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Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m eating some breakfast items! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let’s start off by drinking coconut milk. It’s my favorite! These are tater tots, like a mini hashbrown. I will dip them in cheddar cheese sauce! Such a salty onion taste. Love it! They are organic and from Whole Foods! I grew up with potatoes, so I like eating them. Let’s try a burrito next. This contains eggs, bacon, and jalapenos! Spicy perfection! The cheese sauce covers up some of the spice. Cheese and eggs go well together! What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast every morning? They really packed this burrito. It’s falling apart! But as delicious as it is, it’s totally worth it! That was a big bite! Do you guys like big bites? Often, hashbrowns are dipped in ketchup. But I prefer making everything cheesy. Let’s try an English muffin next! This contains cheese, sausage, and egg whites! Delicious and hearty! This and the croissant are from Kroger. Egg whites are a little healthier than regular eggs. They contain no fat! I hadn’t done a breakfast ASMR before. So I thought about creating this. Glad I did! Did you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Be sure to eat it, because it helps kickstart your metabolism! This was definitely my breakfast. I was very hungry! The sausage adds a subtle beef flavor to the egg. It’s a nice pair! Big bites for the win! I could honestly eat these tater tots all day. But I decided to save some for my son. The milk helps wash down the goodness! This croissant contains cheese and sausage. Much like the English muffin, but on sweeter bread! This would’ve been great dipped in maple syrup! But I think cheese is the winner here! Next time I do a breakfast video, I may include pancakes. When I was pregnant with my son, I would crave scrambled eggs with cheese. This sandwich would’ve hit the spot for me then! The bread is a bit tougher, so I’m having to take smaller bites! I think one more bite will get it down! Let’s work on finish the tater tots! When I first saw these at the store, I thought they were so cute. I didn’t even know they existed! The sight crunch is very pleasant! I air-fried these at 400 for 10 minutes! We’re down to the last few! Two more left! Last one, guys! Happy and full! I’m going to finish my milk now! Gulp, gulp, gulp! See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂


  1. I hadn't done an actual breakfast ASMR in a while since the McDonald's one in December. So I thought I would whip one up and share with you some cool items from Kroger and Whole Foods. Even frozen food can look good!

    Which would be your favorite?

  2. Hi this is just a random thought but on August 17th could you do birthday cake Oreos eating???? My birthday is on August 17th that’s all and I am going to turn 13! Quite scared as I’m gunna be a teen 😫

  3. I e been here when you had not much subscribers and I love to see your channel grow! I hope you get 1 M subscribers in the future ❤️👌❤️👌!

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