΥΡΟ ), PLAQUE (ΠΛΑΚΑ) ….WHY?????? Why dont you say it that is Greek??? what is wrong with all of you?? Is it because of envy? of jealousy??? or is it because your pathetic barbarian english language is not able, not even close, to the superiority of the GREEK language, to produce such wonderful words and dont want to admit it ??? … like almost 75% of ALL scientific terminology are GREEK words… i think you are.. ALL OF YOU… ungrateful pricks..!!!!.. even the alphabet you are using to write and i am using this very moment, has been invented by the GREEKS, the people from the Greek city of Chalkida who colonised italian peninsula and built NEAPOLI / NAPLES and 200 more cities… this Greek alphabet ( also greek word .. αλφα βητα ) got spread by the latins, BUT IS NOT LATIN.. and also the word.. Doctor is Greek.. from ΔΟΚΤΩΡΑΣ.. Doctoras.. so show some respect and recognition for the people who taught you how to speak and write..

  12. wow, another thing the bible got right….Starting to think bible peps r not wrong.
    KETO Diet is really bad for you btw. Dr John mcdougall has been doing great work over the years I would recommend everyone read his work. The papers he wrote are amazing.
    I tried the keto diet for a year and it has done horrible things to my health in the beginning I felt great lost weight and seemed like i had all the energy in the world then after a few months I started to feel weak fatigued. I also fasted for over 12 hours a day then ate high fat low crab meals… I have went back to the mcdougall diet high carb low fat vegan diet and after a few months in I now have enough energy and don't have the horrible pains in my chest.

  13. Can a person who is on metformin 500 mg fast?
    Should the consumption of metformin be stopped when fasting?

  14. I am not a fan ketone diet but I do think fasting is awesome. I think it would be a good idea to do a 7-Day fast three or four times a year.I just completed it for day fast followed by one meal and then now I'm on the 48-hour of another fast and I feel great

  15. Sorry..touched the wring wrong spot on my mobile. I had surgery some years back after weight loss. Now the weight is back on.I tried the Keto diet but did not work…i cannot eork out the food values by myself..complicated
    I live in Brazil and cannot have access to many things. Ehat does one eat when not taking any calories when fasting ple

  16. One question, what about adrenals? Can fasting lead to adrenal fatigue? I used to work in hospital for long hours and had a very stressful lifestyle as a doctor, I have always been very cautious not to make my adrenals work too hard just in case that may cause subsequent hypothyroidism.

  17. The English closed captions for this are hilarious. They didn't spell autophagy correctly a single time or spell it the same way twice. Auto fudgie, Auto fuji, auto fatigue, otology, a toffee gene, etaf adji, etc. ..This topic is important. It's too bad it's not accessible to the hearing impaired.

  18. Babyboomers don't care, lol. Millenials will probably listen to this but babyboomers are probably at work or in Milan or at an expensive restaurant. Too much privilege amongst babyboomers means they are probably fat and indulgent. Babyboomers were set up for hell and paganism because of privilege. Millennials are a result of babyboomers so I don't need to say more, lol

  19. dr.boz…. can you explain ketosis for all of your viewers as simply as you explained autophagy?????    doc mike witort,r,fmdmpmd.

  20. Okay all you fasting experts I have a question seems I've mastered daily fasting or OMAD water only … I do a 22 to 24 hour fast every single day and I'm never hungry at meal time. I just finished my 3rd 48 hour fast about 6 to 8 days apart with daily 22 to 24 hour fast's ..I was never hungry and broke each fast with a 25 mile bike ride prior to the meal, yes I was blown away by the energy ..Now this is my question now that 24 hour fast is so easy should I increase my fasting time to 48 hours every other day another words eat one meal every other day? or should I diminish my calories intake on the meal before the daily fast . My goal is to loose fat and I'm doing that but ever so slowly I know one of my major problems is scared that I wont eat enough to carry me through the fast but I'm yet to fall short do to hunger .. I want to increase fat burn but not decrease metabolism…

  21. Almost 60 procents of pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions are not usefull. It is Just a huge business.

  22. great video with great explanation. thank you very much. had tried for two days fasting n felt great. planning to do it frequently.

  23. Great explaination, I did Authopagy for 30 days this year and it's amazing. Thanks for sharing the knowledge Dr. Boz 👍

  24. Gen Y, here! Thank you for this beautifully explained video, Dr. Boz!

    I did a 4-day fast first, then a month later completed an 8-day fast. And I am a person who loves food! It was difficult but it definitely makes a difference both physically and intellectually! I would recommend a low-carb diet as a life style and fasting every once in a while to everyone!

  25. 5:50 hahaha torture diet, nice. Great video, was looking for a basic explanation on autophagy, much appreciated

  26. I fast for 18:6, but I still eat carbs and things when I break my fast for the 6hours. Does that change anything because I still eat plenty of carbs? Or am I getting the same effects cause I’m fasting for 18hours every day. It’s been one month of me doing this without fail.

  27. Until you test yourself the thought of going without three meals a day is incomprehensible. It’s a psychological exercise. After a year of dabbling I know I will not die or pass out if I don’t eat. I feel better and healthier when I don’t eat. Btw I’m 44, 250 lbd muscular 6’2” man. I don’t get weak I get stronger by fasting. Eating is a myth, st least the way we’ve been conditioned

  28. I do six days of intermittent fasting, finish it off with a 24 hour fast, then take two days of rest. Rinse and repeat. It's pretty cool.

  29. First time on this channel. OMG! She's not only smart, she's God damn sexy!!! 😏 Wow! 😍

    PS, oi doc, how does one ReFeed after fasting a WK?

