Austin-Style Breakfast Tacos in New York City || Fork Yeah: King David Tacos

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– All the birds are
just congregating by me.
This is great.
It’s rush hour.
It’s breakfast.
Ah, a New York symphony.
Hey everyone, it’s Chas from Thrillist,
and today we’re in the heart
of the Financial District.
But we’re not here to talk about stocks.
We’re here for breakfast tacos.
I’m on the corner of Water and Wall Street
to check out this small taco
cart called King David Tacos.
Word on the street is they
sell the most authentic Austin
style breakfast tacos in the entire city.
I’m gonna go meet up with owner
Liz Solomon to talk tacos,
check out their production facility,
and of course try ’em out myself.
It’s taco time.
– When I came here and I worked
in advertising for a decade,
you know, it was always very apparent
to me that something was missing.
I think any Texan you ask is gonna say,
the breakfast taco is glaringly
missing from the food scene here.
The reason I started it is,
breakfast tacos I grew up on in Austin,
and ones I think are still most prevalent there,
aren’t super indulgent.
It’s not like, you know,
super cheesy, greasy taco,
but it’s something that’s really
convenient and fulfilling
for your breakfast.
I believe you have to kind
of start from the foundation,
and you kind of have to nail like
what is a foundational breakfast taco,
and what are the truest to its roots.
But I think overcomplicating it really
takes it away from what makes
Tex Mex flavor Tex Mex flavor.
– Wow guys, this is so sick.
We just picked up three
of the Mom’s Migas tacos,
and no breakfast taco experience is
complete without a little Topo Chico.
Let’s check these out.
Ooh, look at this little guy.
Piping hot.
Let’s take a peek in here.
Look at that cheese.
Now if you’ve never had migas before,
in Austin it’s almost like chilaquiles.
It’s a mixture of tortilla strips,
and egg, and salsa all mixed
together with some cheese.
It’s a great way to
start off your morning.
Now, they also added a
little salsa verde for us,
and I feel like throwing
this on here is a no brainer.
Oh yeah, look at that salsa verde.
This looks so good.
Can’t wait to try this.
Now, the first thing that I’m
noticing is this tortilla.
It is so soft,
but warm. It’s got a bit of chew to it,
but it’s not like gummy.
At King David they’re actually importing
these tortillas direct from Austin.
Keeping it as authentic as possible.
This salsa verde in here is so good.
It adds a little extra heat.
It also is sort of a
cool pairing with the red
salsa they’ve got in there too.
It’s a nice sort of yin and yang
going on inside the breakfast taco.
And the cheese in here,
it’s really nothing crazy.
It’s your average Cheddar,
but what it does is it adds this
nice hit of fat to the eggs
and is also binding this
whole mixture together.
Making it really a napkin-free experience.
It’s killer.
I’m gonna finish off
this last breakfast taco,
but if you wanna see some
more Austin food videos
check out our Fork Yeah
from LeRoy and Lewis.
Where they serve a quail stuffed
with macaroni & cheese.
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  1. Im just north of San Antonio and when I make any sort of taco I make home made tortillas. Store bought of any brand are a disappointment in every bite. There are many good videos on YT on making them but the true secret is to allow the dough to rest twice. Bring it together and give it 10 minutes then portion out your dough into shaped balls (also important if you want to roll out round tortillas) and give them another 10 min rest. When allowed to rest the rolling part goes faster and easier as the dough wont try to retract back into a ball and fight you.

  2. I've had so many different kinds of tacos but never migas. In Mexico City, migas is different but these tacos look awesome for sure. 👍

  3. I find it odd that Austin is known for it's breakfast Tacos when it isn't even the best place in TX for them. So, why is Austin known for them? Hipsters. Austin got Hipsterfied.

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