AMERICAN vs. BRITISH Breakfast Food

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It’s generally made from pork fat, pork
blood and the relatively high proportion of oatmeal. This is black pudding! If you had an idea of the amount of people who have asked me to do American vs
British breakfast food I know a lot of people feel very strongly about
breakfast so this is a reminder to became to everybody in the Commons and
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this video. I went to one of the most American places to get breakfast and
that is I hope and I hope breakfast is so good I’ve been there before
I love their breakfast this is the American breakfast I’m going to try
everything like separately this is actually turkey bacon
and I’ve tried this one time before I thinks even in my vlog but we don’t have
this in the UK there’s no I don’t think we have turkey bacon I mean if we do you
guys let me know in the comment section but I’m pretty sure we actually don’t.
I’ve had it one time in my life and I forgot what it tastes like it’s a little
more chewy than normal bacon but then once the flavor gets you it tastes
really good it’s healthier for you as well so that’s a good thing for sure one
thing I love in America is when you go get breakfast from anywhere they ask you
how would you like the egg and that’s so nice ’cause they have so many ways to
cook it as well let me side up which is what I ordered or you can have it
scrambled or you can have it that’s all I know you can have it folks as well
that is are the only types of egg cooking methods that I know I have a
cookbook I have a cookbook and I know three ways of cooking eggs that’s just
amazing all I’m not even going to eat. This just literally the perfect egg is
still crispy on the sides but then it’s like running in the middle which is
really nice. There’s that me really excited about because obviously it’s
carbs it’s my favorite thing this whole thing. This is the hash brown, the hash browns in America are great tastier, but also way taste. That is very, very good. I love this food! So the other thing that
I always find that it’s very, very American is french toast, I don’t know why
every time we come to America I see french toast in every single menu and
I’m not a huge fan of french toast but this one actually looks amazing and like… look
at that it’s like literally it’s so covered in syrup that it’s shiny it
doesn’t even look like bread anymore I’m going to try the French toast and
I’ll let you know. Oh my god. I don’t know how to explain this but my favorite thing was French shows is that it’s like it’s obviously not dry on the outside
but the inside is not like soggy ‘ ’cause I hate when I bite into french toast and it turns into liquid, it’s just like ew. So this one is just made perfectly, I
love everything about it this is just like the ideal french toast
I feel like I hope is like the perfect place to go to if you’re drunk or if
it’s your birthday I feel like this such a good place to go
on your birthday there’s anyone in America go to IHOP for birthday ’cause
I feel like I’d like to go there for my birthday breakfast. I’m going to try it
all together now This is absolutely the best french toast I’ve ever eaten in my life like there’s no better french toasts, than this. That’s it. I also had to get pancakes, because, well it’s IHOP and that’s literally their speciality
and pancakes is probably like the most American like breakfast item, but I
didn’t know which one to get because I really wanted the birthday cake pancakes
and I also really wanted the red velvet one. So I got both. Instead of getting two in a stack they actually gave me one of each which was
really nice and I think it was supposed to be charged extra but the lady was
actually really nice I also loved in America if you ask for anything they say
“you got it”, like they never say no first of all which is really nice and then
they always reply with “you got it” that looks so good I know some of
they’re gonna be like Robert that looks gross well maybe it’s icing so there’s
no way I’d ever think this is gross so it’s a regular pancake with with like
hundreds and thousands if you’re from the US
it’s called sprinkles and icing on top let’s try it oh my god the thank-yous
from I hope are seriously the best value from the whole world if you ever come to
America putting on your Google Maps I hope and you will know
the point honestly this really is no Swanson I just I genuinely love this
house it tastes better than actual birthday cake I would rather have this
I’ve never wanted to be American more than now in my entire life because these
pancakes though here it is guys how pretty does that look it’s literally so
soft it’s falling apart I want you to see that I’m seriously not deserving of
this this might be a controversial opinion especially for people in America
but I think the read development tactic is so much better than normal thanking
that I hope it’s like really fluffy and really soft it’s genuinely so so again I
think though I feel like it should be like cheesecake I think that would be so
good with red velvet I’m using so much good but sugary food this week that this
is going to be hard to kick out of my body but obviously is very worth it if
you taste like this I was waiting for my food and I saw in the menu cinnamon bun
and I was like oh my god I’ve never tried one I feel like I’ve waited my
whole life for this it’s meant to happen so she comes back with this I’ve
literally never been more sad to get like a proper tuna this is a cinnamon
bun property no apparently I didn’t notice but I was reading the drinks menu
I’m too like awkward to be confrontational with people so I just
like mm-hmm this is what I ordered maybe some people
have this in the morning in the u.s. I don’t know but I’ll also try it for this
video because you know why not very syrupy is that word
syrupy nobody’s like the go like is strong it tastes really good though I
actually like it um it’s probably not as good in like a Starbucks drink but it’s
pretty good for like IHOP which is they don’t make this but I think this is okay
the drink was not my favorite thing ever I feel like American people are going to
be happy with me for this one because everything tasted very very good so now
let’s go and find out if the UK is going to do as well what’s going to happen is
