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[Background Instrumental Music]
>>PETRA: Hey guys.
My name is Petra.
I am a Type 1 Diabetic.
I have a nut allergy as well as a multitude
of different other food intolerances.
And today I will be showing you a couple of
fun party snacks that I like to take with
me when I go to parties.
Sorry for the noise.
[Grinding noise]
>>PETRA: It means the chocolate melts evenly
and it will be a little bit faster.
>>PETRA: That’s really good.
I got lipstick on the microwave.
Microwave door hits back of host’s head]
>>PETRA: And with these all mixed together
you just.
[Chickpeas fall out onto counter]
>>PETRA: Whoops.
>>PRODUCER [Off Camera]: Love it.
>>PETRA: Today, I will be showing you a recipe
for gluten free meatballs.
It’s absolutely delicious.
[Background Music]
>>PETRA: Knowing how to cook, it saved my


  1. Congrats on the new network. It's long overdue. I've recently got off milk and switched to cashew milk. Hoping to see more videos with recipes that get creative with dairy alternatives. I need my mac and cheese! Please help.

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