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Completely no carbohydrate for 7days
In this 7days definitely up to 10kg can be..
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Actually, many audiences asked me a diet plan…
For those people, I have prepared the 7days diet chart…
Now am gonna tell you and I have noted it
because without mistake I have to tell right?
So, Now am gonna tell you…
So, Note it down…
Day 01.
Day01, What you have to do means…
You should not take food
Only vegetables
That only has to take
op wrong the yield null he’ll not me or
kilo opponent term Gloria wait 20 what
and Ziggler Covina me never lit Ratanak
hip on mobility and particular you Dina
in a deliberate Annie Kirino putting la
única destiny Carranza the curriculum so
on the model in the air now nobody care
putting it on Nia was a miracle day on
only comment let him with her
mechanically climate annual America in a
tan amigo Mookie Acharya day one rules
not panic on day one food that the
kakuta the rice he’ll go brother only
vegetables and fruits and water city
upper inner fruits at the claw our
window to kill your olya natural model a
polymer attic lon a pillar tequila there
boo sneer tequila yelling Chamberlain
tequila strawberry decline in the Panda
ng palanga lining is an article on
whatever they won’t know on the trailer
is gonna use prominent apple lemon
watermelon and strawberry whatever in
the end the menu on the first day
with water whatever second a second a
nap on NOLA no oil foods na that was
Susan bara Swami’s Randleman marycoon
zoo- good idea so unless upon
Tina would like a like a Masucci other
when not alive in his when I haven’t the
supper lung I would look like a
mozzarella 7 table a paralytic I’ll
click I I love yoga with Chi in the air
who could have another Chi a la Vega
a’chili ya saben okay well character we
go to super glam besties supply and I
said could add a voluminous boiled kappa
boiled adding a soprano
he wondered date – candy power traversal
through a watery when Monica Kalia it’s
irritating me Alan terma thermosolar
Allah first a water above the Soul Eater
okay Wow so I am in pitting you eat
boiled potato with 1 tsp butter and the
lunch at dinner on the turmoil the
vegetables say in a second was – OH –
Akira best Kira a Vega which were
running a table dead 3 in Ana put it her
to go to the moon as Villopoto rather
de la montagne a nun in unity yelling
charging a suppli pontedera the ban on
art or the food so – what are they a
child is a plum Carling only a little
char cooling yeah the coup de
are they a madrid a – multi ending on
the wild Articuno I’ll dip to go to a
play date – of the follow-up reporting a
potato Tokunaga know they do la
productive India is a product Bella you
know the lemon juice gorillas breakfast
K therefore when the t1 Li banana nylon
TV room banana milk good not good you
know Daniel are allah was young thermal
muscle rent and even one cackling
accelerating sobriquet caliente Tonia
Vasya mingled Apollo under the scheme of
the milk is skimmed milk up Lena are a
soprano Paula okay Wow Adamu banana
Madonna for today I’m gonna date okay
what Martha Lavinia tammini again
typically Thiago Coronado born a leaky
over well to get a madre level 25 kg k 1
liter of water will get negated
including multiple into / 25 50 day when
the tuning in a soprano the Parana brown
rice supply Akiva brown rice Sabrina
tackle easier to shop okay ba a survey
pure gold in a chicken supper club
50-day chickens articular ado may via
gravity darken owner Cobra jalapeno
yeah aisle is not allowed understand
Riley is phenomenal darn near campus
Ellie coulda channel so I can have a
repeating you eat brown rice with tomato
naan which lovers can boil the chicken
or chicken soup that’s a breakfast and
lunch dinner okay van now much con the
other day rather sixth day okay ba sixty
day when the ten Allah fifty Danny and
never denied emerge chicken article I’m
article ah I will degree at the bio-data
but Nia the Tomatis ago hotel all da da
matta a llama and make Ikuta lettuce in
Solana other under the supplemented
Aryans and non-vegetarians is chicken
soup which he can boil the chicken Lenin
I already say three most ingenious table
Tonya was um terror okay Wow Morita one
little kid Panera care to Martin in
Cochin I don’t go below other $25 debate
Paulina yet an award oh and that an
attorney could each own this someone
when the two full Mills you were with
yella yella now on it we’re in the money
put each other something top pepper dead
nun with you said II everyone said he
and I moved in Java right indirect
question Anna then you on the dead tiger
it’ll I think America Terrace article to
my cheek anonymous political flesh study
American but rice come here chicken
biryani biryani biryani began in
Sardinia Briana key but the locker Nina
on the carry column which is hobbling I
mean Colombo table did and there are the
Columbus with shopping and curriculum
which someone get up created
rice come here determine rice wonder the
completely carbohydrate Oh grand sound
Isla and the minimum medium without
Jewish it’s I wanted a world of is
stunning in and also Paula but Melinda
worried then you’re on the Tavis double
summer to stop hanging on a lark oh I
mean right ii mean i kitty vegetables at
the Umayyad panini subpoena
knowledge it pretty liberal flash
setting your money in something you know
like when the seven days like definite
town we look 10 kgs very good cheer
marley reduce zone even a judicious
safale premier mia fall upon putting
that fall upon it there wrote a result
the common box nah come on panting I
heard that our Amana tipsy in on Radhika
vej til I give specialist all right in
the day eighty seven days tight when the
term Grandpa’s wanna die today
so next one it was double secure
vegetarians Kootenai or dates or Ram non
which daily sings that he writes all
drug and a preparation project okay
researching Canada pomegranate
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subscriber and nobody approaches in that
like button and type at the terminal set
down the common boxer come on partner
Muraki Mahmud Underhill gray he there
sharpening okay thank you so much
friends bye-bye

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