  30. I love your vids Dr Boz. But what I love more is that you look like your about to break out "boogie woogie Bugle Boy" song! 😋

  31. After fasting for 24 hours or 36 or 72 hours does one go back to eating chocolate cake and bread and cheese and would autophagy still keep working if one does the intermittent fasting regularly?

  32. How is a GP recommending a keto diet? Surely that's not right. There is sufficient evidence to show that this diet has long term negative effects – such as aging you quicker.

  33. I am 5’11, 22 years old and 280lbs. I try to lose weight all the time but in bad moments I think about loose skin and become demotivated. this video changed my way of looking. Hopefully, next year at this time I’ll be happier and more energetic than I am not.

  34. 2 years ago I began alternate day fasting. It was tough as I was eating a diet with carbs. Every fast day was a huge challenge (as I am the only person who cooks in my family) and I hoped I would become adapted and just get used to it. Alas it was a struggle and after a year I gave up. Despite cutting my calories in half I only lost 25lbs. Now on keto fasting is so easy I never feel truly hungry. I breeze through every fast day with no faintness or brain fog. In fact I feel mentally sharper while fasting. I have lost more weight in first couple of months than I did in my fasting year. At 50 I feel I've found performance fuel for body and mind. Who knew it would be fat.

  35. What I don't like about these kinds of videos is they complicate things and ultimately discourage people. Now it's not just about stopping food but first doing a keto diet. From what this video says, a regular person who has been eating typical high carb diet might as well forget about fasting for autophagy until they can first do keto.

  36. Dr. Boz, i have a question. I hope you read my comment. I fast for 40hrs where I only drink water. Is it ok to do it every week?

  37. This was perfect!!! Thank you! Now I just have to go down to 20g of carbs per day again, and try to figure out when and if I am in ketosis. I'm honestly scared of fasting though, but I guess that's another story lol

  38. How do you know you’re in autophagy? How long do you stay in autophagy once you’re in? Do you break fast with a Keto diet?

  39. If autophagy happens after 16 -20 hours of fasting, no food, when do you actually eat again and will the autophagy then stop? How long do we need for autophagy to be active or happening? In other words, we want autophagy to take place and we need to know how long it should take place for good things to happen in the body. I' guessing we need to fast for at least 48 hours for autophagy to do it's thing on our bodies……

  40. Hi guys. I want to know how intermitted fasting works for people with constipation? Can your bowel movement work properly after many hours/days without food?
    We will definitely start slowly, with 16/8.

  41. I am vegan but I was eating lots of vegan junk food. I am 10 days into my 40 day water fasting at the moment and I want to try vegan keto after my fast ended. Is keto safe

  42. Doctor thanks for making a wonderful video. I would like to know more information on how to come on to normal diet after long fasting. Kindly explain….

  43. I'm a type 1 diabetic on day 11 of a 21 day fast.. Down to 1 unit of insulin via my omnipod insulin pump.. Hopefully DKA won't kick in because of lack of insulin.. My sugars are great.. 65 to 120

  44. Dr. Boz! Thank you for everything and your book so far is great! Would you recommend a 16-8 plan everyday or is that gonna cut my calories and my metabolism? If not how many days would you suggest per week?

  45. Hey Doc, any possibility that Autophagy can eliminate keloid scar tissue? Was wondering if you’ve had any experience with this.

  46. There has been a war declared on science in recent decades, the belief that science is the province of egg-heads, geeks and crazy people, yes the great dumbing down of society is real. Hence a narrator's requirement to apologise for mentioning science and its complexities. Now for those who reject science out of hand there exists an opportunity to cultivate an understanding of one's physiology, to understand the body's powers invoked by fasting. Perhaps with a little effort and study on the part of the people who venture upon this undertaking and care to learn the wonders and benefits afoot, doctors and scientists will find little or no need to dumb things down in the future. Personally I cringe hearing appologies being made when science is about to enter the conversation; better apologise and dumb things down before everybody leaves or falls asleep.
    I fast 22 – 23 hours per day every day. I follow the ketogenic diet and train my body as well. I also read and take pride in my intellectual pursuits and persistent curiosity. All human beings should do this.

  47. I fast regularly but i HATE keto. Why is it that other doctors say that it only takes 24hrs of fasting to deplete the glycogen in order to induce autophagy. Is there a accurate test to determine if autophagy is occurring in the body.

  48. I am surprised no one is making a video on this!!! and whoever does should Title it; DON'T EAT THAT WHILE ON YOUR FAST!

    Of course, you are not eating on if you have started your fast.. Soooo what am I talking about?

    You are eating and you do not know it! Literally eating your own crap!

    Start Autophagy on day 1 or 2. Even if you do a juice clean out 2 days before you're fast …YOU need to do this!!!

    Now, this is hardcore but Why waste time. Accelerate your road to autophagy. I did this and I got accelerated results.

    You know in Ketosis how your breath stinks… and when you go to do #2 OMG!!!! Well, there is more in there and …YOU ARE EATING THAT!!! …AND THAT IS WHY YOUR BREATH SMELLS for days! It will eventually cleanout in about 3 to 4 days but … Why wait?

    Your body is squeezing the last remnant in your colin because it cannot find any food and you have not eaten anything to push it thru…

    Some of that shit has been sticking to our colin wall for weeks if not months! It is Rotton and vial!!! GET RID OF IT!!! Yes Autophagy will but it will take additional days.. Why waste time?

    (disclaimer for idiots…. consult your doctor.)

    Like when you swallow a garlic clove and an hour later your breath smells like Garlic. Your body is eating that vial smelly crap that remains in your colin.

    DON'T EAT THAT!!! Day 2 of your fast.. Do an Enma at least 2 times on day 2! You may be in Ketosis but you will not be in autophagy until your colin is completely EMPTY. You will notice your breath is not smelly anymore… DON'T EAT THAT!

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