Amazing OMELET BREAKFAST Challenge in Oregon!!

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Hey everybody, this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and
proud owner of! Today
I am back in Corvallis, Oregon home of
Oregon State University the Beavers I am
at Tommy’s 4th Street Bar & Grill
I’m taking on their Beaver Buster
Breakfast Challenge! Now I just had to
come back and do this yesterday I beat
that lucky sevens challenge the 7 pound
Chinese chicken at China blue
restaurant I won that thousand bucks
well before that, I watched my friend
“Eager Ethan” Teske take on this and
it looks so freakin good that I had to
add it to my schedule! Like I said I’m at
Tommy’s fourth Street Bar and Grille
I’ve got one hour to finish this thing
there are two massive loaded to the max
3 or 4 a comelet’s filled with meats and
healthy vegetables, and cheese, there is
some biscuits and gravy there’s a stack
of pancakes there are four slices of
wheat bread or toast with butter and
then there is some meat we’ve got
sausage ham and some bacon but I’ve got
one hour to finish if I win I’m going to
get the $25 meal for free I’ll get a
sweet t-shirt and I’ll be added up to
their Wall of Fame so let’s get this
challenge started!
All right so you’re doing for overall
win number 460 and my fourth and the
state of Oregon my friend Eager Ethan
got the record yesterday I think only
like four people that have beaten this
there’s a massive wall of shame but
hoping to get the win we will get the
win but yeah so the record is just over
18 minutes by my friend Ethan not sure
if I’m going to break that I still have
a lot of chicken in me but I’ve got the
hour let’s finish one two three… Alright
right now I’m not really a pancake guy
so I’m going to eat these first then
move on to the rest!
Three minutes ten seconds in those
pancakes were awesome now we’re gonna
move on to the biscuits and gravy I’ve
heard the gravy here is pretty good so
to help get these biscuits down!
Nine and a half minutes in all the
pancakes are gone all those meats on the
side are gone business and gravy were
awesome I really wanted to do this
challenge because the what Ethan a
yesterday the omelet and everything
looks so frickin good so I’ve saved that
for last along with the bread, but these
are also there’s a whole bunch of
potatoes mixed in too let’s eat that now
and we’ll get the win this gravy should
help everything go down nice!
17 minutes 35 seconds in all that
chicken from last night is pushing back!
I think I got the room we’ll get the
victory, but the record is about to pass but I
didn’t think I’d get that.
24 minutes and 19 seconds not the
official record but still very very good
time and a very very excellent breakfast
I was definitely excited for that and it
came through I love that my favorite
part of that breakfast challenge,
like I thought it was was the omelettes with all the potatoes the healthy vegetables the meats everything
even the pancakes the biscuits and gravy.
Not really the toast but yeah everything
pretty much delicious breakfast so thank
you – Tommy’s fourth Street Bar and
Grill here in Corvallis, Oregon awesome
Beaver Buster Breakfast but it was my
overall win number 460 my fourth in the
state of Oregon and I’m very happy that
I took it on before we start heading
east again on our way back
but yeah so thank you to Tommy’s I got
the $25 meal for free I’ll get a sweet
t-shirt down to my collection
and I think I’ll be the fifth person up
on the wall of fame so thank you –
Tommy’s I’ve got another burger
challenge coming up in Bend tonight but
thank you guys for watching!

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