A Chef’s Guide To Perfecting Soft & Hard-Boiled Eggs

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How are you? Good I can’t seem to get my soft and hard boiled eggs right. These are undercook them or I overcook them. What do I do? We’re going to make your day, (panel laughing) cause you know you get up and you overcook an egg and under cook an egg and it’s the first thing you do all day. And it just kind of ruins your day Yeah it does. So you ready to start? It’s little things, and that’s true it’s the one little thing in the morning, like well this day’s going suck. (audience laughing) Okay so first thing is you start it in boiling water. Okay so we’ll get that out of your head, so that’s an issue. So there’s lots of ways, if you look up how to boil an egg, everybody has so many secrets, I’m sure that you have your own. But cover it don’t cover it, take it off, let it wait, don’t let it wait. I’m going to give you something very easy okay. First of all your eggs, buy the best eggs you can. Buy the best everything you can within your budget. I like to use jumbo eggs. Now jumbo eggs are very big, but I buy one size because when you’re baking or doing anything else that requires eggs. If you have a jumbo egg and then you add a medium egg to it, to the recipe, it’s going to change the recipe. [Geoffrey] So I always have one kind of egg [Geoffrey] And you might have medium eggs but always have one kind of egg in the fridge okay. Buy the same size every time. Buy the same size okay. I like to have my eggs at room temperature. Me too, I keep it all the time. If you don’t have them room temperature it’s fine, it’s going to affect the cooking just a bit. Okay so water simmer, you got me so far? Yes. Okay simmering water and that kettle boiling just simmering, which means it’s just bubbling. [Geoffrey] Take the water get it simmering, [Geoffrey] take the egg. [Geoffrey] Preferably room temperature alright. [Geoffrey] Drop it in gently like this. [Geoffrey] and then get out your phone. Exactly four minutes is very soft. Four minutes I got you. Very soft, if you want it medium. So this is four minutes right here. Can you see that? Can we zoom in on that? Very soft. That’s your dipper, your dunker. Oh yeah. Okay, six minutes is this right here, [Geoffrey] and twelve minutes hard boiled [Geoffrey] and you can make a beautiful Stuffed egg. Stuffed egg isn’t that beautiful, and notice there is no [Geoffrey] green nasty ring on the inside. And if that happens when you start it (Audience applause) From cold water. You put it in cold water. So always simmer three to four, six and twelve, and that’s it, and you take it out right away, you don’t have to put it in ice water. You just put it in an egg cup cut it on top and you eat it. You got it? (Audience applause) GZ do you put your hard boiled in cold water? The hard boiled you can put in cold water, but you don’t have to, it just makes a little bit easier to peel. But this is going to. Yeah I crack them and leave them in the cold water, cause it kind of, if you give them a couple of minutes in there [Rachel] it kind of loosens it a little bit I think. That’s a good point. Yes. Simple right? Good There you go! Nice. (Audience applause)

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