Arabian Try Chinese Food – FLOG#14

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we’re now in modern chinese restaurant
the name of this restaurant is FOOK YEW
don’t say it wrong (lot of laugh)
usama is the one who understand (laugh)
usama: FOOK YEW
we’re in FOOK YEW that located in pacific place
the other store is in Grand Indonesia
Gandaria City, Kelapa Gading
(still laughing) so there is 4 store total
and here’s the guest for today
Shio expert, Feng Shui expert and Giok seller (alugh)
Koh Usama
andy: koh usama really appreciate the diversity
what do you know about chinese food?
usama: what i have in mind first, when i heard about
chinese food is noodles
all this time i know a lot more about japanese food
sushi and the others
sometimes i have trouble finding the difference
between chinese food and japanese food
and here i am right now to learn something new
victor: and for our first dish, appetizer first
yee shang, same like salad before the main course
andy: when we eat that, there is a ritual first
tommy: this is interesting! let’s!
this is yee shang!
usama: wait a minute, is this thing Halal?
this is 100% Halal, every dishes here is Halal
usama: what is the ritual? should i do this?
tommy: what this Angpao doing in here?
andy: this is some kind of prayer
waiter: first thing first we put this
may luck and success always be with you
this is cinnamon that means stay young and long life
usama: can you give this double? (laugh)
waiter: and this, may your business well always
your wishes always come true
the last is, may you have a lot of gold
you can stir this by raise it
the higher you raise, the more wish will come true
(they’re actually having fun :D)
so this is appetizer, right?
this is kind of sweet i think is from ponzu sauce
very fresh, you can taste everything in your mouth
the crab is also nice
the crab is soka right?
andy: so what do you think?
tommy: this is interesting
usama: yeah indeed, this is a new thing for me
andy: ok we already try the salad and very interesting
(everyone agreed)
victor: now we’re going to the second dish!
for this episode we’re choosing the Lunar Package
there is plenty of other dishes here and also bubble tea
usama: i think there is a seafood
victor: yes, it’s a crab
andy: the usual is asparagus, right?
(try mimicking the harry potter spell)
this best with chili sauce
andy: but the sauce is a little bit sour
victor: i looove this! i’ll have another, ok?
usama: there is a tartness here, what is it?
andy: it’s green chili, oil and vinegar i think
but i think it’s e little bit savory
what do you think usama?
usama: i never taste something like this before
but this is so good, all i know
that soup sometimes too watery
but this one is very thick
and i like the chili also
andy: what do you think if someone who never
try chinese food and taste this dish?
will they like it or not?
usama: of course they like
(everyone agree)
this consist of chicken, mushroom and also crab
andy: so there is bamboo sprout, mushroom, chicken
victor: so this is the next dish
this dish is served cold
usama: so the filling is salted egg?
(others agree)
andy: there is scallop, shrimp, dragon fruit
the savory is from the salted egg
usama: the lumpia is so good
andy: there is also asparagus here
so this dish consist of vegetable mostly
victor: let me zoom this one
finally, main course!
andy: we have 5 different dishes
tommy: let’s get started!
victor: this is so good, guys!
usama: the fried rice consist of many things
andy: ebi, chicken, mushroom
victor: what made this rice so brown is this lotus
andy: what next?
victor: this is soft tofu, and you can taste the sauce
this is so juicy
andy: you’ve been joining us for 3 times
satisfy enough?
tommy: yeees of course!
i can’t get enough of eat with you guys 😀
andy: let’s try the other dishes with this jasmine rice
tommy: the chicken is so good
usama: the shrimp is also good!
everyone: it’s so crispy
the sauce is sweet and spicy and they use an egg also
victor: so there is no ordinary dish so far, yes?
andy: and this is grouper fillet
and the sauce is from salted egg yolk
the salted egg taste like heaven in your mouth
(everyone laughing at tommy’s joke)
victor: this is how you eat the chicken…
the chicken is already crispy, then you add this sauce
and it taste like… (explode)
andy: and this is the last one
victor: in chinese culture, there is a way to eat this
you have to use your hand with only 3 fingers
it means smoothness in everything
this is so chewy
andy: s after you eat all the savory foods then you eat this
your palate back to neutral
victor: if the pin stop in rooster, you’ll get 50% discount
(everyone happy!)
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  1. yah itu greeternya temen gua wkwkwk. dulu gue pegawai fook yew juga di kelapa gading dan gandaria city tapi yang kalian sajiin disini menu menu baru semua kayaknya. dari semua makanan gua cuma tau crab meat and chicken soup dan crispy roasted chicken. harusnya lo coba shen jian bao yg egg yolk bang, itu juaranya fook yew hehe

  2. sebagai saran aja nih, kalo bisa harga harganya di cantumin dong dari setiap makanan, jadi buat refrensi kita nyari makanan enak jg, soalnya setiap abis nonton jwestbros saya jd tertarik buat nyobain makanannya, sukses terus ko andy & ko vic

  3. ini karena dalemnya bolong bolong gitu ini kuahnya masuk jadi pas digigit tuh ssshhhhhh gitu


    this is so juicy

  4. Ayam klo cara nyembelih nya tidak sesuai syariat islam juga hukum a jadi haram. Jdi gak selama a ayam itu halal.

  5. Tiba2 suka jwestbrost, good job bang! Sengaja komen gnian. Biar dibikinin video terus haha:D soalnya ketagihan nnonton FLOG nya hehe

  6. Baru nonton Flog yang ini.
    Mumpung mau Ramadhan, coba bisa collab lagi kali ini nyobain makanan Arab 😁

  7. yang gue rasa masakan china itu kadang terlalu banyak penyedap tapi biasanya gue abis makan gue netralin pake teh pahit

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