it going to be better England is known for the breakfast like
people come there for the breakfast so I don’t know what’s going to happen even
though this one was very very good and we’re back in my house in London this is
what the English breakfast looks like I actually got this breakfast from
a pub because I feel like that’s one of the most popular places to go get
breakfast from like that is the most traditional way to get an English
breakfast from isn’t mushrooms which we did not have in America and also the
bacon looks completely different this is pork bacon it just looks like much
softer not as crispy arm I think this is sourdough bread mmm God ah it’s very
very buttery we can’t like and I like the fact that we have to have the butter
ourselves because I’m lazy so little bread is probably not the most British
type of bread but it kind of is I’m going to try the egg I think this eggs
are dry dough is dry so I can’t leave it like that it’s entirely my fault though
because filming lights are really warm and if you didn’t sitting here for hours
because I was setting up the whole thing this is a one-man show I do this by the
food that I delight set up the cameras I edit the values so like paying a save
time this takes me like a whole day to do this I always prefer with eggs on or
on the angle it’s a very good commercial opinion but I actually think this is
really nice okay I’m going to try the bacon if
you’ve never had British bacon too lot less smoky and less salty as well but it
just has such a good flavor it’s a very different flavor but in general it’s a
bit like more like soft like this so the next thing we drive is the mushrooms hmm
the mushrooms are officially my favorite part of breakfast yet I also just
realized that I ordered baked beans with this I ordered some baked beans from the
pub and they gave me this oh that’s annoying because I was really
counting on the baked beans but it’s okay baking is probably like my favorite
part of English breakfast as it is kind of sad so now you know try the sausage I
have to go no clue like explain the difference between the British and
American sausage okay no jokes please I think the British
selfish is a little bit thicker then meat in it is also a little bit
different it’s a bit tougher every time I get like to major like this
English breath with them like I don’t eat it oh my goodness stop on your way
it’s happening now the only thing I actually don’t really like in tomato
because I wish it was cooked for longer or completely fresh overall I love the
English breakfast this would definitely be a very difficult decision every
single British person that I’ve spoken to and I said I was making this video
told me I had to include one thing in my video this is black pudding black
pudding is a type of blood sausage commonly eaten in Great Britain
it is generally oh my god it is generally made from pork fat pork blood
and they’re relatively high proportion of oatmeal I know that when I don’t like
something can be a little bit offensive to people who love it but guys this is
not because okay it could be like any country in the whole world
if it’s made of blood of any animal I am NOT gonna like it and haven’t gonna be
grossed out by it oh it’s so salty why is it so salty it just grosses me out
the idea that it’s made of the nanimo blood that’s literally it because I
tasted the flavor and I ate the tiniest bit and it tastes like nothing it
doesn’t have a strong flavor moving on to happier things the next
thing I go here I’m actually very excited about this is a scone we’ve
tried going to soup for my channel but never we’d like clotted cream and jam
which is the traditional scone I haven’t eaten a scone in Solem I think
the last time I use it was for a video so I’m very excitable this oh my god the
jam is so good I love strawberry jam and then the clotted cream if you’ve never
had it’s like it’s knowing butter and it’s not like cream it’s like in between
it’s very very good and then this cone guys it’s so crumbly
and soft and fresh and I’m not sure if we to fix the thing in America as well
but if you can swear this is a saying that so many people have for
breakfast I think it’s because this is basically like I don’t know what this is
but it’s got a lot of fiber so it’s very good for you because it makes your poo
so I guess people in England need help we go into the toilet and there’s
nothing wrong with that Weetabix is made from whole grain wheat and the version
sold in the UK has three point eight grams of fiber so you open your milk
feel like that’s a good amount I’m going to using a fork because I’m too lazy to
go get a new spoon it’s starting to like separate and sort of mix with the milk
kind of like a leaking oil but not really I think a lot of people feel like
fruit in it and like syrup or something like that but I’m just going to try like
this you kind of hate it at first but then actually this is so much that I
dote male there’s only one way to improve this and it would be with a
little bit of honey I didn’t actually have any honey at home so I got some
agave nectar and hopefully does it make it this good anyways so let’s see what
happened here we’re going to look so good oh my god is this healthy and it
kind of tastes healthy but also very delicious how does everything they’re
trying to video I have to be honest this is the only one that I probably would
actually start eating every night I love the pancakes but then I love the
Weetabix just as much I love the hash brown in America because carbs is my
whole life then we didn’t get a match brown in the UK but we had the mushrooms
that were very very delicious so like I mean I know you guys hate when I do this
but generally from the bottom of my heart I cannot pick a winner for this
video and I have to make it a tie so congratulations to both countries to the
UK in the u.s. you both have the best breakfast because I generally love both
of them you can go and see my reactions if you guys enjoyed this video don’t
forget to give it a like as usual it really helps me out and also subscribe
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being able to make these videos guys it really helps me out
I love you all so much there’s no need to tell me that I need a
haircut because my mom tells me that every day so I love you and I’ll see you
on my next video bye


