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Welcome to my kitchen, today i start an interesting and good rubric “Advices from White-Ra”.
And the first thing i want to talk about is healthy food,
because a lot of gamers are so lazy that they can not even make some food for themselves,
especially foreigners, they order pizzas, eat in fastfoods.
And our players just do not find time to eat normally.
Thats why in future they can get such problems as gastritis, ulcer, metabolic disorder and others,
which can lead to irreparable consequences.
Thats why each player should think about his health.
Today i will tell you about an interesting and simple recipe, which will take just 10 minutes.
You will get very healthy food, which consist of a lot of proteins and vitamins,
which, by the way, will also be good to your nervous system
and you could play good.
So, what do we need today to cook our special dish ?
Eggs, tomato, dill, parsley and cheese.
Now we light the stove.
Of course, you can pick olive oil or sunflower oil.
I prefer olive one, I would also tell that you can use lard, its classic and super,
but not a lot of foreigners are known with ukrianian, russian and belorussian national product called lard,
thats why we are cooking scrambled eggs using olive oil.
Olive oil is extremly rich in vitamins, thats why we picked it.
It’s not necessary to wait when the pan warms up, we can just break eggs and prepare to the next stage of our operation.
It is better to use a wooden spatula when you are mixing the pan.
I had a couple of cases when comrade spoiled dishes.
He came to visit me, started to cook some food and used fork while mixing, so he left some stains on dishes.
Now move on to the cheese, it has to be grated using very simple movements.
We have to grate some cheese, everyone can choose it’s amount according to his taste.
For example, I like a lot of cheese.
I think it’s enough for this portion.
While eggs are roasting, we are coming to the tomato. It is big, so we need only a half.
We cut unnecessary parts and slice tomato to neat pieces.
Got it.
Now we chop greens to small pieces.
Greens is certainly a useful product, it is rich in vitamins.
Thats why I recommend to use it as often as possible in your ration.
Have to make gas a little bit lower.
Process is running.
As I said, cooking of this meal will take maximum 10 minutes.
By the way, you can treat you girlfriend, relatives or friends and I’m sure they will like this meal.
Now we salt, everyone can salt according to his taste.
I dont like savory dish too much, thats why i salt just a little bit.
And of course spices: according to your taste you can sprinkle with pepper, just a little bit.
And while process is running, make gas a little bit lower or I’ll be covered in olive oil, don’t need that.
Going to add cheese in a pair of minutes.
Talking about foodstuffs for player, it’s a huge problem, because if player is addicted to the game
he does not want to eat or drink.
I am more than 12 years in a progaming and I regret those times when I was sitting in computer clubs,
I was eating some buns or dumplings at best.
But usually i had to eat some hot-dogs of doubtful origin,
thats why now at age of 32 I begin to face some little problems
and I want you to build your schedule correct, when you train and when you eat,
and in future you will not have such problems as gastritis.
Now it is time to add cheese, just put it neatly on top.
It will begin to melt.
It is impornant to do it evenly.
Going to cover it with lid for one minute.
It darkened quickly, a lot of pair.
Wait more 15-20 seconds and it will be time to decorate our dish.
I like to cook, but unfortunaly i dont have enough time for this hobby, because i have a lot of work, traingins and travels,
so unfortunaly my talent is lost, but i would like to maybe work as chef cook in future,
maybe i would open my own restaurant.
As they say, time will show.
So, cheese is almost melted, we dont wait it to be fully melted,
because we have to lay tomatoes
and decorate it with greens.
After we decorate it with greens, we cover it with lid and wait more a pair of minutes
to make tomatoes and greens get warm and start to secrete their juices.
They will give a good flavor to your dish and, of course, unforgettable taste.
I want to say that I plan to continue my rubric “Advices from White-Ra”, maybe twice in a month record some programs / video blogs,
in which I would tell you about game and the near-game life,
I think you would like it, and of course I want to wish to everyone who already celebrated Christmas abroad
good pastime and happy new year
I would also try to record New Year’s greetings, we will see how much time i’ll have, ne need hurry up here,
because a couple of days left before new year and preparations are going on.
People buy fir-trees, New Year’s toys and decorations, and of course everyone is busy in New Year’s preparations.
In Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries it is a huge feast and I think most of people do celebrate it.
So, judging by the color and how the situation escalates in my pan, dish is almost ready,
I think 20 seconds more and we can turn it off and put on a plate.
I will even taste it, just have to take a fork.
I think your girlfriend or wife will appreciate this dish.
What a pleasant smell. What a beauty.
We spent only 10 minutes to cook this beauty.
Now I just… uh, it broke up a little bit, not a big deal.
We do not go to the exhibition.
And here is it, the dish is ready.
Now I cut off a small piece, with tomato for sure.
Now we test it for salt and taste.
Very fast, tasty and healthy.
Thank you for your attention, I hope you will take this beautiful and healthy dish in your cooking arsenal,
thank you for your attention and see you soon.


  1. Saturated fats are worse than unsaturated fats… They are harder for your body to break down, getting technical but it has to do with the double bonds between the carbon atoms. So sure if you get enough exercise and break it down no problem. Unsaturated fats tend to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol), while saturated fats raise both and trans fat decreases good HDL and increases bad LDL.

  2. White Ra, do some pushups, get in super fit shape so the next tournament you go to, you'll crush your opponents hand when you shake it! (ala bobby fisher's idea)

  3. saturated fat makes you fat thats a fact
    unsaturated fat like for example omega 3 fatty acid (olive oil) is the exact opposite, its healthy

  4. So admirative of White_ra, awesome SC2 player, maintains a healthy and a social life while being one of the best in his time taking job, is supportive of his fans… Simply the best SC2 player out there!

  5. If someone is able to explain to me, in what way FRIED cheese with eggs is more healthy than a pizza baked in oven (not considering pizzas made in cheap fast food 'restaurants') which i'm sure players can afford, then i will be thankful.

  6. Cheese is not fried, it just melts.
    Oil is fresh and not used many many times like fastfood restaurants do — more you use oil, more unhealthy it becomes.

    You control the components — no spoiled vegetables, shitty cheese or stuff like that. Fastfoods often buy products on the edge of spoiling — they are cheaper.

  7. White flour is bad; even the low-carb and low-fat people agree on that one. Pizza has huge amounts of white flour in the dough, which is all empty calories.

    Cheese is controversial, and frying with olive oil is controversial too. But it's definitely better than pizza and all that dough.

  8. I would agree with this being healthy … except the amount of cheese was questionable :/ but otherwise damnn it looks pretty good!

  9. Next time WhiteRa, just slide it onto your plate straight from the pan so it doesn't get all jacked up. Olive oil is good for you anyway so a little bit extra won't hurt at all.

  10. but fuck you pizza is goooooood :3
    if you make it yourself it can actually be healthy because like bladeki11 says; you have control over the ingredients. I'm trying this special omelet now nom 😀

  11. I would definitely visit your restaurant, Aleksey 🙂 Even if I had to fly all the way to Ukraine to get to it! Well Played sir!

  12. Special food tactics =)
    Вообще с питанием у всех компьютерщиков проблемы) Если бы не овощные салаты, мой рацион бы состоял из кофе, сигарет и гамбургеров)))

  13. веганский рацион самый идеальный для киберспорта. максимум пользы при минимальной потере концентрации. обязательно попробуйте

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