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– So this is one of my go-to
restaurants here in Chengdu, the leng jiu hand-pulled noodles, and I’m bringing my local
friend here to try them today. It’s like a magical experience
here, the food is so good. So, (speaking Chinese) – (speaking Chinese) Okay. – Okay, let’s order. (speaking Chinese) (upbeat funky music) (speaking Chinese) Check this out. (dough slaps loudly on table) Wow! Tsu ran yangrou, my favorite. – (speaking Chinese) – So this is the classic tsu
ran yangrou gai jiao mian. So, lamb, cumin on top
of hand-pulled noodles. (bouncy funk music) – (speaking Chinese) – Oh, yeah, yeah. Look at that. – [Trevor’s Friend] (speaking Chinese) – Mm. It’s so magical, okay. It’s pretty salty, and very cumin-y. Like a strong cumin flavor in there. I’m in love, really. Oh, yeah. Wow. (both speaking Chinese) This is one of my favorite dishes here, the da pa rin niurou. It’s basically like a huge
pan full of potatoes and beef, and this classic ingredients
of cinnamon and star anise mixed throughout just
make it a beautiful dish. Wow! (speaking Chinese) All the juice. – (excitedly speaking Chinese) – Yeah, oh, all that juice. Juice full of love. Wow! So good. It’s full of cumin and cinnamon
flavor, and it’s to die for. – [Trevor’s Friend] (speaking in Chinese) – Mm, whoa. – [Trevor’s Friend] (speaking in Chinese) – The best noodles in
the world, and the best da pa rin niurou in the world right here. Well, maybe if you go to Xinjiang or Shanghai it’ll be even better, but this is pretty much
as good as it gets here. If you like beef, and if you
like hand-pulled noodles, this is the way you should come. This is the way life should be. – [Trevor’s Friend]
(speaking Chinese excitedly) – Oh, this is the best part. – [Trevor’s Friend] (speaks Chinese) – Oh my. This is really the
best part of the whole meal. These wide hand-pulled noodles
mixed up in this sauce. Oh, it’s just so satisfying. This is a near religious
experience for me. Eating these noodles with all
this sauce, all this beef. If you come to China, this
is a must, leng jiu lao mian. So, I’m just gonna give the boss thanks, and then we’re gonna head out. (speaking Chinese) It’s 95 kuai, that’s 15 dollars,
and it’s totally worth it. (speaking Chinese) So, thanks so much for watching
my food and travel videos. Make sure to check back all the time. I’ve got new videos coming out. Make sure to click that like button, share, and subscribe
if you haven’t already. Thanks again. Okay, (speaking Chinese). Oh, yeah.

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