Autism Diet – An Autism Diet Food List

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Autism Diet – An Autism Diet Food List
If you are looking for an autism diet food
list you have come to the right
This video will share with you an outline
of an autism diet – foods to avoid and
foods that help with autism – and is not offered
as medical advice, but as
a guide.
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Autism Diet Overview
For parents who have a child diagnosed with
autism, certain foods can help with this condition,
allowing your child to overcome some of the
physical difficulties that
can accompany this life-changing disorder.
While it is unclear why these
foods either help or harm a child, the numerous
parents who have provided
feedback on their autistic child’s diet gives
a glimpse on the foods that
help autism and the ones that harm it.
An Autism Diet Food List – Foods To Avoid
Parents of children with autism report improvements
by removing gluten
from their child’s diet. Gluten is a protein
found in wheat and can be
found in many every day foods. Things such
a bread, pasta, french fries,
potato chips, and cakes are loaded with gluten
and can cause problems in
a child with autism.
Be sure to only buy foods labelled
“gluten free” in order to ensure that it is
one of the foods that help
autism instead of exacerbating your child’s
Autism Diet Food List – Remove Dairy
Another food that many parents remove is dairy
due to the casein, a
protein found in milk. This means removing
all milk and dairy products
including ice cream, yogurt, cheese, and the
like. Again, while it is
unclear exactly why casein hurts a child with
autism, it is generally
advisable to remove these things from a person’s
diet in order to help
their autism.
Another way to help your child is to keep
their blood sugar in balance.
This is accomplished by eating a balanced
meal of vegetables and proteins (NOT
the ones mentioned above), and avoiding soda,
sugary snacks, and
processed foods. Because processed foods contain
many chemicals, sugars
are released quickly into the body instead
of slowly over time, causing
blood sugar to spike. By avoiding these spikes,
a parent can help control
a child’s autism.
Autism Diet – Avoid Sugar
Consumption of artificial sugars shouldn’t
be allowed
The artificial sugars are not digested in
the body and the liver has to
do an additional effort to discard the artificial
sugar from the body.
Therefore, the immune system of the ASD sufferer
might weaken even more.
Also, artificial sweetening substances like
aspartame and saccharin etc
cause fatigue and slight seizures in the autistic
children which can make
them behave more abnormally than usual.
Foods like pickles and lettuce etc shouldn’t
be fed
The autistic children or adults are strictly
prohibited to eat nitrite
rich food. That’s because the ASD sufferers
already contain greater
amount of nitrite level in their bodies. That’s
because their livers
are weak enough to dispose all excess nitrites.
So, feeding them with
food items like lettuce, beetroot, pickles,
salted meat, spinach and
celery etc will do more harm than good. Their
body won’t be able to
accept so much nitrite in body due to which
they would suffer from
certain dangerous diseases like loss of memory
etc early in their life.
Autism Diet Food List – These Will Surprise
Foods like grapes, apples etc are not for
ASD sufferers
These food items like apples, grapes, strawberry,
plums, tomatoes,
vinegar etc are rich source of edible phenols.
The phenols’ presence in
the body can lead to the loss of self control
in autistic children due to
which there might be depression or emotionally
absurd behavioral traits
which would be visible after three or four
years of birth. Therefore such
food items should be better avoided
all together.
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