4 Levels of Salmon: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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  1. I truly wanted to enjoy this episode, because I really love salmon. That damn lorenzo, though… I just can't get past him. (irritation level = MAX)

  2. I appreciate it and love using the level 3 recipes to try my own versions, but sometimes I want the level 2 chefs recipe 😂

  3. When my mama sees me cooking and chopping peppers or something I always bang the table with a knife to fake professionality

  4. Fun fact: Lorenzo has cooked more years than the level 3 chef in this video. If you go back to the cookie video Lorenzo said he cooked for 15-16 years, well now in 2020 he’s now cooked for 17-18 years. Meanwhile the level 3 chef in this video has cooked only for 12 years

  5. Put a side dish sized plate onto the cherry tomatoes, press down,, and cut underneath the plate. All are cut nicely in one feel swoop.

  6. u can grab like a 2 plates. then do the pintrest hack but there's plates. Never tested cuz i didnt but i think it would prob work

  7. So a lot of ppl say that "idk who should be lvl x not lvl y!" And I'm here to explain the reasoning why they aren't!
    Lvl 1: a normal cook
    Lvl 2: god but no culinary education
    Lvl 3: more complex than a NASA computer and has culinary education the thing that makes them lvl 3

    No need to "pay with a like" lol

  8. Level 3 chef: I ate salmon for 2 weeks straight
    Level 3 chef: This is my salmon
    Level 3 chef: I hate Salmon I hate fish! PUELTO LICO!!!!

  9. That chick is definitely a level one chef because she doesn't even have her hair up, like girl do you want hair in your food??

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