5 KG MUTTON BIRYANI EATING CHALLENGE IN 8 Minutes ! Biryani Eating Competition | Food Challenge |

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Hi Foodies! Welcome To Our Channel Saapattu Raman.
Previous Video We Ate 200 Jack Fruit,.
50 Chicken Egg Half Boil,
108 Idly,
then we ate 22 quail(Kaadai),
now we going to eat 5 KG mutton biryani.
For each 2.5 KG total 5 KG we are going to eat today.
normally 2.5Kg biryani is enough for 2-3 person.
Ok Let’s Start the challenge .
Ready…..3…..2…..1 Start….
It is Difficult to chew briyani with mutton Piece.
I Completed 8 minutes 35 seconds. Biryani is filled upto my chest.
Enjoy the Food……..
Video is Stopped unfortunately while i’m going complete the challenge.
But i too completed full 2.5KG Biryani in 17 minutes 37 seconds.
For me to complete the challenge it take 17 minutes 37 seconds.
For me it takes only 8 minutes 35 seconds.
2.5 Kg is not enough for me so again i ate half plate biryani.
You People too try this challenge in home
Please make biryani in home. It is good for health but buying outside is not good for health.
for me it take more time for chew mutton.
you too try this challenge and tell us how much time do you take to complete the challenge.
Tell your suggestions what other challenges we can do in upcoming videos.
We will reply for the comment soon.
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Until then bye from Sabari Kumar & Porchezhiyan


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  2. 5 kilo khane ke baad bhi aur khae apna aadha kilo nhi to uss se bhi kam khae to ek niwala andar nhi jata

  3. I will take them to a unlimited buffet and be very happy to see the restraunt managers face 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  4. Karena masakan ku enak.. papa ngajak adek2 papa… ga masalah paa.. tp kapan kita nganu paaa… tiap hari aku harus ngaron nasi se tower paaa… rumah udah kayak lumbung padi, dapur udah kayak dapur UKM

  5. How does his Tommy manage to store to chew food BC Yaha adhi biryani nai khayejathi aur ye MC poora Ka poora kha jatha hai

  6. Everyone is insulting…every person hv diffrent talent..he choosed eating as his talent…so respect!if people dont hv good thing to say thn shut their big mouth…KEEP IT UP SIR🙏

  7. Why you are wasting that much of food
    Instead of donating
    Many people watching this video and get emotions 🤔🤔

  8. Sir u video is nicebut mony childrens old aged persong are hungry u wil tske challenge first give food for some one snd then u wil eat othereise it is waste

  9. Uncle ji jb aapko he jitna hota he to apne bete k sath jabardasti competition ka atmosphere Kyu bnate ho…ye to saaf dikh Raha ki aapka jaanbhujh k dhire dhire kha Raha

  10. Hello boss don't add time 8minutes you have to add time 8 minutes 15seconds it's human cycology they will see many views

  11. I y watch our videos all the time, I like you, I'm a regular fan of yours,I want to meet you, there is a lot to learn from you

  12. At the risk of this comment being termed pervy. – The wife must be really happy that the husband can eat so well so fast. 😂

  13. Hi uncle and sabari.. Great challenges very entertaining.. Your videos are Tempting to eat.. Really aunty cooks very healthy.. Keep posting great and sabari looks like big boss aarav..🥰 Became uncle fan 😜😜😜

  14. Hello Mrs saapadu raman mudinja enkuda vandhu andhra full mells saapadu vandhu saapudu ne saptana apa na accept panren ne raaman nu

  15. செம அண்ணா, வாழ்க பல்லாண்டு, இவர்கள் கள்ளம் கபடம் இல்லா மனிதர்கள்,,,,

  16. இந்த உணவுப் பாதை சிங்கப்பாதை, கவனமுடன் கையாளவும், வாழ்க வளமுடன்

  17. Any activity done with a parent gives me a lot of heart warmth. Praise and love your parents, some of them are real shitty and cruel. I had the fortune of having very loving and caring parents. And i cherish my time with them. I will miss them when they are gone, no doubt, family is sacred and beautiful at least in my opinion. Very happy to see you both doing something together, wish you a lot of love and happiness.

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