9 Foods That Make You Fat

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9 Foods That Make You Fat. The following is a list of the 9 Foods That
Make You Fat. 1. French fries. Fries dehydrate and absorb fat, so concentrate
more calories than other foods. In fact, by being accompanied of refined carbohydrates,
fats and the additives we put in them are also very addictive. 2. Sodas. We all know that contain enough sugar. What
many do not know is that they add caffeine, a substance that excite us. And cola drinks
contain phosphorus, which prevents the absorption of calcium in the bones. Even cola “Light”
contains phosphorus. 3. Red meat. You should moderate its consumption and have
to be very careful with processed meats such as sausages as they have saturated fat, sodium,
and calories. 4. Pasta. If eaten with measurement no problem. It’s
bad when you eat too much and if the sauce, condiments, cheeses and accompanying ingredients
contain calories and carbohydrates, even worse. That’s the real problem. 5. Cakes, bread, cookies, etc. Made with refined flour and even more, if
they have refined sugar. If we add some kind of artificial jam, it is perfect for gaining
weight. 6. Fast foods. As you will realize many fast food places
include everything mentioned. Bread made with refined flour, chips, soft drinks, and pastries
made with refined flour. It is not uncommon that countries like Russia where these fast
food chains entered now have much obesity when they did not have it before. 7. The problem of salad dressings. Many people eat salads for slimming but the
problem is when combined with lots of heavy dressings which some prevent the person losing
weight or skyrocket triglycerides. 8. Chocolate. The finest chocolates are bitter tasting,
this indicates that contain more cocoa. White chocolates are the most harmful because they
contain more sugar and chemicals. The more economic and trade the chocolate is sure to
have more sweeteners and additives. 9. Fried foods. It is better to prefer steamed or grilled
foods. Fried foods usually are prohibited in diets because they absorb too much oil. As you noticed many foods are not fattening
as much as we thought but the accompanying ingredients we use to prepare them and eat
them are the problem. Same thing, a bad combination of foods can cause us poor nutrition and gain
weight. For more information on the 9 Foods That Make
You Fat, CLICK the image on the RIGHT or the link in the description below to DOWNLOAD
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