5 Breakfast Gadgets put to the Test Part 2

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Whats up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, “Where safety is number one priority”™ And today, I’m going to put to the test: 5 Breakfast gadgets Let’s see what I got this time… I have put to the test One of these breakfast machine before but that was a huge one This is a bit smaller one {This one is smaller} Lets see how it works… [Box opening noises] This thing looks pretty cute Step one: Open the coffee maker [Water pouring] Pour the amount of water you wanna do I just plugged it in That’s why it was making noise And then put it in here Then, add some coffee into this reusable coffee filter I really like that a lot I put {enough} for 4 cups of coffee So i better fill it all the way to the top That is nice And it’s easy to clean it by taking it out Super cool Then we can close it, and we wanna lock it all the way Coffee is on now. If you open this tray, What it will happen, The toaster will turn on, And that way the top will get really really hot too and we’ll put it right here so cook an egg We’ll do on 3 setting {Sigh} And I don’t know maybe we’ll do like 10 minutes 15 minutes I’m going to preheat it Before I drop an egg into here ok it looks like it’s getting really really hot , check this out This probably be super hot too by now But yeah that look’s nice I’ll drop a toast on it Close it And then on top here I guess I cook an egg or something Boom , just like that egg white starting to cook so we just wait and I’m just gonna drop this on the sandwich 3 mintues look at that it cooking pretty quickly Check on the bread didn’t toast it very nice you obviously could bacon on it but it’s a bit small but there you go there is your toast almost done it’s going to be hot take the toast out look really nice , flip it looks nice on this side so now I’m gonna close this and finish cooking the egg but as you can see it is pretty much done I don’t know if this is non-stick that looks good to me then I can put it on my bread put some cheese on it and you got right here egg toast ew I’m not going to eat this bread ew I’m not going to eat this bread looks like it’s molded Oh well i don’t have any other bread. I’m gonna throw that away But yea, and you got yourself a cup of coffee. Very very nice! And when you done you can obviously change the time to the end. And turn it off Beautiful. And to wash it obviously wait till it cools off And then you can Take this one of, wash it of And put it back in. Very easy Easy cleaning foreshore. I love this mini toaster, right here for the breakfast And the coffee looks delicious And black, check this out! Very nice! Lock it back in, super cool! For the next gadget, i got here very unique cereal bowl If you do not like soggy cereal Which i really like soggy cereal I like it when it’s very very moist. You can put cereal right here, milk right here and slowly add on cereal into your milk. Number one Put cereal into here {puts cereal into bowl} Then you add milk into here, to this level that’s it So that’s the same amount of milk and cereal it just looks more Now you can slowly drop the cereal in and instantly lift it up {eats cereal} That’s like, it tastes really crunchy. It’s actually pretty good {continues to eat cereal} I do like the crunchy cereal though actually as well I like all the food, but my favorite honestly is when its really really moist And is easy to chew I don’t know i just love milk and i like when cer- al is all soaked into the milk Am i the only one like that let me know in the comments below But this thing definitely works, look you can put a little bit at a time and then take it all out Before it all gets soggy. So the next breakfast gadget i got here ‘microwave egg and bacon rack’ Let’s see how it works {opens box} There’s a quick instructions… Ok the bacon is going to go over here I’ll just gonna put two pieces. And im only going to use one egg {cracking egg} Boom. And also they say you have to put the egg yolk with a toothpick so that way i guess it doesn’t fall in the microwave I might do it two times just in case And then we gonna microwave it for 2 minutes, and boom! You got yourself 2 minute breafast Doesn’t look super appetizing i guess this is perfect for like arr English muffin, bread and then you can put the bacon on top of it, so that way you can really easily can make yourself egg sandwich with bacon. Super nice! Let me know in the comments below what do you think about this gadget? Would you use it? For the next gadget i got here oatmeal maker let’s see how it works Oh wow look at that it lit up as soon as i plugged it in Now the coolest part is you turn this to unlock it The directions say one cup of water and half a cup of oats Now imma close it turn the lid and just press regular {presses regular button} There you go. And then it’s supposed to cook between 15 to 35 minutes. I think that’s what they said? So while it’s cooking imma put to the test the next gadget. For the next gadget, i got here breakfast toaster because it has arr egg maker, over here. So let’s open it up See what’s inside {opens box} Looks like a regular toaster over here, but on this side Let me show you something, you got here five egg placements, so that way you can add water, i guess in there? And steam your eggs How cool is that? That’s definitely one of a kind toaster I never seen anything like that But also you can remove all of these attachments and cook an egg in there and make i don’t know bacon and eggs sandwich. So this what i’m going to do. Let’s stick the toast in and look how cool it is you can set the settings to defrost, regular toast this is very very cool and then you can turn the heat on over here, oooo that’s getting hot {cracks an egg} So i dropped an egg into the toaster I mean into the side of it {pan} pretty interesting And i guess i can use this cover so it doesn’t splatter and cook to hot. This is nice And it even comes with a spatula. Check this out This egg is cooking pretty good! So this gadget almost like the first one except this one doesn’t have a coffee maker and the toaster is… I don’t know i like this one a lot more. Whoops Whoops almost burned the toast, but that looks all right {puts toast onto plate} Toast looks pretty good maybe i overcooked it just a little bit. I didn’t use any oil so Good luck to me It’s not bad actually {getting egg of pan} Boom {egg falls of plate} Whoops, that’s a bit of a fail. Maybe a bigger spatula would be better. But yea super super unique toaster, breakfast toaster What do you guys think about this thing? So the oatmeal maker actually beeped, and turned of automatically. Wow look at that Ok let me take out the oatmeal That looks very nice What do you guys think? Obviously you could add more water, milk perfect… But this is really cool Also the best part is I can take this out and look there’s markings how much you want to fill it and clean it of Well guys that’s pretty much it Let me know in the comments below which gadget was your favorite Don’t forget to thumbs up this video, subscribe And i’ll see next time!


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  2. cooking egg without oil. now I understand how Taras is still in shape after eating that much high caloric MREs and PASHTET

  3. are you serious? a porridge maker for God's sake, it must be the simplest thing to cook WITHOUT any gadgets.

  4. I eat cereal after its soft too and absorbed as much milk as it can get especially frosted flakes and honey bunches of oats and honey nut cheerios!!

  5. β€œCoffee” is a dirty water… come to my country for a real coffee man pls… come here to Napoli πŸ™

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