  1. 🚨🚨🚨 the next time you go to IHOP get Cinnastacks pancakes! Cinnamon roll pancakes… Seriously, the best thing on the menu. πŸ₯žπŸ˜

  2. IHOP, for me, is too sweet, I would never go there for a casual breakfast. You're right, for me and most people I know it's just for birthday breakfast

  3. I agree I hate the black pudding but I think there should be a part 2 and try a haggis with the English breakfast

  4. Weetabix: you need to try them warmed up in the microwave. Believe me it's twice as good as they are cold – perfect winter breakfast warmer. Just add the milk as usual and shove it in the microwave. Brown sugar works as well as syrup too.

  5. I-Hop is an acronym for International House Of Pancakes. In the 60's and 70's, they had a long list of pancakes to order from (supposedly) around the world. There were Swedish Pancakes (crepes with lingonberry syrup) and chocolate chip pancakes, there was traditional, and something lemon, pigs in blankets, buckwheat pancakes, blueberry pancakes etc.

    Sometime in the 80's they began to experiment with different marketing campaigns. They would dream up a sweet but enticing pancake flavor (like canned strawberries and whipped cream on top) and show TV commercials to push the product. Then someone thought to use cake batter as pancake syrup, and french toast with different breads (brioche, day-old cinnamon rolls, muffins) and "wow" it up with a dollop or sprinkle or fresh sliced fruit or draw a face for the kiddies.

    And while there are SOME people who go out every weekend as a family tradition, most people go out for family together shopping day, or somewhere to take your nan, or your children.

    Eggs: scrambled, poached, shirred, or fried.
    Fried eggs: Over easy (whites cooked, yolk runny) or over hard (break the yolk so it cooks through)

    Occasionally, in the U.S. You might get a fresh cold tomato slice on your plate, but never grilled, and no beans, no mushrooms EVER. And the toast will come buttered on one side, but not fried. And they will ask what kind of bread: Wheat, white, rye, sourdough, raisin? American bacon is cut sideways from how the Brits do it, so the pieces are striped with fat, lean, fat, lean. And there is no black or white pudding. Only sausage, ham or bacon.

  6. im fasting and I shouldn't be watching your food videos but I can't help myself !!πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ»

  7. just wondering, but did you have blue eyes in the beginning, but afterwards it changed to brown, then again it changed back to blue? I'm just was a little confused : )

  8. you can have your eggs done: sunny side up, fried, poached, hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled and i think thats it

  9. I live in America for breakfast I rather eat waffles or pancakes eggs a banana hash browns and bacon or I eat cereal

  10. in British it's thicker and has more meet πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† like this if you thought that was funny

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