1. @mobilediesel All the foods made for us by God to actually be eaten have lots of good things in them. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables with some healthy meats such as chicken is a good way to go. Obviously there are different reasons to eat "animal based foods" compared to greens, though. You will miss out on several things by just eating plants.

    The really unfortunate thing is how hard it is to obtain food that isn't altered or corrupted in some form when you go to the supermarket. :

  2. USDA says that if we add B12 and omega 3s is a better diet like wow 2/3s less cancer and total reversal of atherosclerosis our top two killer usa diseases add the meat back in and the diseases just sore through the statistic roof. Check out the Seventh-Day Adventist Health Study and the Framingham Study- The longest and most prestigest study plus the China Study. I am 4 th generation vegan and we have a fantastic disease reversed statistic in each generation as we have learned more.

  3. @AmyLeesPetWookiee You actually dont miss out on ANYTHING if you eat plant based (except b12). And who says god has anything to do with the food around us? What makes you think chicken is healthy? Do your research before such claims. All meat is harmful!! See all of McGregors videos and you will understand why. Also see Forks Over Knives on netflix.

  4. @DevilChao5 Have you actually researched things yourself? Or have you only followed the "research" of others and decided that because a person said all meat is bad, they must be right? That seems to be what most science is these days, and that is why medicine development is starting to slow down. You are so trusting of other people.

    If you think B12 is all you miss out on, you had better keep "researching." Protein, iron, amino acids, as well as other things are needed from meat.

  5. @DevilChao5 And on the note of God, I would much rather believe what God says than an imperfect man who thinks he himself is a god. When people get over their own pride, things will be a lot better off. Do your own research. 🙂

  6. @AmyLeesPetWookiee maybe you should do your research to know that all proteins in plant foods are complete proteins containing all 8 essential amino acids as proven by the American dietetic association. Have you sen the nutrition facts on leafy greens and other plants? Where are you assuming that there is no iron? Same goes with calcium. You dont KNOW nutrition. Do some research, i sure as hell have. b12 is all you need from meat, period. I don't believe im god i just believe in facts.

  7. @DevilChao5 Go on thinking all meat is bad for you. It's your life. Also, I don't recall saying that there's no protein, iron, or amino acids in vegetables. I recall implying that there is far more of each in meat.

    You are extremely sensitive and defensive. I was not talking about you when I spoke of man's frequent desire and attempts at creating his own salvation, physical or otherwise.

  8. @DevilChao5 Go on thinking all meat is bad for you. It is your life after all. There's much scientific debate over whether you are right or wrong, same with my stances. Also, I don't recall saying that there's no protein, iron, or amino acids in vegetables. I recall implying that there is more of each in meat.

    You are extremely sensitive and defensive. I was not talking about you when I spoke of man's frequent desire and attempts at creating his own salvation, physical or otherwise.

  9. @DevilChao5 Also, all food can be harmful these days. Meat, fruit, and vegetables are cloned, full of chemicals, and genetically engineered in stupid ways. There is great difference between these "commercial products," and the meat and vegetables that God intended us to eat. Almost everything we eat has been tampered with somehow.

    That is the case even with "organic" food, just less so. The FDA is a bad running joke.

  10. @AmyLeesPetWookiee ur lack of knowledge has dumbfounded me. Your not worth my time. You say empty statements that are opinionated. I have heard these silly arguments before from the ignorant like yourself. Enjoy poor health! Cyaz!

  11. it pisses me of that hospitals here in the uk have such shitty food. I lost both my parents to cancer and the food in the hospital was probably doing more harm than good. The kitchens should be considered as a medical department. Where the hell do they think most of the antibiotics come from in the first place!

  12. Trust me, the U.S. is no better. People in the cancer ward are fed foods loaded with high fructose corn syrup and other garbage… it's death on a plate

  13. eat plants, not animals. ok. understood. but what was #1 out of the 3,139? am i the only guy who was waiting for it? … or maybe there's a terrifying reason he's left it out of the vid. maybe it's something really weird or funny or contradicts the first 4 words of this comment. we may never know.

  14. Gregers "vegan bias" at It again he fails to mention the number one most important Anti antioxidant Glutathione and it is made in the body and is supported by BOTH plant and animal food sources. So why is this so important "vegan" or otherwise ? this is yet another example of why Gregers bias is actually counter productive especially if you are a vegan for instance he could have told you what supplements to take to make up for the nutrients missing from animal foods to support Glutathione production.

  15. Antioxidants are very important but one should not obsess over them either. Instead, simply keep up with modern data and develop good habits of including a wide variety of antioxidant rich foods to an already rich and varied bouquet of a mostly plant based whole foods diet. Habits are easy to stick with, laboratory experiments are tedious and not well suited for the kitchen environment.

  16. Just downloaded this study in its entirety. THEY DIDN'T TEST ACAÍ BERRIES!!!
    Honestly, I'm speechless. They tested Bud Light, Gooseberry Syrup, and Snickers, and leaves from an African Boab tree, but not Acaí. Biggest science fail of all time.

  17. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2841576 you find the link to the file at around 2/3 of the study before the references.

  18. I wonder, do animals make their own antioxidants or do they just get them from plants (directly or indirectly(carnivores))?

  19. "Sangre de Grado (Dragon's Blood) from Peru has the highest antioxidant content of all the products in the database." Where do I get this 🙂

  20. Plant-based diet doesn't mean that you eat only veggies, but that your diet is based on veggies (90% of it), while you still can eat meat, dairy, eggs and fish…just stay away from processed food (sugar, junk food, etc.) 🙂

  21. Hi, thanks for sharing it, I didn't know half of this list. Recently I found out there's a test that checks the quantity of antioxidants in one's own saliva. It's called Lelolab. What do you think about it?

  22. google " Oxygen Radical
    Absorbance Capacity" to find the pdf. Go to wikipedia and read that the list has been retracted by the USDA as they declare there is no basis to believe that these measures actually measure anything. I find that hard to believe.

  23. For those who are looking for the actual list, here it is: https://static-content.springer.com/esm/art%3A10.1186%2F1475-2891-9-3/MediaObjects/12937_2009_259_MOESM1_ESM.PDF

  24. Looking at that chart, https://static-content.springer.com/esm/art%3A10.1186%2F1475-2891-9-3/MediaObjects/12937_2009_259_MOESM1_ESM.PDF . Why would fresh oregano (3.8mmol/100g) have less anti-oxidant power than dried (82mmol/100g)?

  25. The study's results were evidently skewed since there was a gross disparity between the mean and the median, which is suggestive of an outlier in the plant foods skewing right. This is also very evident when you look at the max for the plant based foods.

  26. Total antioxidant Content Study results were published on the University of Oslo's website at

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