3 recipes in 1 video Boiled beef, beef noodle and stir fry beef with red pepper

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Hello everybody, my name is Mao. Welcome to my kitchen
Today I am going to make boiled beef, beef noodle, and stir fry beef with red pepper
It sounds there is a lot of work to do, but actually it is very simple
Because they all come from one dish, boiled beef
The name sounds a bit boring
but it is very simple to make
and it is delicious
so let me show you how to make all these dishes
Here are all the ingredients
It is very simple. 500g beef, the beef must not be too lean
It needs to have some fat
three bay leaves and two star anises
That’s all
First, cut the beef into 2 to 4 portions
Then clean the beef with hot water
Cover the lid
and turn on the stove
Very soon, you’ll see that the water is like this
because the blood of beef comes out
use a spoon to take the floating thing away
the water is clearer now
then turn off the stove
drain the water
then wash the beef with tap water
Add cold water into the pot
water must cover the beef
add the star anises and bay leaves into the water
Cover the pot, tune to high heat
Cook until the water is boiling
After the water is boiling, tune to the lower heat
then cook for one hour
One hour later
turn off the stove
and take the beef out from the pot
After the beef cools down
cut the beef into small slices
I’m eating while I’m cutting
tastes quite good
You can eat the beef as it is
if you think it is not salty enough
you can have light soy sauce to go with it
Don’t waste the beef soup
you can make noodle with it
boil the beef soup again
add some noodle
Add some salt
it helps to stop the noodle sticking together
add some water, now the water in the pot becomes calmer
The water is boiling again
add some water
the water becomes calm again
when the water is boiling again
add some vegetable
I add the lettuce, it is very easy to cook
That is why I add it in the last minute
Cook for less than one minute
The noodle is done
Take the noodle into a bowl
I already added some light soy sauce and vinegar into the bowl
so it is all your personal preference how much you like to add the vinegar and light soy sauce
Add the sliced boiled beef
and a fried egg
the noodle is done
You can also stir fry the boiled beef
I normally like to stir fry the boiled beef with red pepper
First, remove the seeds of the red pepper
then cut the red pepper into stripes
Turn on the stove
and wait until the frying pan is hot
then add the cooking oil
add the red pepper
stir fry the red pepper
add a bit water
then add the sliced boiled beef
stir fry the boiled beef with red pepper
add around one teaspoon of salt
one tablespoon of light soy sauce
stir fry boiled beef with pepper is done
Which one is your favorite ?
Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy the show
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See you next time

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