Airbnb Experience in Shanghai: Learn to Make Chinese Food in 1 Hour

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I am a Shanghai mom, my hobbies include making food that no one eats and counting to 3.
Cooking with mom was the first tradition my mom passed down to me, from her own mother.
I have been doing this for 60 years
with my mom, my kids and now with my guests
from a Japanese food blogger to honeymooners from the US.
we will work as a team in the kitchen
It is one of those special moments you get to feel like a kid again
And yes, this time (only) you can lick your spoon.
Within an hour, even as a beginner
you will learn to make three Chinese dishes
I will guide and show you each step of the way
and let you give it a try
I will also teach you cooking methods used in Chinese cuisine
using my family recipes
It is like realizing it is your chances
to discover all the ‘secret ingredients” your mom kept from you as a child
After cooking, we will enjoy the delicious meal we cooked together
From Shanghai classics, such as Shanghai Style Rice with Ham & Mustard Green
Shanghai Wonton to seasonal Shanghai vegetable
such as sautéed Mushroom with Tofu Pocket and Scallion
Asparagus lettuce with Tofu skin
Vegetarians have no shortage of dishes to try
Here is my secret:
I used to pack lunches for my children to take to school
just like my mom did
Except now, despite their exotic cooking books from around the world
and Youtube channels
I still get skype calls and emails from my kids
about recipes, ingredients and disaster recovery advice.

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