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Is it time to wake up? Have to wake up now~~! A big and pudgy body Owner: This is our 9-year-old ‘golden pig,’ Lulu Owner: Lulu, what are you gonna do about this belly? Smack! Leave me alone! +_+ Lulu~ you need to face the reality~ Me~ow (NOO!) What will be the result? Mom + Lulu=72.4kg Mom’s weight=57.9kg Means Lulu’s weight is 14.5kg!!! o_o Unbelievable… But.. Lulu has a waist circumference of 31 inches SOO CHUBBY..the king of CHUBS At 14.5kg Lulu is no ordinary-sized cat^^ Owner: To be honest, Owner: Lulu is a really heavy cat ^.^;;;; Well, yeah.. Gotta go use the potty..;;; (Maybe ate too much for breakfast ~.~) Lulu, did you get lighter? lol E M P T Y Owner: I think it’s been 3 days since he last pooed. Owner: He pooed three little drops 3 days ago. So basically..constipation! So this belly is full of poo?? Owner: One, two! Owner: You need to exercise~ One, two~ Good job our Lulu! Gotta relieve yourself~ (Hard work) Whew~ Owner: It feels like I’m the one doing the exercise, not Lulu Owner: I’m so tired~~ *Sudden poo alert* All it takes to be free from the disgraceful fat cat title is.. One big dump!! Yay woohoo~~ But… The poop belly still remains ?.? Owner: Lulu doesn’t move on his own will If you don’t have the willpower WE will put in the effort! Owner: You have to lose weight Lulu!! Using snack to induce willpower! Does it give Lulu some motivation? He moved!! Nope~ Never mind -.-;; Owner: Lulu, if I were you, I would’ve gotten up Nope! I won’t eat Lulu, don’t get mad~ Come here~ Eat some sweet potato~~ You eat it, mother~ You don’t like sweet potatoes?? Owner: He doesn’t have any interest in snacks 😮 What? You must be joking right? o.o Trying to tempt with irresistible tuna (Lulu turns away) Doesn’t have any interest in snacks whatsoever 😮 To find out more about the secret behind this fat cat’s weight gain, stayed tuned for part 2~~!


  1. Don't forget to tune into part 2 of Lulu's story
    to find out what caused his weight gain ↓↓↓
    Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMtKifW433Y

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