7 Meals routine for the entire day recommended by Rujuta Diwekar || Indian Lifestyle Guide

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Lets say around 7:00 am Around 8:30 am Around 8:30 am


  1. Very nice dear ..Keep doing such beautiful videos
    Stay connected 👍🏼check out my latest video as well 😊

  2. Hi…great information… thanks… have a few doubts…plz do clear it…
    I am aware about other dieticians giving a similar plan and it works too but somethings r needed to be follwed strictly… like
    1. Throughout the day not to increase the intake of oil / ghee more than 3 spoons.
    2. Sugar honey jaggery a complete no no
    3. No fried
    4. No bananas

    It would be very kind of u if u reply to my queries… also i am overweight due to hormonal imbalance after going through infertility treatment… so will this plan help ?
    Thank you… once again great information👍

  3. Liked it but I'm lactose intolerant and can't even have peanuts or dry fruits due to fatty liver. please suggest alternate for me.

  4. Breakfast like oats upma or idli or oats with milk n fruits or cornflakes….aren't they healthy as they claim it to be??

  5. Itne baar din me khane ke liye bhi time chahiye. Mummy kitne baar khana banayegi. Mujhe toh 5 ghante baad break milta hai.

  6. We just have to keep cooking all day or what?! When will you study, take care of kids, go to work, work for 9 hours, and clean kitchen if u make 4-5 meals a day!!! Not everybody in the world has maids like u get in India

  7. This is just a shit … Visit a proper ayurvedic consultant to find out how to eat,what time to eat,how much to eat etc…

  8. Dairy products not good for health. Please research well before misguiding. Eating all day long constantly is also bad for health. You should eat according to the amount of work you do. Eating so much in a sedentary lifestyle is bad for health.

  9. meal 5 and meal 6 are extra u dont neet to eat this much ..since t doesnt give rest to ur internal organs and ur stomach and liver.

  10. This diet is for old days…Dairy products like milk, ghee, dahi, paneer etc. are not pure anymore like old days…search the internet to know more about the hazards of dairy products these days…so ghee or milk products is a no no…for me… please suggest alternatives…

  11. Bas khate raho aur mote hote raho. No where it is mentioned about those meals, which can increase your satiation and give sufficient calorie….if one chose the right kind of food, even eating less calorie than your BMR you can still beat your hunger and live as energetic as any body. One really do not need to just eat eat & eat. Chosing the right source of calorie, the right kind of food….. one can enjoy life just with 2 or max. 3 meals a day. After all our ancestors , our nani / dadi ( rujuta’s favourite words) used to eat only “ Do woqt ki roti” and not 7 woqt ki roti.

  12. OMG! that's a whole lot of food, the digestive system is not getting a break at all. Perhaps that meal plan will suit someone is works out several hours a day. Different meal plans for different people, not all bodies are the same and goals are different, taking into account certain issues such as diabetes etc..

  13. Why only vegetarian meals?? You should have written the headline as meal plan for south indian vegetarians!!!! also very impractical meal plan. only possible if you have no kids or other housework/officework or servants to cook customised meals for you whole day. I myself had lost 15 kgs in 6 months by just reducing food intake and eliminating sugar with 1 hr exercise. thats it. no need to follow all these fancypancy food charts given by any celeb dietician.

  14. https://bit.ly/2QygmlQ have 2 cups of royalent green tea everyday, and when I found this alternative, I was excited to try it out! It sure is less bitter than all the other green teas that I’ve tried. My elder sister hated having green tea for its bitter taste until she had this one. If you want it to help you slim down, you have to have at least 2 cups of it everyday. Also, for it to work, you’ll have to work out and eat right too. The most important thing, unlike all the other green teas, it actually has a wonderful aroma. I loved it. please try

  15. Is it better to eat white rice or the millet rice? , i have been eating white rice all the way since my childhood… Its tooo hard to break the habit it … And wat about the amount of water intake?

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