Adobong Atay ng Manok with Perfectly Boiled Eggs

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Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy. I am Vanjo Merano.
The dish that we will be cooking for today needs “atay ng manok” (chicken liver).
I know that most of you doesn’t want to eat it due to different reasons.
It may be due to gamy or over powering but we will try to get rid the slimy taste of the chicken liver.
The name of the dish that we will be cooking for today is “Adobong Atay ng Manok” with Boiled Eggs.
These are the ingredients that we will be using for this recipe.
“Atay ng manok” or chicken liver.
We will also be needing crushed garlic. This is the garlic that we have just pounded.
Dried bay leaves.
Eggs. We will be boiling it later on and it would depend on you on how many of it you will use.
We will also be needing crushed peppercorn.
Vinegar and Soy Sauce.
Aside from these ingredients, we will also need to use cooking oil, water and sugar.
And for all of you, here is the complete list of the ingredients together with their respective quantities.
If you are looking for its complete recipe, you may visit
If you are now ready, let us start cooking.
Since we want to remove the gamy taste or flavor of the chicken liver, we need to soak or marinate it.
We will just be putting crushed peppercorn in here.
This is a whole peppercorn that we have just crushed.
This would now be our “toyo” or dark soy sauce. You may also use a light soy sauce in here.
We will also be adding vinegar in here. What I am using here is just an ordinary vinegar, the white one.
After that, we will just need to mix it well.
As you would know, this step is really important to reduce the gamy taste of the chicken liver.
What I usually do in here after mixing it is to soak it for 3 hours.
But it would be better if we will soak it overnight. We just need to cover it and place it inside the refrigerator.
For those who are in a hurry, and as if you have just think of cooking it just now, we still need to soak it for at least an hour.
We will now start things off. Before we cook the chicken liver, we will be preparing the eggs first.
I will teach you how to make a perfect hard boiled egg.
I have just prepared a saucepan with water, this water isn’t hot yet, it is still in room temperature. We will just be placing the eggs in it.
What I am using here is 4 pieces of eggs only. But of course, it will depend on you on how many eggs you plan to cook.
We will just let the water boil.
Once the water had started to boiled up just like this, we will just be adding a small quantity of vinegar in it. 1 tablespoon of vinegar is what I usually add in here.
I am adding vinegar in here so that we can easily peel of its shell after we have cooked it.
Once the water had completely boiled up, what we will do here is to just turn off the heat and cover the saucepan.
After that, we will let the egg stay in it for 10 minutes.
After that, we will just replace the hot water with a cold one and put an ice in it.
As for now, we are now ready. We will now be peeling the eggs.
We will now be slicing the egg in half so that we can see its results.
There you go. We have boiled it just right and we cannot notice any dark rings on the sides of the yolk.
As for now, we will now be preparing the chicken liver.
We will just fry it.
I have just heated a cooking oil on a pan.
What I have done here is that, I have set the marinade of the chicken liver aside first.
I will just fry a side of it for two to two and a half minutes.
I have just set aside the marinade first since we will be using it later on.
After that, we will just flip it over.
Aside from marinating that we have done here in our chicken liver, frying it also helps to lessen the gamy taste of it.
We will just flip it upside down and continue to fry the opposite side for about the same time of two to two and a half minutes.
What’s important here is to turn the chicken liver’s color into medium brown.
Once it happens, we will just transfer it into a clean plate and set it aside for the mean time.
I think that at this moment, our chicken liver is now ready.
I will just get a clean plate and transfer the fried chicken liver in it one at a time.
After that, we will be setting the chicken liver aside first and then we will now be sauteing the garlic.
We can add additional cooking oil into the pan if it is now insufficient.
Once the cooking oil had heated up, we can now put the garlic.
We will just saute the garlic until its color turns into light brown.
After that, we will just be placing back the fried chicken liver.
As you would know, I am sauteing the garlic and really trying to make it brown since I think that the results would be great if we are going to use a fried garlic here in our “adobo”.
Compared to a garlic that has just been boiled, as for me, I would like better that the garlic is fried since it is really flavorfull and aromatic.
After we have placed the fried chicken liver, we will now be preparing the marinade in which where we have marinated this liver.
Because what we will do now is to slowly pour in the marinade into the pan.
And then, we will also add water in it.
After we have add water in it, we will just let the mixture boil in here.
After that, we will now add the “dahon ng laurel” or commonly known as dried bay leaves.
We will just be mixing it and then we will just cover our cooking pan.
What I am doing here is that, I will just cook it on a medium heat for 15 minutes or until the sauce reduced in half.
After that, I will just be adding sugar in it.
We will just remove the cover of our cooking pan.
I will now prepare the sugar to be added.
We will just be adding only a few sugar in it. A teasepoon of it would be enough.
The sugar just balances the taste of the dish and that is also why I am adding it.
We will just mix it.
And at this instance, all of the eggs should have been peeled already.
Since the chicken liver is now cooked, we will now place here the boiled eggs.
As for reiteration, it would be up to you if how many eggs you would prefer to use in here.
We will be placing the boiled eggs here one at a time.
3 of it is what’s left since I have already ate the missing one a while ago.
And I do not want to place here the egg that we have sliced earlier. I have also tasted it and it is delicious.
We will just be mixing it and cook it for about a minute and then it is now okay.
We will just transfer it into a serving plate or a serving bowl.
After that, we will now be serving it.
This is now our “Adobong Atay ng Manok” with Boiled Eggs.
Come and let us now taste this.
As you would know, we have marinated it so that it would lessen the gamy taste of the chicken liver.
And for now, we will check if it is effective.
We will now taste it.
I really like this one.
Do you know why?
I have tasted the chicken liver and I think the process that we have made had been effective.
It is not that gamy and I can eat it even if without rice.
It is because usually when I am eating chicken liver, there should be plenty of rice to balance its taste.
And as I have remembered, that is the purpose of the boiled egg. So that we can balance out the taste of the dish.
It is because what I am thinking about is that, when we eat the chicken liver and it is still over powering,
what we will do is just get an egg and then eat it.
And atleast you have already know now how to cook a perfect hard boiled egg.
There you go. I think that even if we did not include the egg in this dish, we could still eat the chicken liver.
It is also because we have really reduced the gamy taste of it.
If you are one of those who do not like to eat chicken liver because of the reasons I have stated earlier,
you should try this recipe and maybe you may take liking of it already.
I hope that you have learned something new this day.
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